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My Husband Wants Another Baby

When are we getting the next one?

When is your son getting a brother or sister?

These are the questions I have been getting for the last 6 years and my son is 7 years old ! Firs let me

just say these inappropriate questions really need to stop!

My Husband and I have an 8-year age difference and when we got our son, I was 23! I just had

graduated, and I had a plan. But clearly, we plan God laughs. 3 Months into my first Job I realized I

was pregnant- and this was not in the plan. Soon, all that had a scent made me feel like throwing up.

After my 6-month Probation, I quit, moved in with the father of my child and joined him in his travel

agency business til I gave birth.

Baby on the way and broke , I was incredibly stressed and to put Icing on the Cake, my dad

committed suicide when my baby was 3 months old. I was already battling postpartum depression as

it was and now, I had to grieve. I could not produce milk anymore and had to turn to formular milk. My mother-in-law was not much of help because she did not approve of me. Soon after the funeral, I had to make a tough choice to

go back to work.

My husband at this point has his life back on track, like nothing has happened. The late night out, the

drinking and all things you could think of So clearly, I was flying solo. Tradition was not much oof

help as people from my tribe believe if we are not married and I live in my Parents in law’s

compound, my family could not visit.

So now, I fall into real depression! God came through for me and got a job. I had to forget my fancy

First Class Honours Degree and became a receptionist at a Brothel! It was quite a learning curve for

me. Barely 6 months after it closed and I was jobless again, but God yet again came through for me

and I got a Marketing Executive job at a trave agency.

At the end of the month, my pay cheque was half of what we agreed upon and I had to commute for

about 4 hours to-and-fro daily. I would leave my house on a daily. I would leave so early that I left

my baby asleep and came back so late he was asleep. This got me into so much depression one day I

just quit. It was not worth it. I remember walking home because I did not have any money. My

husband scolded me in his drunkenness you would have though I was a naughty toddler that took

the car for a joy ride. His argument, I remember so clearly was that he would now have to take care

of all the bills.

Again, God, came through for me barely a month after quitting and I got an amazing job. I got to be a

Content Manager and Editor for of the biggest Entertainment Magazines in the country. I rubbed

shoulders with the who is who and finally, started getting out of depression. I got to interact with

people my age and learnt how to survive this harsh world. I got to provide for my son and what was

so great about this job is, I got time to spend with my son.

6 years later, the first case on COVID -19 was announced and my husband calls me and tells me how

his business just got a major hit. Tourists Cancelling left right and centre. That Friday evening, I went

home not knowing it was my last day at the office. We went into quarantine and lockdowns were

imposed by the government. I became the bread winner in the house with working from home.

My husband’s drinking habits did not change; in fact, they became worse. Like the good wife I am

expected to be I would sit and wait for him to get home after curfew hours. Upset as I was, I would pray for his protection. Why because part of me still loves him and part of me would not want to end

up a single mum.

In March, of the same year, he comes home drunk, and his phone was buzzing! So, in the morning I

really had to see why I could not sleep. I found out he was cheating on me not one but multiple. I

was distraught and when I confronted him. Let us just say I would not be writing this article. I run,

literally, and involve his parents and sisters. He confessed he was tired of me and I could not stand

me anymore and he wanted a divorce.

To everyone’s surprise, I stood and said fine . He can leave if that is what he wants. All I want is

everyone to know that I am not moving, and I am keeping the child. I did not fight because I wanted

to see how far this would go. On that night I got countless phone calls from his friends asking me to

take him back and my standard answer was, it is impossible to take someone back yet he chose to


He tried calling me and I blocked him, just like he used t do me when he was out ! Talk about having

a dose of your own medicine. So, I was called in by my mom and both his parents and he came back

home. Hoping things will be different. Shock on my black behind! Things did not change soon he was

out again, this time later than usual.

The truth is I did not care anymore! I paid the bills, rent and all….. So now here comes my 30th

Birthday. Ever seen this Meme, the birthday parties I throw verses the ones I get?

