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7 Things To Get With Your Amazon Gift Card

It’s time to use those gift cards you got for Christmas!  Since 2005, some $45.7 billion has been floating around in unused gift card balances, according to Finder!

We can guess why. Life is Busy. We are Forgetful.  Don’t join the statistic! Avoid hesitating on spending your gift card!

I recommend you get on Amazon and quickly order something you would ordinarily NOT get for yourself!

It is an excellent excuse to gift yourself something novel, fun, quirky or just different.

Here are 7 items I’ve seen, purchased, used and looked up to see if they sell them on Amazon and they do! Sweet!

1. Game on!– Get nostalgic and play some of your fave Atari 6400 games you played as a kid with your own kids! We love Blast’s vintage “Plug and Play” video game that comes with a wireless controller and features 8-20 classic video game titles like Centipede, Millipede, Yar’s Revenge, Asteroids, Missile Command, Pitfall, River Raid, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug. We picked one up at Target for like $25.00 on sale. Online it’s at Amazon.com for just $18! My husband and I played for hours with our kids on Christmas Eve! So fun!!! Thanks AtGames for gifting us a controller as well!

2. Coffee Lovers – I have been eyeing KRUPS’  Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder for a while now and it’s down to $15! Perfect price point for this best selling press machine for coffee aficionados like myself! It makes 3 ounces worth of  yummy goodness in about 10 seconds! Love mine! I got one for Christmas and I’m hoping it saves me money on Starbucks! Oy vey! LOL!!

3. Wine On – Ever since I won a wine tumbler in an Instagram contest, I’ve not stopped using mine. Not sure if to laugh or cry about that! ha! If you have an Amazon gift card, you can pick one up for under $20!  It’s my go to at the end of a trying week!

4. Future seekers – Going in 2019, a lot of people have big dreams and hopes of making the next year better than the last. I’m a fan of astrology and birth order and the zodiac and I can say emphatically that I got my kickstart going thoroughly through the pages of Mecca Woods‘ book “Astrology for Happiness and Success!” ($10.39)  I not only perused Woods’ very practical tips, delivered in a casual conversational tone for my sign, Virgo, I did for my children’s and husband’s as well. I found the career and wellness guidance extremely relevant and they appear so personalized to me! The book is wonderfully sectioned and organized making it a super easy read! You can pass it on to your mom, sister, bestie when done! Get it!

5. Ski down – It’s the season for hitting the slopes and a new pair of over the glasses ski goggles would be a great gift to give yourself this winter! These are just $18 on Amazon! It gets good reviews, fits with your helmet and fog resistant! Looks like a winner! I think I’ll get the purple ones!

6. Well Read – For the design and/or book lover, this exquisite reading lamp I peeped a teen using while sitting and reading books in Barnes and Noble over the holiday caught my eye. It is pretty, sleek and super portable. I asked her if she got it in the bookstore and she told me  no, Amazon! For just $15!!! I just ordered one!

7. Wild Animal – Signal your love of your pet dog or cat with these adorable fridge magnets! I saw these on my girlfriend’s fridge a few months ago! I thought they were so cute and they’re only about $10 for a set on Amazon!

Have fun shopping for stuff you know you may not ordinarily get for yourself!

Umoja! Explaining Kwanzaa

Today is the first day of the pan African and African American holiday developed in 1966 by California State University professor and Chair of Africana Studies Dr. Maulana Karenga.

Kwanzaa means “First Fruits of Harvest” in Swahili, a language spoken in many East African nations. It is a seven-day holiday that celebrates seven values, collectively called the Nguzo Saba, a Swahili word for Seven Principles.

These seven communitarian African values are: Umoja (Unity), Kuji-chagulia (Self-determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith).

Kwanzaa table setting traditionally includes seven candles, ears of corn, fruit, a cup and a cultural woven mat all symbolizing principles of the new holiday. Celebrants put a green tablecloth over a table they place in a central place in their home, and place a woven straw mat called a Mkeka on top of that table which symbolizes the historical foundation of African ancestry.

