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Get ready for some backyard fun with these 6 must-have lawn games

With fall looming right around the corner, it is important to squeeze in all of your favorite summer activities before the warm weather leaves us. That means hitting the beach, lounging by the pool and spending time with family and friends outside.

If you are wondering how you can make these outdoor activities more entertaining, there is a simple answer: lawn games. Whether you are kicking a ball or tossing a bean bag, nothing is more fun than tapping into your competitive spirit.

backyard game sandbox

To help you achieve some backyard fun, lifestyle expert Meredith Sinclair shared with Hoda & Jenna six fun lawn games people of all ages can enjoy. Challenge your friends and family, make some memories and enjoy summer with these must-have products, from shuffleboard to giant Jenga.

Here are some ideas

Games Galore Personalized Picnic Blanket backyard games

Games Galore Personalized Picnic Blanket


This personalized picnic blanket is the perfect form of entertainment when lounging in the yard, on the beach or even in the park. The blanket features four classic board games including checkers, tic-tac-toe, dots and bullseye. One side of the blanket is a soft fleece while the other is a waterproof polyester shell. While game pieces are not included, you can use anything to play, from stones and seashells to toothpicks.
Backyard Jenga Giant JS7

Jenga Giant JS7


This personalized picnic blanket is the perfect form of entertainment when lounging in the yard, on the beach or even in the park. The blanket features four classic board games including checkers, tic-tac-toe, dots and bullseye. One side of the blanket is a soft fleece while the other is a waterproof polyester shell. While game pieces are not included, you can use anything to play, from stones and seashells to toothpicks.
Shuffle Zone Shuffleboard

Shuffle Zone Shuffleboard


Shuffleboard is a classic game that never goes out of style. The colorful shuffle zone is made of high-quality indoor and outdoor carpet with a non-skid back so it will always be secure. The set also comes with two wooden cues and 10 wooden pucks.

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8 back-to-school organization ideas any busy parent can appreciate

Kiss clutter goodbye as you tackle the school year.

If any member of your household is returning to the classroom this fall or even continuing to learn from home, you’re probably expecting another thing to return — clutter.

Between sports practices, extracurricular activities and the daily bustle of everyday life, it’s easy for our living spaces to get messy, fast. However, more times than not, the hardest part about getting everything organized is finding a starting point.


Marbrasse Bamboo Desk Organizer


You can only be as productive as your workspace, so any young learner will appreciate this organizer that will keep their desk in tip-top shape. It features nine different compartments for storage and a convenient handle so that they can bring it with them anywhere around the house.

Bentgo Kids’ Lunch Box


Little ones will love this practical lunch box that makes it easy to portion out an entire meal. The leakproof box can keep everything inside fresh until it’s time for lunch, and at the end of the day you can toss it straight into the dishwasher. The top-rated mealtime hack has amassed over 15,900 verified five-star reviews, with some shoppers calling it great for “picky eaters” and “easy to clean.”

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook


Little ones will love this practical lunch box that makes it easy to portion out an entire meal. The leakproof box can keep everything inside fresh until it’s time for lunch, and at the end of the day you can toss it straight into the dishwasher. The top-rated mealtime hack has amassed over 15,900 verified five-star reviews, with some shoppers calling it great for “picky eaters” and “easy to clean.”

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How having COVID-19 Changed My Way of Looking at Life

COVID-19 has taught me my place in peoples Life!

Two weeks ago, I had a cough that wouldn’t just go away. It slowly morphed into the flu and in a week it was gone. Part of me though it was COVID-19 but because it did not go more than a week, I did not think much of it. Furthermore, temperatures have been going as low as 7 Degrees so, it was a logic explanation why I am sick. Earlier that week I had washed my hair at midnight and oiled it half naked so yeah, I did not read too much into it. I did my steaming and hydrating , did my lemons , eucalyptus and all the herbs you would think of.

My son was active as ever during his school holiday and my husband was not any different. Later that week, my husband developed a cough and it dawned to me it could be COVID-19. He insisted on going to hospital and I was afraid to hear what I was thinking.

He had the rapid tests done and they came out negative. He was told he was developing pneumonia. He got the Antibiotics and 3-day shots, and he started showing some sort of improvement. When the prescription was over he became worse, and my gut feeling was telling me to take him to the hospital.