On the eve of my 30th Birthday, he comes home with a bleeding face. My son sees him, and he

became really upset. I was able to calm him down and that night, I moved out of the bedroom and

started sleeping on the couch.

Yeey! I am now 30! I took my son out for breakfast and had a great day out there. When I came

home, It felt like going into a battlefield. Not knowing what was going to happen next…… As always, I

heard the scripted apology and because of my child I moved back to the bedroom.

He promised he was done drinking and all and I honesty did not believe anything he had said at this

point. I mean what a memory for a milestone age! Things did not get any better financially for him

and I had to step up even more….

At this point my goals became, to keep the lights on food on the table, pay rent on time and that’s it!

In the second part, I will share about what happened to my dreams, goals, expectations and what

happens when my husband wants a second baby.

Did I mention he is yet to ask me to be his wife officially?


Teaching your child to ride a bike can be either a fun or a frustrating experience, depending on how you approach tackling the task. If you know that you have a problem with patience, you may want to leave the job to someone else. On the other hand, the time spent bonding with your child during bike riding lessons can be a lot of fun, and will definitely create memories that will last a lifetime. Check out these tips to make the lessons less stressful.

  1. Confirm that your child is ready to ride – Remember that kids develop differently. Your 3 year old may be ready to ride, while your 5 year old would rather keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. Don’t push your child into riding. Kids will let you know when they are ready.
  2. Check out different methods of learning to ride – Check with your local bike shop for lessons or tips they might have available. Finding a method that works for you and your child will make the experience better for both of you.
  3. Get the right size bike for your child – Whether you are getting a tricycle, bicycle or unicycle, make sure you get the proper size. Your best bet is to go to a bike shop and let the experts size things up for you.
  4. Get the correct size helmet – Helmets protect your kids from head injuries in the event that they fall. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get the correct size helmet for your child. If you are using a previously owned helmet, make sure that it is in good shape and has no damage. Wearing the helmet correctly is just as important as getting the right size.
  5. Training wheels or not – Some kids do very well with training wheels, while others do not. If your child wants to try to learn without them, give it a try and see how it goes before you automatically rule it out.
  6. Find a good practice spot – You will want to find a large, flat space that is smooth and free of traffic. Either a concrete or asphalt area is good. A large driveway, an empty parking lot or an empty basketball or tennis court will work nicely.
  7. Tires need to be inflated properly – When the tires are inflated correctly your child will have a smooth, even ride and will be better able to coast effortlessly.
  8. Learning without pedals – Taking off the pedals and letting your youngster get the feel of the bike is a good way to start the learning process. Put the seat down to a level where your child can still sit, but has her feet flat on the ground. Take off the pedals and let your child scoot around using her feet to push off and keep balance. Once she is comfortable with scooting around, she can practice turning and coasting.
  9. Learning with pedals – When your child is comfortable with scooting around on the bike, put the pedals back on and teach her about starting and stopping. It may take a few tries at first, but soon she will get the hang of it.
  10. Go over rules of the road – Impress upon your child the importance of following the rules of the road. Review the rules from time to time so that your child will know you are serious about safety matters.

Teaching your child to ride a bike is one of the most rewarding things you will do. Once a child learns to ride, it is a skill they will never forget. You’ve given them a gift that will last a lifetime. Family bike rides will provide bonding time, exercise and precious memories.


Celebrating the anniversary of your child’s birth is a momentous occasion, but it’s also one that can quickly become prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of places where you can cut corners to save money while still ensuring that your child and his friends fully enjoy their soirée.