On top the mat is a Kinara (a candle holder) with seven candles. It holds three red candles on the left, three green candles on the right, and a black candle in the center. A candle is lit every day, as during Hanukkah. The black candle is lit first, the lighting then going back and forth between red and green, starting with the outermost candles and moving in to the center.

The table also should include Mazao, crops from the community including a bowl of fruit; Muhindi, an ear of corn for each child in the household;  Zawadi, gifts for the children; and Kikombe cha Umoja, a cup to represent family and community.

Celebrants also decorate their home in the pan African colors of red, green and black. They wear traditional clothes worn by Africans in various countries on that continent, including garments made of Kinte cloth, a material made of interwoven cloth strips worn by the Akan peoples of Ghana.

Starting on December 26, celebrants greet each other by saying “Habari Gani” which is a standard Swahili greeting that means “what is the news?”

The response is whatever day it is – Ujima, Nia, etc.

Kwanzaa table setting traditionally includes 7 candles, ears of corn, fruit, a cup and a cultural woven mat all symbolizing principles of the new holiday.

On the sixth day, or New Year’s Eve, those who celebrate this tradition have a reading or discussion, there is held a program that includes welcoming, remembering, reassessment, recommitment and rejoicing, concluding with a farewell statement and a call for greater unity.

Families exchange gifts on the seventh day.

The values are supposed to be building blocks for the African American community and to teach them of the pan-African connection between people of African descent now living all over the world.

Africans of all faiths can and do celebrate Kwanzaa, i.e., Muslims, Christians, Black Hebrews, Jews, Buddhists, Bahai and Hindus as well as those who follow the ancient traditions of Maat, Yoruba, Ashanti, Dogon, etc. Kwanzaa is not supposed to be an alternative to their religion or faith, but a common ground of African culture.

However, some people who reject the Christmas holiday season’s materialism elect to practice Kwanzaa as an alternative to interject meaning into their holiday season.

Those not from African descent can celebrate Kwanzaa, just as others celebrate Cinco de MayoChinese New Year and Native American pow wows.

The political part of the holiday is that it has been credited with helping African Americans stay bonded and for assisting young people to avoid the trappings and failings of vices and other negative issues that sometimes plague African American communities. Learning and practicing this tradition can help young people realize their potential and value beyond the here and now and connect them to their ancestral roots and to others today who share their collective African heritage worldwide

So, for example, rather than “what would Jesus do?” a Kwanzaa-based query might be, “what would your great ancestors who were once kings and queens of the greatest civilizations and cultures do if they saw you acting a fool and disrespecting their legacy and honor?”

Not bad a message at all.

If you are celebrating Kwanzaa with your children this year, enjoy and Happy Kwanza to you! Umoja!

Merry Christmas: Enjoy These Christmas Movie Scenes

There are fun Christmas movies for kids like Rudolph and Santa Claus is coming to town and then there are those with kids in them that adults enjoy more and are bonafide cult classics. The jokes and wise cracks in them can be appreciated by big kids of the adult variety! ha!

My favorite is A Christmas Story, the Great Depression era themed movie about a kid who just wanted a BB gun for Christmas and his adventures with his friends and trying to convince his parents, the mall Santa, teachers and other adults in his life that a BB gun is NOT a dangerous gift for a kid. The antics are hilarious. I actually remember nagging my parents to take me to see this movie when it was released in 1983.

Here are three other hilarious and funny Christmas scenes that you should watch online or rent this Holiday season:



BOPIS: Where You Can Still Buy Online Pick Up In Store This Christmas Eve

If you are a last minute shopper and still scrambling for Christmas gifts two days before Christmas and a few days until Kwanzaa and mid Hanukkah, then you may be seeking options for getting gifts that don’t require you fighting other deal seekers and spending hours in line.

Luckily for you, retailers have embraced a relatively new concept, Buy Online, Pick up in store or BOPIS for short. Conduct a quick research to see if your fave local store that you have access to has this option.