Due to the curfew in place in our country, we couldn’t go anywhere that day, I got an Oximeter and his oxygen saturation was at 60%. That night I sat as he tried t sleep. AS soon as it was morning, I rushed him to the hospital, Thank God for my aunty who has a clinic close by.

Nothing was working, the doctor ordered for a COVID-19 rapid test and came out negative, but the CT scan showed Pneumonia with traces of COVID-19. It was not making sense. The doctor’s advice was to transfer him to a bigger hospital with more facilities like an ICU. At this point, I couldn’t do anything. I was too much to digest. My brain had shut down.

The COVID was a shocker but what happened next literally made me fall off my sit! So the Sister, she is a nurse, comes and picks all the documentation from the doc, scans and says she will g with him to where he will get better treatment. I stood there and said goodbye as he was wheeled into the Ambulance. I broke down. My son and I broke down and they were gone. Little did I know was going to war!

My In-laws took his Identity card and when I asked back for it, they refused. For those who don’t know, this side of the Sahara, the Death certificate goes to that person holding the Identity card. This means all his wealth goes to that person.

I did not fight, instead, I buried myself in work and sept more than a new baby. Soon it was Saturday, and he was doing much better, my Mother by Love started calling me and at one point told me not to spend the money I am getting for his son’s hospital bill. Please note, I do not have a scent as I had spent all my money paying the first hospital bill.

His test came back positive meaning I couldn’t see him. I went to get tested too and I was negative. I was now on antibiotics, sleeping pills, vitamins, and Zinc. I really did not have the strength to fight with her.

The next day, we went to get vaccinated a car ride of 22Km felt like a lifetime. My mother by love said all she could say. She went to the extent to say his son should go back home.

I took public transportation back. The insults were enough! I couldn’t!

Fast-forward to today as I write this, my in-laws believe that their mum can insult me, and I stay silent. They blame me for the man’s hospitalization and the fact that I have refused to ask my “rich uncles” their words not mine, for money for his bill.

I love my husband with all that I am, and I know we got this together.

So why the story? In this new normal, it’s important to know your tribe. My Family Nuclear and extended are my rock. They have called daily some, like clockwork to check in on me. My In-laws just showed me that I am a liability to them!

My advice put your affairs in order, COVID-19 is taking people’s lives. And, with in-laws like mine, you will be doing your family a favour!

……………………. one last thing, take care of your mental health, COVID-19 has some serious psychological effects on both the patient and the family.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Kids Studying at Home

Woman staring at a laptop with a blue cup and headphones

The era of remote learning may finally be coming to a close. But as more families get ready to send kids back into schools, it’s a great time to start shopping for the tools that will help students succeed, and a set of noise-canceling headphones can be a boon to kids when they are studying at home.

The right pair of noise-cancelling headphones can help your kid focus on homework in a distracting environment by blocking outside sound. Keep in mind that the technology in these headphones is better at “cancelling” consistent sounds like the drone of a plane engine; sporadic noises such as people talking might not be blocked entirely. That means silence isn’t guaranteed, but a good pair will help muffle your surroundings a bit no matter what kind of sound you’re dealing with.


Monoprice BT-300ANC Headphone

Monoprice BT-300ANC Headphone


Home/studio-style Bluetooth wireless noise-canceling closed over-ear headphones that come with a detachable standard audio cable, a USB charging cable, and a carrying case.
Anker SoundCore Life Q20 Headphone

Anker SoundCore Life Q20 Headphones


Home/studio-style Bluetooth wireless noise canceling closed over-ear headphones that come with a detachable standard audio cable, a USB charging cable, and a carrying pouch.
Cleer Ally Plus

Cleer Ally Plus


Portable Bluetooth wireless noise canceling isolating ear-insert earphones that come with five pairs of ear pieces in various sizes, a USB charging cable, a charging cradle/carrying case with built-in battery, and a carrying pouch.

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The 8 Best Swaddles of 2021

Swaddles can be a lifesaver when you have a newborn.

Before you leave the hospital, you will probably learn how to do a blanket swaddle. But getting those perfect every time can be difficult, especially when it’s 2 a.m. and all you want to do is go back to sleep. Thankfully, there are several different types of swaddles on the market, but there are some factors you should consider. 

What many parents and caregivers don’t realize is that swaddles are not a one-size-fits-all, so you’ll need to buy the appropriate size for your baby’s age. You’ll also want to consider the material, making sure it’s breathable or warm enough, depending on where you live. Moreover, think about the purpose of the swaddle, as some help with reflexes while others assist with transitioning out of the swaddle. 