  1. Clip Coupons – Clipping coupons is not only a trendy hobby in the face of recession chic, but also an effective method of netting valuable savings on the things that you purchase every day. Party supplies are no exception, so check both online and print resources for coupons in your area that will allow you to score the things you need at a fraction of retail price.
  2. DIY Invitations – Rather than sending out the same store-bought invitations that everyone else in your child’s class used, why not make something original? Not only will you be taking a more unique tack to announcing his birthday party, but you’ll also be saving a bit of money in the process.
  3. Email Over Snail Mail – If you’re really in a financial pinch, skip the paper invitations and work solely with email and social networking invites. In a social climate that demands eco-conscious behavior, you’ll be earning points with the adults by saving paper while you’re also saving money on supplies and postage.
  4. Skip the Location Rental – It may be the height of fashion to rent out a kid-friendly venue for birthday parties, but it’s smart to keep your child’s age and developmental abilities in mind. A toddler will not only have difficulty remembering his party later, but may also not be quite big enough for a day at the bouncy castle with all of his pint-sized pals. Save the money you’d spend on a high-end location rental and invest some of it into fun, inexpensive games your guests can play at your house.
  5. Keep Decorations Simple – Miles of streamers, truckloads of balloons and a ton of confetti simply aren’t necessary for a small child’s birthday party. Keeping the decorations understated will not only save you money, but will also keep the dreaded “tacky” label at bay.
  6. Do Your Own Baking – You may not be the next Ace of Cakes, but popping a few trays of cupcakes into the oven is nowhere near as challenging as baking, assembling and decorating an extravagant cake. It’s also significantly cheaper.
  7. Cut the Catering – There is absolutely no reason to spring for extravagant party catering for a group of finicky children. Put out a decent spread of kid-friendly, affordable snacks instead.
  8. Don’t Provide a Full Meal – Strategically scheduling your child’s party in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner time, will allow you to skip out on providing a full meal for a group of hungry kids.
  9. Keep the Guest List Manageable – It’s tempting to invite every child you know to your little one’s party, but larger guest lists mean higher costs. Trim the list wherever possible to save money.
  10. Consider Plain Plates and Napkins – Branded party merchandise splattered with the most popular cartoon characters can be gaudy, and they’re almost always more expensive than the plain variety. Choose a few branded accent items, then spring for cups and plates in plain, coordinating colors.
  11. Forgo Goodie Bags – In an era of food sensitivities and eco-responsibility, providing goodie bags full of potentially problematic candy and disposable toys is more likely to be met with scorn than accepted eagerly.
  12. Forget the Entertainer – It may be tradition to hire a magician or a clown, but birthday party performers can be very expensive. If you feel confident in your ability to keep a group of children happily occupied, there’s no reason to shell out that kind of money for a painted man who makes balloon animals.
  13. Plan Early – The earlier you start planning for a party, the easier it is to wait for big sales and specials that will allow you save money on essentials. It may feel strange to start planning six months out, but it can pay off in spades in the long run.
  14. Join Forces – If your child has a friend whose birthday is near his, it’s more cost-effective and easier to team up with his parents than to compete with one another for the Best Birthday award. Splitting expenses helps your two families give your little ones the party they want, without sacrificing their chances of going to college.
  15. Rent a Helium Tank – Purchasing and transporting helium balloons that are pre-filled can be both a hassle and quite pricey. Check with party rental services in your area regarding the price of a helium tank; you may be surprised at how much cheaper it is to fill balloons yourself.
  16. Hit Discount Stores – Discount stores are your best friend when it comes to party planning, because most stock items of reasonable quality for a fraction of the price at larger department stores.
  17. Bulk Buying – Fans of buying in bulk can score big on party snacks and supplies if they apply their purchasing power to party planning.
  18. Be Realistic About Your Skills – Saving money by doing things yourself is a great idea, provided that you’re actually able to pull them off. Spending money on supplies only to be forced to turn around and buy a pre-made replacement product at the last minute is wasteful, so carefully consider what projects you can take on confidently and which ones are beyond your skill level.
  19. Choose Themes Wisely – The theme of your child’s party can be inherently expensive, or naturally cost-effective. A Princess theme culminating in a trip to Disneyland will naturally cost far more than one that allows you to decorate minimally and stay on your own property.
  20. Think About Who You’re Trying to Impress – At a young age, kids aren’t really concerned with how much money a party costs. They just want to have fun, and they don’t have to go to an amusement park at the end of the party to do it. If you’re spending money extravagantly on birthday parties because you want the parents of your child’s friends to be impressed, you may want to re-evaluate your priorities.


