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A parent’s guide to everything your college student will need this year

two college girls walking outside a college building

College drop off drop-off is an exciting — and possibly overwhelming — time for any parent and child. Especially now. 

Uncertainty about what the pandemic and the rising delta variant cases means for campus life as students head back in fall has parents navigating all kinds of decisions, precautions and emotions.

That said, there’s shopping to be done! With both of my kids in out-of-state universities, I have to meet the needs of a freshman living in a dorm, while my senior lives in an apartment. There are plenty of great checklists for what students need, but here are 15 must-have essentials this parent thinks are worth considering.

favorite College face mask

Favorite University Face Mask


If there is a 2021 way to show school spirit, this is it. These masks are made of 100% polyester and are machine-washable. Better yet, they’re available in a variety of university logos at just $13.

Disinfecting wipes Value pack for a college student

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack


Let’s face it, college kids aren’t always the cleanest. But this three-pack of disinfecting wipes can at least help them protect themselves and their roommates from germs.

white hydro flask best for a college student

My Hydro by Hydro Flask


A water bottle is the one accessory that both of my kids carry with them wherever they go and it’s hard to beat the quality and durability of the Hydro Flask. With the My Hydro line, you can customize everything from cap size to the color and strap.

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29 Cute School Supplies That’ll Make Doing Homework WAY More Fun

May your school supplies be as cute as your outfit.

girl reading

Everyone knows that the best part of going back to class is shopping for glossy stack of brand new school supplies and breathing in that fresh notebook smell. Mmmmm. Your list might read “pens, notebooks, pencil case,” but what that really means is GLITTER GEL PENS, SPARKLY NOTEBOOKS, FURRY PENCIL CASE! There’s a lot of really stylish desk stuff out there just waiting for you to click “Add to Cart” and you can shop all of it right here in this article.

Glitzy scissors, holo pencil cases, tie-dye backpacks, and compostable phone covers–all that and more cute school supplies are right up ahead. Enjoy!

dog shapped Cable bite

Cable Bite


Now you’ll def remember to charge your phone (maybe)(probably not). 
Custom Compostable Case

Custom Compostable Case


You’ve got your first day of school look picked out, now your phone needs one too. Shop compostable eco-friendly versions, instead of plastic.
Recycled Polyester Tie-Dye Print Senior Backpack

Recycled Polyester Tie-Dye Print Senior Backpack


Tie-dye backpacks are the ONLY backpacks I’m interested in, tbh.

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20 Best Apps to Send Money Online

Apps to send money online have grown popular in recent years. When it comes to sending money online, there are many options to choose from. It depends on a person’s situation that which app he or she is choosing including the purpose and to whom they are sending the money like family or friends etc.

The best apps to send money online makes it simple to transfer money across the world using different currencies. Therefore, the process becomes easier and pain-free. In today’s world with sophisticated smartphone technology, money sending apps act as a saviour.

Some of the Best Apps to Send Money Online:

The following are some of the best apps to send money online.


venmo app logo

Venmo app is suitable for both individual and business owners. The parent company of Venmo is PayPal. Users can link their debit cards or bank accounts directly via the app. Venmo account stores the transfers as a Venmo balance and then cashed out to a bank account as users can use it later when the need arises.

‘Digital wallet’ nature of Venmo is appealing to mobile-savvy businesses or individuals, hence, they quickly make peer-to-peer transfers to friends or contacts and can share purchases to their Venmo feed. The app is integrated with Facebook and phone contacts.

Download Venmo App


world remit logo

If you want to send a smaller amount to someone than WorldRemit is the best option. The fees of WorldRemit is lower as compare to others and have a broad catalog of qualifying countries.

Money can be sent to more than 150 countries for mobile airtime top-up, cash pickup, and bank deposit. However, it truly stands out among the competitors as it has the fastest transaction time.

It is the perfect fit for international transactions as cash transfers are processed instantly. The simple features of the WorldRemit app appeal to everyone.