Here are some of the big top stores that still have sales so you can get your BOPIS on!

BEST BUY will give you your items in a shorter pick up line until.

WALMART will allow you to order up to 4:oopm  and pick up today.

TARGET offers same day order pick up until Christmas Eve.

MACY’S will provide free same day pick up with an order of $25 or more.

Will add more as I see them! Happy Shopping!

10 Christmas Gift to Read To Your Child This Year

Christmas is a magical time of year for both kids and adults alike. The kids are out of school, the holiday cheer keeps everyone in high spirits, and spending time together as a family is at the top of everyone’s priority list. One hallmark of the Christmas season is the wide variety of Christmas stories, both new and old, that you can tell your child.
Twas the Night Before Christmas  This story is actually a poem that was written in 1823 by Clement Clarke Moore.  The poem was the first of its kind to describe Santa and his sleigh, and contributed largely to how people picture Santa today.  Moore wrote this poem for his children, but it was later published in the newspaper and was so popular that it was reprinted year after year. GET IT AT AMAZON
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas – Dr. Seuss is at it again, this time with a rather surly furry green character who hates Christmas.  The Grinch is sick of everyone being so cheerful at Christmastime that he decides he’s going to steal Christmas.  However, the kindness shown to him by one little girl melts his heart, and he ends up giving everything back while learning the true meaning of Christmas. GET IT AT AMAZON
A Christmas Carol – A classic story written by Charles Dickens, this Christmas tale talks about a crabby old man named Scrooge who is a penny-pinching, miserable man.  He is estranged from his own family and treats his workers terribly.  Scrooge is visited by three ghosts one night who show him what Christmas really means.  The story ends when he wakes up on Christmas morning, just in time to make amends.  This one is best watched! STREAM IT FREE Via AMAZON PRIME
The Polar Express – Chris Van Allsburg writes a story about a boy who isn’t quite sure if Santa is real or not.  He boards a train that appears in his backyard one night and is swept away on the adventure of a lifetime to the North Pole.  While there, he meets elves and ghosts who convince him that Santa really does exist, and when ends up back at home it’s with a firm belief in Santa again. GET IT AT AMAZON
Christmas in the Big Woods – One of many Laura Ingalls Wilder books, this one tells the story of Laura’s life during Christmas in their home in the big woods of Wisconsin.  This book is an excellent choice for very young children. GET IT AT AMAZON
The Gift of the Magi – This story is about a couple who has very little money, but still want to give each other a Christmas gift.  The woman has long beautiful hair, and it’s the thing she is most proud of.  Her husband has a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather, and he loves this family heirloom.  The wife decides to sell her hair to buy her husband a chain for his pocket watch and the husband sells his pocket watch to buy combs for his wife’s beautiful hair.  The story is compared to the magi that brought gifts to the newborn king. GET IT AT AMAZON
Christmas in Camelot – A Magic Tree House book by Mary Pope Osborne.  Jack and Annie travel to Camelot in the magic tree house to find a cup, a key and a compass in order to save Camelot from the evil wizard Mordred.  The kids prove to the king that kids can be useful. GET IT AT AMAZON
Meet Santa Bear – As in most books by Stan and Jan Berenstain, there is a lesson to be learned in this book.  Although, in this book, the lesson is really more about getting answers to difficult questions, like “how does Santa get down a skinny chimney?” or “how does the sleigh land without snow on the ground?”  These questions, and others, are answered in this Berenstain Bear book. GET IT AT AMAZON
The Year Without a Santa Claus – The author, Phyllis McGinley, pens this story about the year Santa decides to take the year off because he doesn’t think anyone believes in him anymore.  He leaves two elves in charge and they make a mess of things.  Heat Miser and Cold Miser make their debut in this book and subsequent cartoon.  Santa comes to the rescue and realizes that there are some believers left and changes his mind. GET IT AT AMAZON
The Christmas Sweater – Glenn Beck writes this story, which contains some autobiographical elements.  The main character is young Eddie, who wants a new bike for Christmas with all of his heart.  He knows his mom can’t afford it, but he wants it anyway.  Christmas day comes and he gets a sweater that his mom made herself and he is so bitter and disappointed that he throws the sweater in the corner and leaves it.  He goes through a rough patch and finally gets some mentoring from a neighbor named Russell who helps him understand what a great gift the sweater really is. GET IT AT AMAZON One way to really get into the Christmas spirit is to curl up by the fire with your kids, hot cocoa in hand, and read them one of these 10 popular Christmas stories: If you don’t have some of these books and you’d like to read them, make a trip to your local library and pick one or more of them up.  These books would all make great gifts for the children in your life as well.