It’s kinda late right now to be finding a Summer Camp for your child but you might as well know the ten ways to choose the perfect camp for your kids anyway.

  1. Find Out Where Their Friends Are Going – It’s a good idea to start your journey by finding out where your child’s friends will be camping – and don’t send them there. In addition to depriving your child of a valuable opportunity to make new friends and learn to socialize with a new peer group, you’ll also be ensuring that the same cliques and social hierarchies follow them. Though kids might protest initially, they’ll quickly come to appreciate the clean slate.
  2. Look Into Club-Sponsored Camps – For kids who are active in scouting programs or clubs, it might be a good idea to check into summer camps sponsored by those programs. The tenets and aims of the camp will be familiar to kids who participate in the same activities at home, giving them the chance to meet new people while still retaining that sense of familiarity.
  3. Take Special Interests Into Account – Budding thespians might get more enjoyment out of a theater camp, while aspiring athletes are much more likely to have the time of their life at a sports camp. Tailoring the summer camp experience to your child’s interests is one of the best ways to ensure that they have a great vacation.
  4. Research Special Needs Camps – Kids with learning disabilities or special needs are not automatically excluded from the sleep away camp experience. There are many summer camps created solely for special needs kids; with a bit of research, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your special kid.
  5. Decide if Religion is a Factor – For families that strongly emphasize religion, summer camps with a similar emphasis might be the best fit. Speaking with a clergy member can help you find great religious camps, as can a bit of online research.
  6. Location, Location, Location – One of the most important things to consider when looking at summer camps is the location of your favorites. Families on a budget might have a hard time making parents’ weekends after incurring travel expenses to accompany their child to and from camp.
  7. Make Visits For Next Year – If possible, start scouting summer camps the year before your child will be attending. Visiting while the camp is in session is a great way to get an idea of how things will be the following year, whereas an off-season tour will only showcase facilities.
  8. Consider the Financial Implications – Private camps can run well into the thousands for an eight week session, while non-profits like YMCA camps and others of their ilk are considerably cheaper. Don’t be fooled by a hefty price tag, either; some of the highest-rated camps in the country are lower cost non-profits. In the case of summer camps, it’s not always a “get what you pay for” situation.
  9. Examine First Aid and Infirmary Facilities – Kids get hurt. From daredevil stunts to simple carelessness, bumps and bruises are just part of the territory. Because of this fact, you’ll want to make sure that there are adequate first aid and infirmary facilities on-site, and that medical help can be quickly secured in the event of an emergency.
  10. Let Your Child Play a Part in the Decision-Making Process – Having a conversation with your child about their wants and needs from a summer camp experience is an important part of the process, as well. Listen to and consider each of your child’s points before choosing a place for him or her to spend the majority of their summer vacation.

There are so many things to consider when choosing a summer camp that the task can be overwhelming for many parents. Taking the process one step at a time, looking at each camp from every angle is the best way to be sure about your decision. Because it can be quite time-consuming, it’s also a good idea to begin your search far in advance to avoid last-minute snap decisions made out of desperation.

The American Camp Association accredits summer camps and is a great place to begin your summer camp search.


Photographing a newborn can be challeging for professionals, and even more daunting for parents or amateurs. It doesn’t have to be if you do some advance prep and get some advice from the experts.  Dreamstime Professional Photographer Barbara Helgason offers these 10 must-see tips:

1. Safety first. This should go without saying. Babies have a startle reflex and their strong little legs can do a froggy kick and propel them forward. Always, always, have mom sitting right next to baby within arm’s reach.

2.  Young babies are sleepy babies and sleepy babies make the best little models. Try to photograph them as young as possible, usually between 7 and 10 days old. As they get a little older they start becoming a bit more awake and alert. Also many newborns develop newborn acne around two weeks of age, so that is another reason to plan your sessions as early as possible.