Here are some of the best swaddles to keep your baby snug and comfortable.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP


While some babies feel more secure with their arms snuggly nestled beside or across their bodies, other babies sleep more soundly in the natural “arms-up” position, which allows them to self soothe. This swaddle from Love to Dream allows them to do just that, but also offers the snug, secure feel of a swaddle to calm the startle reflex and help them sleep better. A simple twin-design zipper keeps it secure and makes diaper changes easy with no Velcro or other fasteners to master.

Ergobaby Original Swaddler


This swaddle is specifically designed to help prevent hip dysplasia, a condition in which an infant’s hip joints don’t form properly. It’s designed to keep their legs in an ergonomic position, which promotes healthy hip growth, and keep their arms in a “hands to heart” position. While fasteners keep them securely in place, there’s also a removable leg pouch to make diaper changes easy.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece


Babies can’t be swaddled forever (most manufacturers recommend you discontinue their use once baby can roll to their stomach, while the AAP suggests 2 months), and this microfleece “magic” sleepsuit from Baby Merlin will help make the transition out of one easier, since it still calms their startle reflex but they won’t be able to roll over in it. It’s designed for babies 3-6 months and 12-18 pounds, and it also comes in larger sizes as well.
With full arms and legs, it keeps them warm and cozy, but there’s no wrapping necessary. You simply put baby in, then zip up the double zippers on the front of the suit. The hands and feet are open. It’s made of microfleece on the outside with an inner layer of breathable cotton.

Back to school books for kids to calm first day jitters

Child reading book sited on a ned

These books can ease worries and make back to school more exciting.

Girl lying on couch reading a book

Whether your child is strapping on a backpack for the first time or just starting a new year, the first day of school is nerve-wracking even in the best of times. With school schedules changing and new precautions around coronavirus, parents can expect even more back-to-school jitters this year.

Parents can ease first-day jitters is by establishing the new routine ahead of time and reading books to prepare for the big day.

Books about starting school range from tender to hilarious. Try one of these picture books, a mix of old favorites and titles as new as your little student.

Cover of the Book First Day Critter Jitters

“First Day Critter Jitters,” by Jory John and Liz Climo

$ 17.99

If you think your child is nervous for the first day of school, just imagine how hard it would be for a snake to strap on a backpack. This funny picture book shares the first day anxieties of all sorts of critters, and will show little ones that everyone gets a little nervous.

Cover of the book : Dandi Leads the school parade

 “Danbi Leads the School Parade,” by Anna Kim

$ 17.99

Danbi has an extra-tough adjustment to make as she arrives at her first school in America. She’ll use communication — verbal and non — to connect to her new classmates.

“I Got the School Spirit,” by Connie Schofield-Morrison and Frank Morrison

$ 17.99

The little girl at the heart of this story has nothing but enthusiasm for her first day of school. Use it to drum up excitement before school starts.

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The Best Toddler Beds to Ease the Transition From Baby to Big Kid

Baby in Bed

Toddlerhood comes with many changes — some big, some small — but one of the most important is the transition from crib to bed. If your toddler is breaking out of their crib, they might be signaling to you that they are ready for big-kid beds.

There are no strict guidelines as to what age kids should switch to a toddler bed, but they can start to show interest as early as 18 months and as late as 4 years old. 

While some kids may be enthusiastic about the idea of a toddler bed, for others, the thought of a big bed can be scary. Toddlers’ worlds are changing every day — potty training, new siblings, new school, and more — and life can get overwhelming, so it’s best to keep sleep stress-free and straightforward. 

Convertible Toddler Beds

Dream On Me Convertible Toddler Beds


This toddler bed comes with detachable rails on either side and is low to the ground for added safety. Plus, the solid-wood foundation makes the bed extra sturdy. It also comes in many different colors and fits a standard toddler bed mattress. You can’t go wrong with this pick.
3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Beds

Dream On Me Emma 3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Beds


For parents concerned that they won’t be getting the best bang for their buck with a bed their kids only use for a few years, this toddler bed converts into a table and two chairs after kids grow out of it. Note: The conversion kit is sold separately.

Monarch Hill Ivy Toddler Beds


This toddler bed features built-in guard rails that help keep your little one from rolling off. It’s also quite sturdy, and many parents praise how easy it is to assemble.

12 Brilliant Potty Training Tools & Toilets That

Prepare for potty training by stocking up on these must-have items. Our list of supplies will help you and your child ease into this developmental milestone.