Do These Postpartum Pilates Movements to Get You Back On Track


With the whole journey that comes with pregnancy and the long-awaited birth of your little one now behind you, it’s time to face the transition from pregnancy to postpartum recovery.

Postpartum recovery generally refers to the first three to six weeks that new moms go through after giving birth. During this period, moms go through a lot of changes.

While your body works on recovering from the stress of pregnancy, you’re also going through the motions of adjusting to motherhood.

Caught in the midst of caring for yourself and your newborn, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even fall into a depressed mood.

In fact, reports from New York Times reveal that 10 to 20 percent of moms with newborns suffer from serious postpartum depression.

Luckily, there are many things that can help mothers go through this postpartum period, with taking on a simple exercise regimen being one of them.

In an article on Parsley Health, Hollywood Pilates instructor Heather Dorak mentions the importance of starting “with something small,” saying that no matter what type of workout you do, you take those baby steps to get back on track.

This sentiment  also resonated in a past post, ‘Mental Health Check ins to Make During and After Pregnancy’, which mentions that slowly getting back into exercise through activities that allow you to rediscover how your body likes to move can be an effective tool in taking care of your physical and mental health after pregnancy.

Benefits of Pilates

Childbirth is a major procedure that will have a huge impact on your physique and requires the body to go beyond its limits. As such, it’s important for recovering moms to subscribe to activities that promote muscle strength without being too straining. This makes Pilates a good option, as explained by FFC, Pilates strengthens the inner and outer hips, which can help support the pelvis, which will have been stretched during pregnancy and then relaxed upon childbirth.

Moreover, certain Pilates movements are known to relieve lower back pain and pelvic floor discomfort by strengthening the abdominals, hips, and back. Harper’s Bazaar suggests that because Pilates is a highly immersive exercise that requires focus and concentration, it brings emotional and mental benefits by being a great ‘time-out’ from everyday stressors.

Postpartum Pilates Movements

To experience all the amazing benefits Pilates can bring during your postpartum recovery, try the following movements:

Knee dancing

This movement which concerns the abs, butt, and thighs, can be easily done by kneeling down on a mat with your knees hip-distance apart and your shoulders pulled back. While in this position, pull your abs in while simultaneously squeezing your butt then raise your arms in front of you to shoulder height. Then, lean back a little. Try to hold this position for 30 seconds and do it three times.

Powerhouse planks

Like any other plank, this movement works on your core, abs, butt, legs, arms, back, and, with a little modification, your pelvic floor as well. To do this, get down on all fours and lower yourself down to your elbows. Then, as you align your head to your spine, tilt your pelvis under slightly to protect your lower back while squeezing your thighs up together to form a V shape. Hold this position for 30 seconds and do three sets.


This movement allows you to work on your butt, thighs, and calves. You can do this by standing in front of a counter-top and then, bending over and resting your forearms on the counter with your forehead lowered onto it. Then, walk your feet back until they are underneath your hips and stand with your heels together and your toes slightly apart. Tuck your pelvis under while squeezing your butt then lift your left leg behind you with your knees bent at 45 degrees. Do 3 sets of 16 repetitions for each leg.

The 3 Things to Do to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

One of the best things about hosting dinners, parties, get togthers and out-of-town family guests during the holidays is the fact that you are forced to get your home in order.