3. Warm babies are sleepy babies, and do we love sleepy babies. Crank up the heat a couple of hours before a newborn session. It should be uncomfortably warm in the room so baby can rest well.

4. Hungry babies are not happy and they are definitely not sleepy. Babies should have a full tummy and to be prepared to feed, a lot if needed. Ideally we want baby to feel the way we do after a big turkey dinner.

5. All babies love white noise. You can also get womb sounds online. Those a bit more soothing. You can play them on your phone and tuck it under the blanket behind baby’s head. If you do use your phone, don’t forget to put it into the do not disturb mode. For a really fussy baby shushing in his or her ear will also work wonders.

6. Patience, patience patience. Newborn sessions should absolutely not be rushed. Getting those cute little poses takes time. Hold their little arms and legs gently in the position you want until you can sense they’ve settled into a deep sleep. Pay attention to detail. Take the time to open those little fists and uncurl each of their tiny fingers. Rub the frowns out of their little foreheads. Gently tug their cheeks and if you’re lucky they may even give you a little smile.

7. Invest in the right props. Bean bags, thick plush and textured blankets, knitted hats, head bands, and wraps and diaper covers are great investments. Also, a basket of washcloths in various shapes and sizes are great to slide in under the blanket, to help position baby. These can be tucked under to tilt baby’s face just so, to lift their bottoms a bit more, etc etc.

8. Don’t forget to zoom in and get close ups of their eyelashes,  little fingers and little toes. And if baby is crying, keep it real and capture those tears as well.

9. Don’t shoot up the babies nose. It’s the one angle that’s never ever attractive.

10. And last but definitely not least is lighting. Really, if you don’t have good lighting, none of they above tips will matter at all. Placing your beanbag next to large bright window. Look for soft shadows and learn to see the light. Photography is always about the light. You may have the most expensive camera and the best and fastest lenses, but if you don’t have the right lighting, you will not get a single good image.

We hope these tips help! Good Luck, Parents!


If you look back on your own childhood, were you involved in sports very much? Some people will remember every spare minute being at a sports club or in an after school sports team. Some of us many not have memories like that and just have the PE lessons at school to remember when we think of sport and our childhood. The latter does seem a bit of a shame, as there is so much more to sport and being active when you’re young than a formal lesson at school, doing something that you might not normally excel at.

There are so many benefits to getting involved in sport from a young age. Child psychologists often talk about these benefits and how they can help children to grow in confidence and help them to socialize and work in teams. They can also help our children to learn vital life skills, like hard work, determination, cooperation with others, and commitment to doing something, and achieving a goal.

There, of course, can be some tough patches to work through. When you’re watching your child on the sidelines, could it potentially lead to things like anxiety for them? You will also go through the process of choosing the right activity for them to take part in. That process can lead to some heartache and even some feelings of being upset and sad as they discover that they aren’t as good at some things as they are at others.

Teaching our children to be gracious in defeat is also something that they will need to learn along the way. So with all that in mind, it can seem like a bit of a minefield to even start thinking about. We don’t want to do anything wrong with our children and end up scaring them, so there some certain considerations. Here are a few of the best ways to get your children into sport, so that they can reap the rewards.

Be Selective

One of the most important messages, when you’re picking activities for your children to be involved in, is to not overdo it. Many parents make the mistake of getting them intensely involved in just one sport, with weekends and evenings taken up with it. Equally, if they are involved in too many different sports, it can be detrimental too. When they’re only focussed on one, it can take the fun out of it as it is more of a chore. But when there are too many, it can stop them from taking the time to enjoy their favorite one or two.

Is there a magic number of the sports or activities that they should get involved with, though? Around the age of eight or under, they should be doing about two or three a year, as it can help them to learn a broad range of skills. From there, they should then be able to decide which they like and enjoy, and they ones that they are happy to not continue on with.