Download WorldRemit


Azimo app can share and receive money instantly. It synchronizes the phone contacts and also uses a fingerprint for identification and authentication. Through push notifications, it helps the person to know about their transaction status.

Ensured data security is the best feature of the app. The card details are securely saved and one can pay in seconds. Therefore, one can pay through a debit/credit card or bank transfer. Azimo is available for 80 plus countries.

Downoad AZIMO

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The Best Toddler Beds to Ease the Transition From Baby to Big Kid

Baby in Bed

Toddlerhood comes with many changes — some big, some small — but one of the most important is the transition from crib to bed. If your toddler is breaking out of their crib, they might be signaling to you that they are ready for big-kid beds.

There are no strict guidelines as to what age kids should switch to a toddler bed, but they can start to show interest as early as 18 months and as late as 4 years old. 

While some kids may be enthusiastic about the idea of a toddler bed, for others, the thought of a big bed can be scary. Toddlers’ worlds are changing every day — potty training, new siblings, new school, and more — and life can get overwhelming, so it’s best to keep sleep stress-free and straightforward. 

Convertible Toddler Beds

Dream On Me Convertible Toddler Beds


This toddler bed comes with detachable rails on either side and is low to the ground for added safety. Plus, the solid-wood foundation makes the bed extra sturdy. It also comes in many different colors and fits a standard toddler bed mattress. You can’t go wrong with this pick.
3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Beds

Dream On Me Emma 3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Beds


For parents concerned that they won’t be getting the best bang for their buck with a bed their kids only use for a few years, this toddler bed converts into a table and two chairs after kids grow out of it. Note: The conversion kit is sold separately.

Monarch Hill Ivy Toddler Beds


This toddler bed features built-in guard rails that help keep your little one from rolling off. It’s also quite sturdy, and many parents praise how easy it is to assemble.

The 20 Best Toddler Bedding Sets, Quilts, Comforters, and Other Must-Haves

Shop the best toddler bedding in “Toy Story,” construction, and unicorn prints — just to name a few!

Your little one is big enough for his or her own bed. Or maybe, your almost-big kid is still in the crib but has outgrown babyish bedding. Either way, we scoped out the cutest, comfiest, most toddler-approved bedding to help make your growing child’s room almost as special as they are. 

Meet the pillows, quilts, comforters and sheet sets sized just right for a budding big boy or girl. Both parents and kiddos will adore the fun themes represented in our roundup of the best toddler bedding to shop in 2020. Think llamas and dinos, woodland creatures and, of course, princesses. We also included neutrals and patterns inspired by modern sensibilities to fit a wide array of home decors and personal aesthetics. 

Here’s hoping you find the perfect inspiration for designing a toddler bed your darling will doze off in, no questions asked. Hey, a parent can dream too, right?


Southwest-inspired toddler bedding set

Aztec 4-Piece Set


Get it all in one with this Southwest-inspired toddler bedding set that’s both stylish and affordable for your lil’ man’s first big boy bed.

Comforter, flat and fitted sheet and pillowcase included
toddler pillow

Parachute Toddler Pillow


This hypoallergenic pillow is the ideal size to carry you from baby feedings to bedtime in a big boy bed. Reviewers say the size is right, and this is one comfy pillow kids love!
Pink Quilted Comforter

Toddler Pink Quilted Comforter


Cute and comfy doesn’t have to cost much. We love this huggable pink comforter that will match so many toddler rooms.

12 Brilliant Potty Training Tools & Toilets That

Prepare for potty training by stocking up on these must-have items. Our list of supplies will help you and your child ease into this developmental milestone.

Kids seem to learn something new every day. But out of all the developmental milestones to achieve, there’s only one that equally instills fear and pride in the hearts of mothers everywhere: teaching your infant to use the bathroom. Fortunately, there are so many potty training products that make learning so more simpler.