Kids seem to learn something new every day. But out of all the developmental milestones to achieve, there’s only one that equally instills fear and pride in the hearts of mothers everywhere: teaching your infant to use the bathroom. Fortunately, there are so many potty training products that make learning so more simpler.

Unlike other landmarks, potty training challenges can sometimes impede progress, in a way. Think about it. They’ve spent their whole lives peeing and pooping comfortably in their pants, and all of a sudden their parents want them to drop everything (including their pants) and go do their business while sitting on a cold, hard piece of porcelain multiple times per day.

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Summer Infant My Size Potty


For some children, starting on a training potty that looks like the real thing can make the inevitable transition easier. Enter this porcelain lookalike potty. It’s just like the ones grown-ups use (minus the plumbing), and it features a pretend flusher and a built-in wipes compartment for convenience. A clip-on splashguard helps keep pee in the bowl, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

Potty Training Seat with Ladder


Helping your child get one step closer to potty independence, this combined step stool and potty seat lets little ones get on the potty all by themselves. No-slip floor pads and handles help keep your little one safe while protecting your flooring from scratches, and a collapsible frame allows for easy storage once your kid has this potty thing down pat.

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty


A little encouragement can go a long way for kids who are potty training. This electronic Learn-to-Flush potty has built-in sensors that detect wetness, so when your little one makes it to the potty in time, the cheerful, smiling potty plays music and sounds as a reward. After getting down to business, kids will love the pretend flush feature. Additionally, the blue seat fits on grownup toilets to make the transition to the real thing easier.

20 Best Baby Sunscreens to Protect Young Sensitive Skin

Babies are delicate little creatures, which is why they need their own special kind of sun protection when they play outside. That’s where baby sunscreen comes in.

So what makes baby sunscreen special? “We tend to use sunscreen that contains mineral blockers for babies, while adults use mineral blockers alongside chemical blockers as well,” explains Joshua Zeichner, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. “Many parents are concerned with the use of titanium dioxide in sunscreens for kids, so many of the latest baby sunscreens are zinc-only. Because zinc is an element found naturally in our bodies, it’s safe to use on delicate baby skin.”

Thinkbaby sunscreen stick SPF 30


First up on our list of the best baby sunscreen products? The top-rated sunscreen stick by Thinkbaby. Pegged as the “standard for safe sunscreen,” this product has the highest level of UVA and UVB sun protection available. The non-greasy formula is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed into the skin (a major bonus point when you’re trying to get even coverage on a wriggling baby). Better yet, it’s free from harmful chemicals and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Erbaviva organic baby sunscreen SPF 30


Not only did this baby sunblock earn a top rating from the EWG, but, like many others on this list, it was also hand-picked as one of the 20 top-scoring baby sunscreen brands among all EWG-approved options. It’s naturally crafted with zinc oxide, aloe, sunflower, olive and jojoba oils, and infused with organic essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Parents love that it’s a light sunblock that doesn’t leave white residue on the skin—plus, it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Ready for fun in the sun? Here are the best backyard games for the whole family

Summer’s looking a lot more normal than it did this time last year.

While parks, pools and camps are opening back up for families and children, it’s also super simple to head to the backyard to soak up some sun and fresh air with the kids.

We found some great outdoor toys that will keep them preoccupied for hours on end — whether they prefer an active game or sitting in an inflatable kiddie pool. Read on to see 45 fun water games, sand toys, fun pool accessories and more that will help elevate their playtime this summer.

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Boy and girl playing with AeroDisk

Fat Brain Toys AeroDisk Max


Who needs tennis rackets when you can use handheld trampolines? This AeroDisk Max toy comes with two hand trampolines that can be used to bounce a rubber filament ball back and forth. Set up a net for a unique game of tennis, or even use the disk as a frisbee.
Woman and Man in a garden playing with a portable tennis Set

PRO Swingball – All Surface Portable Tether Tennis Set


This portable tether tennis game is perfect to play with a friend or even solo. Designed for older children and adults, this fast-paced game will keep you entertained for hours. Simply fill the base with water or sand for stability and play anywhere.
Fish shaped water blaster

Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite Slurpfish Water Blaster


If your little one is a fan of the video game Fortnite, they will get a kick out of this Fortnite Slurpfish water blaster. Its small size makes it easy to carry around, and it is a great way to beat the summer heat and keep cool..

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