Give Your Child Choice

To start with, at around the age of four or five, it can be a good idea to ask (or heavily suggest) which team sports they should try out. For some, it might be because of friends doing a certain class or because you as the parent had enjoyed it when you were younger. But after a while, you need to give your children choice over the activities they do. If they’ve tried soccer but really have found themselves to be no good at it, it won’t be good for their confidence to carry on with it. So hear what they have to say about it and let them choose. Of course, giving them some options as to what is viable for you is fine. But don’t sign them up for anything without having that conversation with them.

Along these lines, it is a good idea to check with them what they think they are best at. They might have friends that do the baseball club, but they might actually be better at gymnastics. So speak to them and find out their skills and preferences. They shouldn’t only be going to a sports club because they have friends that go there too.

Support Them With Equipment and Kit

It can be hard as sports kit can cost quite a lot of money, but a few little things here and there can be a good to get for your children. They will feel set up for football or soccer if you’ve researched and got them the best football gloves and boots. The same goes for tennis, the right clothing and perhaps a racket can be really helpful and give them a confidence boost to get going with the sport. Goggles for swimming and a specific towel for their swimming lessons can make it more fun and exciting for them. So where you can, try to support them in their chosen sporting activity with some kit or equipment to help them to excel.

Talk About The Commitment

Before embarking on a sports activity, and before you get any kit for it, it is a good idea to explain what they will need to commit to for it to work. If you are just going to be trying something out for a semester, then they need to know how long they’ll be expected to go for. Then after that time is up, they can let you know if they want to carry on or not. It isn’t a good idea to just stop after two weeks when they don’t want to go anymore. They will learn commitment and dedication when they have to go to something for a number of weeks. It can also give them the right amount of time to hone their skills and to improve. You never know, they might like it enough to carry on after that season or semester.

Avoid Burnout

If you think that you might be giving your child too much to do or get involved with, then there are some signs to look out for. Often they might not communicate it to you as they don’t know how. Or they might feel like they’re letting you down if they say that it is getting too much for them.

So bear in mind your child’s personality and opinions too. Watch out for these signs of burnout:

They will make any excuse to not attend practice, or will regularly complain of being ill on the day of a game or practice.

If your child is getting fed up of the sport (or sports) that they are doing, they won’t talk about it anymore. This could be especially evident if it were something that they always talked about previously.

If you have to wake your child up each morning, then it could be a sign of burnout or exhaustion. It can also be a sign that they aren’t sleeping well because of a feeling of guilt or from feeling depressed or anxious.

If you discover over a number of weeks that they eat much less than they normally do, or regularly complain of feeling sick, then it could be a sign of anxiety that has led from the feeling of being run down.Wow

As you can see, there are many benefits to kids taking part in sport. But there are also many things that they should be thinking about, looking out for, and avoiding if necessary. The most important thing is involving them in the decisions and keeping the communication channels open.


In what is suddenly starting to feel like a few short weeks, your kids are going to be on summer break. And right now is the time for you to start preparing for that. Because when you know that you want to spend the summer with your kids, if you leave everything to the last minute, you’re just not going to be able to enjoy your time together as much. Instead, you’ll want to start planning.

The best news is, there’s a lot that you can do right now to get those plans in place. From just thinking up ideas to researching the best things to do, you’ll easily be able to come up with a summer schedule that you’ll all enjoy. So let’s kick things off with these ideas.

Spend Some Time Outside

One of the best things that you can do any summer is just to get outside. Right now, you know that your kids spend so much of their time glued to screens. But that’s just modern life. However during the summer, when the weather is really nice, it’s a good idea to get outside a bit more. This is something that you can look to do every single day, even if you have no other plans in place. It’s easy to just head out for a walk or to the local store – anything just to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Because you never know where the day may take you.

See Some Notable Sights

The best thing about this incredible country is that there are so many notable sights for you to see. And why wait to see them? This summer, you have the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to some of the most amazing attractions in the world. So pick out some that you’d really love to show them and plan a road trip or a weekend break so they get to see as much as possible.