That is precisely what happened when I accepted the task of hosting my extended family for Thanksgiving last week.

Step 1: Declutter

The first order of business was to de-clutter all of our non-liveable spaces which for us included the basement. It had been the dumping ground for baskets of laundry that needed to be washed, for piles of newspaper, mail and other papers that needed to be sorted and for any and everything that my Type A/OCD’esque brain could not stand to see occupy space upstairs in our main living quarters.

It took me one sleepless overnight adventure, but I did it! I bagged up the junk, and managed to push, lift and carte all the various crates of stuff into the laundry room, our utility room or behind the wet bar that we do not use.

Step 2: Invest in Home Goods and Accent Pieces

Then, I headed out to my local thrift stores, home discount outlets and home improvement stores and invested in pillows, games, a dart board, throws, sheets for a couple of unused mattresses I decided I’d turn into a lounge centerpiece and a few other decorative knick knacks.

You can create a color scheme for creating a cohesive look my purchasing colorful pillows from Amazon starting around $7 each delivered to your home for free if you have Amazon Prime. { Sign up for PRIME HERE if you don’t}

Step 3: Hire a Cleaning Service to finish the job

If  you have your go-to cleaning service, call them to help you do the professional level polishing, mopping and cleaning. If you don’t, there are lots of apps now that will give you the options to pick. I have used HANDY (and am an affiliate for it). ‘

With Handy, you enter what task you want to have done, or in the case of home cleaning, how many bedrooms, bathrooms and floors are in your home. Then you can either schedule a weekly, bi weekly, monthly cleaning plan or just select one time to try out the person or service you will ultimately pick!

Our cleaners took 4 and a half hour to give our home a super deep cleaning it needed. I had planned to save money by washing the base boards and crown molding myself before they arrived but I ran out of time to complete that task. They handled it superbly and did a masterful job cleaning the dust off the fans in each room, washing down stained walls, mopping, scrubbing filthy bathtub, and leaving our home spotless. I could not have asked for anything more. They went above and beyond and did an excellent job. Masterful and thorough. I could breathe easier figuratively, knowing my guests would be coming to a very clean home and literally, that all the dust and grime had been scrubbed away!

I’m so happy that I considered scheduling routine maintenance every two weeks.  You can also book them for handyman, plumbing, minor furniture assembly and more. We had someone come fix a hallway light that had been out for over a year, and hired yet another handyman to change the door knobs on all of our closet, bedroom and bathroom doors. They were all wonky and a lot of them stopped locking altogether.

Overall, the quality of work was superb because

That’s it! I highly recommend you follow the aforementioned steps to getting your home Holiday ready and to really check out HANDY and at least sign up for FREE to see if it is something you can fit into the family budget at least once!

Another option is to consider Amazon Home Services.

It works a similar way in that after you input all the detail about your home, the service hand selects a few service providers local to you to get it done.

Amazon Home also offers additional services like Treadmill, Elliptical and Exercise Equipment set up, Carpet Cleaning, iPhone Repair, TV Wall mounting, Framed Photo or Picture mounting, Home Theater set up and Furniture Assembly


Good luck and take time to enjoy your family, friends and the Holiday Season, in general!

Get Fresh Groceries Delivered to Your Door All Year FREE

This post contains affiliate links. If you elect to click and sign up for some of these services, I will earn affiliate commission from your sign up. 

If you are expecting and standing on your feet and walking aisle to aisle to go grocery shopping might be out of the question, especially if you are on bedrest.

Thank goodness for technology and the gig economy, a lot of apps and services have cropped up to take the work out of it for you. For a small delivery fee, you can have someone do the shopping for you.

If you play your cards right, and organize accordingly, could arguably get free deliveries for a year. Sign up for each of the services for the first free months and try a new one each month then cancel before you are billed. Then when you’re done researching which store has the best prices and best delivery services, you can re-ignite your membership at the winning service!