Unlike other landmarks, potty training challenges can sometimes impede progress, in a way. Think about it. They’ve spent their whole lives peeing and pooping comfortably in their pants, and all of a sudden their parents want them to drop everything (including their pants) and go do their business while sitting on a cold, hard piece of porcelain multiple times per day.

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Summer Infant My Size Potty


For some children, starting on a training potty that looks like the real thing can make the inevitable transition easier. Enter this porcelain lookalike potty. It’s just like the ones grown-ups use (minus the plumbing), and it features a pretend flusher and a built-in wipes compartment for convenience. A clip-on splashguard helps keep pee in the bowl, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

Potty Training Seat with Ladder


Helping your child get one step closer to potty independence, this combined step stool and potty seat lets little ones get on the potty all by themselves. No-slip floor pads and handles help keep your little one safe while protecting your flooring from scratches, and a collapsible frame allows for easy storage once your kid has this potty thing down pat.

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty


A little encouragement can go a long way for kids who are potty training. This electronic Learn-to-Flush potty has built-in sensors that detect wetness, so when your little one makes it to the potty in time, the cheerful, smiling potty plays music and sounds as a reward. After getting down to business, kids will love the pretend flush feature. Additionally, the blue seat fits on grownup toilets to make the transition to the real thing easier.

10 Houseplants That Make the Best Gifts

Searching for a houseplant that’ll make an incredible gift for a friend or family member? No problem.

“While pleasing to the eye, houseplants symbolize growth and change, making them the perfect housewarming gift for those starting a new chapter in their lives,” says Sophia Faban, a representative for Urban Stems.

“They’re also known to be helpful to the mind, body, and spirit with air-purifying and soothing properties.” Whether you’re looking for a plant with symbolic meaning (of friendship, love, or the like) or one that thrives with little to no care, there’s bound to be one available for everyone on your list. Plants add a touch of greenery to every space, and, therefore brighten up any room.

The next time you’re in the market for the best houseplants to gift, spare yourself the legwork and shop one of the Here


Marimo Moss Ball


This aquatic algae can survive in essentially any level of light or environment with little to no maintenance, crowning them the perfect gift. Known to bring luck in regards to love, life, and prosperity, Marimo moss balls make the ideal pick-me-up gift to send to a friend you’re thinking of or missing.

Calathea Beauty Star


Known for its striking pink and white striped pattern, the beauty star will quite literally become a star of your home. During the day, its leaves will open up from the center and in the evening, it’ll close up like hands in prayer, which is why it’s nicknamed the “prayer plant.” It’ll thrive in environments that mirror the humid tropics and needs to be consistently misted to boost its humidity.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Famous for its broad, vibrant green leaves with veining, the fiddle leaf fig prefers a stable environment. As its namesake suggests, it can be as fickle as a fiddle when your home temperatures fluctuate. Warning: In order to survive, this plant needs bright sunlight.

Best Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2021

Wondering if you’re pregnant? The best pregnancy tests will help you get your answer.

Excitement, anxiety, hope: wondering if you’re pregnant can be nerve-racking. A home pregnancy test can quickly reveal if you’re expecting—some even work before your period is late—so you can get that need-to-know answer right away.

When is the Best Time to Take a Pregnancy Test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is when your period is late. But some at-home pregnancy tests say they can detect if you’re pregnant or not up to five days before your period is due to start. How do they do it? At-home pregnancy tests use the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG) to detect pregnancy, and some are more sensitive to hCG than others. So that’s why some tests work earlier when you have less of the hormone, while others won’t show a positive until later when you have a higher amount.

The best time of day to take a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning. Your urine is more concentrated in the a.m., so there’s more of that hCG in it. You can take a pregnancy tests at other times of the day, though there’s more of a chance of an inaccurate result. Also make sure not to drink a lot of water or other liquids, as you’ll dilute your urine.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

When an egg is fertilized, your body starts producing hCG. During early pregnancy, hCG levels double every two to three days and peak by the end of your first trimester. Pregnancy tests look for how much hCG is present in your urine.