Visit Family

If you have family across the country, why not make some plans to see them? Going on a road trip or two and enjoying a mini vacation around your favorite family members can be a great way to break up the summer and shake up your scenery too.

Enjoy Fun Days Out

From here, you’re going to want to think about enjoying a day out or two. Whether you want to have a fun day out at the escape room or to head to a local zoo, there’s a lot of different activities that you can do as a family. Make sure you research to see what’s local, as this is often a great way to bulk out your schedule.

Bond Better

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you think of things you can do to just bond with your children better. From planting a vegetable garden to having a slumber party, choosing the enjoy some quality time with them, without any gimmicks or distractions is often the best way to spend the summer with your children.

Mother’s Day Free Meals and Deals {35+ Freebies}

Photo of a plate of pasta

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms


A lot of restaurants use the occassion of Mother’s Day in the United States to offer free meals and deals. Despite the challenges to the food and beverage industry during the pandemic, they are still rolling out the red carpet to feed the moms.

We curted a list of over 35 meals, snacks, drink and other offers for your last minute Mom’s Day planners.

Bahama Breeze

Get a Mother’s Day meal bundle for four for as little as $45.


Order a special Floral Cone Bouquet Cake for Mother’s Day. Sign up for emails or download the mobile app for discount codes that could help you save up to $5 on your order.

Blaze Pizza

Get a free 11-inch pizza when you order Mom a $25 Gift Card.

Boston Market

Get $5 off a Family Meal on Mother’s Day.

California Pizza Kitchen

Get a a Heart-Shaped Pizzas For Mother’s Day On May 9, 2021

photo of a plate of food


Buy mom a $50 gift card or buy one to use to treat her to lunch on Mother’s Day, and then get a bonus $10 card to use later at Carrabbas


Get an eight-piece order of Casey’s new cheesy breadsticks for $3.99 through May 31

Cheesecake Factory

Buy mom a $50 gift card or buy one to use to treat her to lunch on Mother’s Day, and then get a bonus $10 card to use later at The Cheesecake Factory


For Mother’s Day, Chili’s is offering a 3-for-$10 to-go special featuring either a 6-oz. sirloin or chicken fajitas, a drink, and a starter.

Cracker Barrel

Order a Family Meal Basket to-go, and get a $10 bonus card.

When you order Cracker Barrel’s Pancake Breakfast or their Sunday Homestyle Chicken Family Meal Bundles for pick up or delivery, you’ll get a $10 bonus card to use in the Cracker Barrel store. Both breakfasts feed a family of five for $31.99.

Einstein Bagel

Get a Mom’s Brunch Box, which comes with a free mimosa starter kit (aka 16-oz orange juice). For $29.99, it includes a variety of fresh baked favorites: one Farmhouse Egg Sandwich, two Bacon & Cheddar Egg Sandwiches, six fresh-baked bagels, one tub of plain shmear, four Twice-Baked Hash Browns and four blueberry muffins. Available at participating locations, from May 7 to May 17, 2021.

Fogo De Chao

Dine-in on May 9 or May 10 and get a free gift worth $25 to help cover the cost of two Full Churrascos for your next visit.

Greene Turtle

Moms get a free dessert with the purchase of an entrée at participating locations on Mother’s Day May 9.

Photo of someone taking a photo of their breakfast

Hard Rock Cafe

  • The restaraunt is celebrating all the hardworking moms with limited-time menu offerings and custom cocktails, available at participating locations throughout North America through Sunday, May 9, 2021.  Additionally, participating Hard Rock Cafe locations are offering a “Momosa Bar,” which allows diners to create their own “Momosa” using a flight of juices and a bottle of Riondo Prosecco


Buy 10 wings, get 10 boneless wings free on Mother’s Day.

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches

For Mother’s Day, you can take advantage of buy-one-get-one-free sandwiches through May 9.


Get free delivery on an order placed on the Jamba site or app. Plus, you can get a free breakfast item if you hit the $18 minimum thru Mother’s Day May 9

Jimmy John’s

If mom is craving a giant sandwich, Jimmy Johns is offering $5 off orders of $20 or more with promo code 5OFF20 through June 13. Order must be placed online or via the Jimmy John’s app.