There is a way to get free groceries for life. Keep reading this roundup to find out which will give you that option:

Instacart is the go to service for quick and effective grocery delivery. Customers select groceries from various retailers, then a personal shopper does the shopping and deliver the groceries to them when they are finished. This service started several years ago but only recently took off to become the industry disrupt or and standard. You can try it for the first month is FREE.

I first used Instacart a few years ago when my husband and I were away on a couple’s vacation and we wanted to deliver food home for our babysitter (my mom). It was easy to pick fresh ingredients and have them delivered thousands of miles away! It was soooo awesome! I’ve since used it again in crunch times.

This option  is great for those who live in cities and who don’t have cars also.

Also, if you want to make extra money for the holidays for an upcoming trip, consider being an Instacart shopper. 

Fresh Direct is another competitor to Instacart and it will give you 60 days of free delivery but the other draw back is that it is limited and doesn’t’ serve all areas. Click HERE to see if your home is covered and if so, enjoy this deal!

Amazon got into the market with its Amazon Pantry offering which is quite identical to Instacart in every way. However, the bonus for Prime members is their membership gets them  free deliveries all the time so long as they order over $35 (or $50 in expensive NYC) .

Sign up for PRIME HERE if you do not already have it.

Also, customers in Amazon Fresh cities will be able to order fast 1-2 hour delivery windows, which is much faster than the usual 3-4 hour window.


You knew Target would get on the bandwagon and via it’s shopping partners at Shipt, you can get your first delivery order FREE!

And the good thing about using Target is that you can have other essentials and not just groceries delivered to your home. Sign up for Target FREE delivery via Shipt HERE!

If you live in the states with Safeway Grocery stores, you can get your first order delivered free and a $20 credit towards your groceries. Use promo code Save20 on your first order.

Also, people who live in states and cities with a GIANT grocery store can also get the benefit of a month’s worth of free grocery delivery when they sign up. SIGN UP for Peapod by GIANT here!

Not everyone is comfortable having others do their grocery shopping for them and so these options are not the cup of tea for all, but for those who are cool with nixing one more thing off the weekly to-do-list, take every advantage now!

How to Create a Christmas Budget and Avoid Going into Debt {9 Tips}

With the weather starting to cool off, thoughts naturally begin to gravitate to the upcoming holiday fun and festivities.

However, going into debt for that fun and being stuck paying off your Christmas bills isn’t likely to make your New Year’s very bright. Everyone has heard the adage that it’s better to give than to receive, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune in the process.

Instead, do your giving in a sensible way and don’t go overboard. Check out these ideas for creating a Christmas budget that will still allow you to celebrate the season richly.

  1. Create a spreadsheet. Using Excel or some other spreadsheet program, create a spreadsheet with the headings: Gift Recipients, Budget, Actual, Gift Ideas and Leftover. These are the basics, but feel free to customize this spreadsheet for your specific needs.

2. Make a list of gift recipients. Determine the list of people who you are going to give gifts to this year. Try to keep the list confined to just those people that are closest to you, like your immediate family and closest friends. If money is tight this year you may want to agree to not exchange gifts with your friends or neighbors this year.

3. Establish a budget for all of your expenses. These expenses will include gifts, holiday cards, decorations, holiday food and other miscellaneous holiday expenses. If you are travelling for Christmas then you’ll also need to include expenses for travel, lodging and food.

4. Divide up the budget into categories. Next to each gift recipient you will need to put a budgeted amount that you want to spend on that person. For holiday cards you will need to determine how much you will spend on a photographer, cards and postage. Each of these items can be a sub category under ‘cards’. Decorations can be divided up into a budget for a tree if your family buys a real one each year, lights, ornaments and other decorations for the house. The holidays usually mean big meals shared with additional people, so be sure to budget extra money for groceries for the month of December. Will you do any baking or eating out with friends? Make sure to have a line item for these things as well. It’s also a good idea to designate an amount for unexpected expenses that pop up along the way, like wrapping paper, tape and shipping expenses.