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Early Result Pregnancy Test

Early Result Pregnancy Test


If you just can’t wait, the First Response Early Result test is what you want to grab. It’s the most sensitive over-the-counter pregnancy test, and can accurately tell you if you’re pregnant up to five days before your period is due. We also like the curvy handle, which makes it easier to hold the stick as you pee on it. It also comes in a digital version, which uses words instead of lines to report your results.
ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips


These take away the plastic applicator and absorbent tip of your standard pregnancy test and give you a simple strip (the same one found in regular pregnancy tests) to dip into a cup of your urine. They’re much less expensive than applicator tests, so if you’re trying to conceive and using many tests each month, these could be a more economical choice—and they come in bulk packs. Wondfo is a similar pregnancy test, at a similar price point.
Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test


If you are so eager, you can’t wait three minutes, the Rapid Detection pregnancy test is ready in just one minute! This box includes three tests. However, we’ve seen a lot of reports of more false positives with this test than with others. They always said patience is a virtue.

20 Best Baby Sunscreens to Protect Young Sensitive Skin

Babies are delicate little creatures, which is why they need their own special kind of sun protection when they play outside. That’s where baby sunscreen comes in.

So what makes baby sunscreen special? “We tend to use sunscreen that contains mineral blockers for babies, while adults use mineral blockers alongside chemical blockers as well,” explains Joshua Zeichner, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. “Many parents are concerned with the use of titanium dioxide in sunscreens for kids, so many of the latest baby sunscreens are zinc-only. Because zinc is an element found naturally in our bodies, it’s safe to use on delicate baby skin.”

Thinkbaby sunscreen stick SPF 30


First up on our list of the best baby sunscreen products? The top-rated sunscreen stick by Thinkbaby. Pegged as the “standard for safe sunscreen,” this product has the highest level of UVA and UVB sun protection available. The non-greasy formula is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed into the skin (a major bonus point when you’re trying to get even coverage on a wriggling baby). Better yet, it’s free from harmful chemicals and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Erbaviva organic baby sunscreen SPF 30


Not only did this baby sunblock earn a top rating from the EWG, but, like many others on this list, it was also hand-picked as one of the 20 top-scoring baby sunscreen brands among all EWG-approved options. It’s naturally crafted with zinc oxide, aloe, sunflower, olive and jojoba oils, and infused with organic essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Parents love that it’s a light sunblock that doesn’t leave white residue on the skin—plus, it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

8 Best Cake Decorating Tools and Kits, According to Kitchen Experts

Whether you’re taking on a multi-tiered wedding cake or just want spruce up a treat that came from a boxed mix, having the right cake decorating tools in your arsenal is key.

Here are some of our favourite cake decorating tools, kits, and sets available for taking your dessert presentation up a notch.

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Decorating set

Beginning Buttercream Decorating Set


This set comes with ten stainless steel decorating tips (including the essentials, like a small and large round, star, petal, and leaf), plus ten disposable plastic decorating bags. The baggies are extra durable and easy to handle and we love that the tips can be cleaned in the dishwasher. As an added bonus, an easy-to-follow instruction booklet is included. 

Revolving Cake Decorating Stand


Decorating a cake is much easier when you’re able to rotate it on its cake stand ― frosting application is faster, plus the cake itself (versus you) does the moving as you add details or extra decorations around the exterior. We love this one from Ateco for its ideal height and weight, smooth rotation, and attractive look.

Decorating Tools Airbrushing Kit


If you’re pulling out the big guns in decorating, you’ll want to look into airbrushing. You can use this 18 PSI airbrush kit for making full-on art on top of cakes, but you can use it for easy tasks like adding a bit of color to frosting flowers, too. It has three levels for spraying so you can use it for fine or large-scale decorating tasks.