Kolache Factory

Buy a muffin, get one for free on Mother’s Day. (Unless you’re at the St. Louis location. No free muffins will be found there.) Grab a coupon for this deal on Kolache’s social media.

Krispy Kreme

Buy a dozen glazed donuts, you’ll get a second dozen for a dollar on Saturdays and Sunday through May 23. If you got your COVID-19 vaccine, Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut every day for the rest of the year through December 31

Long John Silver’s

Get a  Free Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake With Purchase Of Any 10-Piece Family Meal Or Larger

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBB

Dine-in or pick up a to-go on Mother’s Day, get a $10 bonus card to use on their next visit.

Miller’s Ale House

Dine-in on Mother’s Day and get a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase to use on their next visit.

photo of avocado toast

Mrs. Fields

Use code MDAY2021 to get 20 percent off on Mother’s Day Collection Gifts.

Outback Steakhouse

Get their “Meal for a Queen” promotion through Sunday, May 9, 2021. Also offering buy a $50 gift card, get a bonus $10 e-card deal.


Get a free small classic shake with any purchase for mom at participating locations on Mother’s Day, May 9.

P.F. Chang’s

The restaruant haslLaunched a New Menu For Mother’s Day, Graduation And Father’s Day Celebrations


Moms eat free at all Pluckers locations Sunday if mom or anyone else with her is a Pluckers Club member.

Pollo Campero

Take $10 off a $50 order when you use the code “MAMA.” until May 10.

another photo of avocado toast

Red Lobster

Buy mom a $50 gift card or buy one to use to treat her to lunch on Mother’s Day, and then get a bonus $10 card to use later at Red Lobster

Romano’s Grill

Use the code “TREATMOM” will get you 25% off any e-gift card through May 9

Shoney’s Restaurant

Dine-in and order the All You Care to Eat Mother’s Day Fresh Food Bar and mothers get a free piece of strawberry pie.


Grab a Free 6-oz. free for moms on Mother’s Day.

TGI Fridays

The restaurant is offering new Carlo’s Cookies & Cream Tsunami Cake created by Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and half-priced bottles of wine and a lineup of cocktails.

Tim Hortons

Get a Free Chili Dog Meal For All Moms On May 9, 2021


For every $25 eGift card purchased through May 9, you’ll receive a $5 bonus card via email to use on a future visit between May 10-31.Bonus cards are valid only on food or beverage purchases in-store (not valid for online orders, third-party delivery, or other gift card purchases).

Get Prepared with This DIY First Period Kit for Home & School

Consider putting together a fun and informative DIY first period kit to celebrate your child’s big milestone and help her feel prepared and confident at home and at school! This is a memorable time in a young person’s life, and I did this a couple of years ago to make my own daughter’s first period as comfortable and normal as possible, and I’m so glad I did.

Do you remember your first period? 

I know I was terrified the day my first period arrived while attending a friend’s sleepover birthday party, and I was completely unprepared for that experience. I was one of the first in my friend group, so I initially felt uncomfortable and full of anxiety!

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DIY Period Power: How to Create a First Period Kit for Your Mighty Girl

A new year is full of firsts, and for many Mighty Girls that may include her first period! To help her feel prepared for whenever her period starts, a “just in case” first period kit is a great addition to her backpack or school locker — or to have on hand at home if she’ll be studying remotely this spring And, the start of a new school semester is the perfect time to stash a first period kit in her backpack or bedroom and talk to her about what to expect when her period comes.

It’s important to start talking about periods early; although the average age of menarche in the US is 12, girls can start their periods any time between the ages of 8 and 15. In particular, parents should keep in mind that a girl’s first period usually (but not always!) happens about two years after her breasts start to develop. So as soon as you start noticing physical changes in your Mighty Girl, you should start the on-going discussion about puberty and periods.

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