5. Create a gift list. You will want to keep this list with you to make sure that you do not go over budget, so you might as well use it for your gift ideas as well. The column you created for gift ideas is where you will add items as they come to you.

6. Figure out how you will set aside money. Some people put a certain amount of money aside in savings all year long in anticipation of Christmas. Others start closer to Christmas and watch their pennies in other ways. Maybe you don’t eat out as often or you skip picking up that latte in the morning so that you can put money away for Christmas expenses. Staying on a budget will allow you to adjust certain categories so that you will have the money you need for Christmas.

7. Don’t use credit. Use only cash, check or debit card when doing your shopping so that you are not tempted to go over your budget. Set aside a certain amount of cash in an envelope for each category and make sure that you keep your receipts in that envelope so that you can track your purchases. Having the receipts may also come in handy if you need to return or exchange anything.

8. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Try to skip the things that you don’t really need. If you’re out shopping and a vente peppermint mocha sounds good, resist the urge and stick to your budget. Try to find items on sale or use a coupon whenever possible to reduce your overall expenditure.

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you go a little over for one person don’t flip out. Just try to save a little money somewhere else so you can still come out even at the end of the month. Watch adding too many extra line items to the budget. You can easily blow the budget by tacking on too many little extras.

There are many things to see and do for free during the Christmas season, so don’t miss out on the season’s festivities just because you are on a budget. Keep in mind what’s important during this holiday season and don’t let stressing out over money overshadow your enjoyment.

The REAL Best Cyber Monday Deals

Conventional wisdom now clearly states that unless a retailer is offering at least 40% off the orginal price of an item, then it is not really a “deal” per se.

For that reason, our curated list of deals have savings of over 40% and/or over $100 off.


Here they are:

Sceptre 50-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) LED TV, $189.99 (orig. $399.99)

RCA 43-Inch Class FHD (1080P) Roku Smart LED TV, $199.99 (orig. $399.99)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 32GB Android P Wifi Black, $149 (orig. $219)

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, $49 (orig. $99.95)

CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron, 1-Inch, $52.78 (orig. $99.98)

Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin Cord-Free Vacuum, $179 (orig. $279)

Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones in Moab Red, $99.99 (orig. $179.99)

Hover-1 Pioneer Electric Folding Scooter, Black with 8.5” Air-Filled Tires, $198 (orig. $348)

Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer, $59.49 (orig. $109)

Sky Rider Thunderbird Quadcopter Drone with Wi-Fi Camera, $19.97 (orig. $39.99)

KitchenAid Classic Plus Series 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, $199 (orig. $279)

The HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Wireless all-in-one ink ready printer is down from $179 down to $69.99

Also, an Envy 5014 Wireless all-in-one printer with a $10 Instant Ink printer that normally cost $119 printer is down to $29.99 and a $59.99  and a HP DeskJet 2680 Wireless all-in-one printer with $10 instant ink for just $19.99 in white.

Good Luck and Here are What the most popular retailers are offering today:

Amazon Cyber Monday

Walmart Cyber Monday | Find a store

Target Cyber Monday | Find a store

Best Buy Cyber Monday | Find a store

Macy’s Cyber Monday | Find a store

Verizon Cyber Monday | Find a store

Kohl’s Cyber Monday | Find a store

Ulta Beauty Cyber Monday | Find a store

GameStop Cyber Monday | Find a store

eBay Cyber Monday

Costco Cyber Monday | Find a store

AT&T Cyber Monday | Find a store

T-Mobile Cyber Monday | Find a store

Dick’s Sporting Goods Cyber Monday | Find a store

Home Depot Cyber Monday | Find a store

Lowe’s Cyber Monday | Find a store

Big Lots Cyber Monday | Find a store

Newegg Cyber Week

Barnes & Noble Cyber Monday | Find a store

DSW Cyber Monday | Find a store

JCPenney Cyber Monday |

Zales Cyber Monday | Find a store