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8 Best Cake Decorating Tools and Kits, According to Kitchen Experts

Whether you’re taking on a multi-tiered wedding cake or just want spruce up a treat that came from a boxed mix, having the right cake decorating tools in your arsenal is key.

Here are some of our favourite cake decorating tools, kits, and sets available for taking your dessert presentation up a notch.

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Decorating set

Beginning Buttercream Decorating Set


This set comes with ten stainless steel decorating tips (including the essentials, like a small and large round, star, petal, and leaf), plus ten disposable plastic decorating bags. The baggies are extra durable and easy to handle and we love that the tips can be cleaned in the dishwasher. As an added bonus, an easy-to-follow instruction booklet is included. 

Revolving Cake Decorating Stand


Decorating a cake is much easier when you’re able to rotate it on its cake stand ― frosting application is faster, plus the cake itself (versus you) does the moving as you add details or extra decorations around the exterior. We love this one from Ateco for its ideal height and weight, smooth rotation, and attractive look.

Decorating Tools Airbrushing Kit


If you’re pulling out the big guns in decorating, you’ll want to look into airbrushing. You can use this 18 PSI airbrush kit for making full-on art on top of cakes, but you can use it for easy tasks like adding a bit of color to frosting flowers, too. It has three levels for spraying so you can use it for fine or large-scale decorating tasks. 

Dresses to Wear (and Not Wear!) to Weddings

Picking the perfect wedding guest dress isn’t always easy, that’s why we’re here to help.

Weddings are becoming less and less about the dresses and more and more about the party. But that doesn’t mean you can just show up wearing whatever you want. You still want to be respectful to the couple and the ceremony they’re having, so when figuring out what to wear to weddings, remember these fashion dont’s:

  • Don’t wear white
  • Don’t wear a mini dress or skirt
  • Don’t wear sweat pants
  • Don’t wear denim (unless it’s a themed wedding)
  • Don’t wear sheer materials
  • Don’t wear flip flops
  • Don’t wear plunging necklines

Basically, don’t wear anything that could upstage the bride and groom or their special day.

With that being said, here are 10 totally appropriate wedding guest outfits you’re going to love


Lady wearing a Floral derss

Eloise Bustier Midi Dress


You can’t go wrong with a ruffled floral dress. Pair this midi with a fun flat for comfort or a metallic heel for more of an evening feel.
pregnant Lady wearing a pink sequin dress

Maternity Sequin Kimono Dresses


This pink sequin dress will have you feeling fabulous all night long. Show off your bump but still stay completely comfortable. Try silver heels and bring your flats to change into for dancing.
Lady wearing  a Nature Maxi dress

In Your Nature Maxi Dress


This dress has pockets, so it’s already a favorite of ours. Available in sizes XS – 4X, the hand-drawn, blue-and-white floral maxi will work for day or evening weddings.

Marvel Gifts That Will Make You a Superhero

Stack of  Marvel Comics

We’ve officially entered the next phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and fans are eagerly waiting for what comes next—Black Widow is getting her own movie this July, Thor is coming back for another film, and many of our favorite superheroes have appeared in several Disney+ shows, including The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

And what better way to celebrate the upcoming Marvel slate than with merch? This father’s day, buy your dad Captain America-inspired cuff links or a Groot pen holder! Hell, buy yourself a Marvel-themed waffle maker or pizza cutter! When it comes to the world of Marvel-branded merch, your options are endless, which is why found the very best for you to choose from. Below, some of the best Marvel gifts to get someone who loves superheroes (and items you might as well splurge on for yourself, too).

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Marvel Cap in Black

Marvel Snapback Cap


For any Marvel fan, you can’t go wrong with an iconic snapback like this.
Marvel Avengers Hoodie

Avengers Hoodie


The weather outside may be frightful, but you can stay warm in this sweater with the Avengers Infinity War logo on the chest.
Christmas Marvel Sweater

Thanos ‘Oh Snap!!’ Ugly Christmas Sweater


This Thanos sweater will make you the hit of any holiday party.

Jay Franco Marvel Avengers Fleece Plush Blanket


The weather outside might be frightful, but this Avengers blanket will keep you warm.

Graduation Gifts for Him to Celebrate His Hard-Earned Degree

Man in graduation  gown

We’re approaching both graduation season and the end of a pandemic, which means you’ll probably be invited to some kind of grad party this year, if you haven’t already—and you definitely can’t show up empty handed. Whether you know a guy graduating high school, college, getting their MBA, or completing nursing school—you’ve got to find a great graduation gift for him thatfits the diploma.

But shopping for any type of graduation gift isn’t always easy. It’s more special than any old birthday or holiday, and unfortunately, it usually ends up in a gift card because the thought process is just too intimidating. While gift cards aren’t a terrible idea, we believe (with our help) you can be a little more creative, whether it’s a keepsake gift or a useful graduation gift that’ll prepare him for entering the working world.

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Young Man and a bobblehead of him in graduation gown

DuoMeDoll Custom Graduation Bobblehead


There’s no better desk trinket than a bobblehead. And to top that, it’s the perfect personalized graduation gift he’ll never expect. It’s like a trophy for graduating, but much more fun. 
Black Mug

The GiftedMug Shop Phd Graduation Gift Mug


He’ll laugh every morning with a coffee mug that reminds him of the years of hard work it took him to achieve one of the highest academic degrees.   
Man wearing black wollen cardigan

Naadam Ribbed Cardigan


File a wool-cashmere cardigan under clothing items every adult male should own. It’s soft, warm, and odor resistant—an all-season topper that will never go out of style.

Golf Gifts for Golfers Who Have Everything

Woman playing golf by a water body

Are you struggling to get a gift for a golfer who has everything? Here are some thoughtful ideas.

My dad has a long list of golf jokes. “You know why they call it golf? Because all the other good four-letter words were already taken.” “‘Golf’ means ‘long walk ruined’ in old Gaelic.” “Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white, sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy some more.” Each time he tells a golf joke, he delivers it as if it’s the first time he’s ever told it. And as he rattles off the punch line, I respond with an eye-roll and a dutiful chuckle. Going golfing with my dad as much about this banter as it is about playing the game itself.

Over the years, my go-to gifts for my dad have revolved around golf: golf shirts, golf club covers, golf gadgets. But what do you get for the golfer who has everything? I parsed through the wide variety of unique golf tech, fun golf gear, golf apparel, personalized golf items, and even unusual golf gifts to produce this handy compendium of the absolute best golf gifts. Whether it’s something simple like golf tees or a pair of fresh golf shoes, hopefully these thoughtful ideas can help you and whoever your golfing buddy is make even more memories out on the golf course.

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Whiskey Glass with Golf Ball

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers (Set of 2)


A smart man once said that golf is a great excuse to walk around outside for hours and drink. And while these whiskey chillers aren’t exactly course-ready, they’re perfect to drop in your favorite stiff one at the end of a long round.
Liquor Decanter in golf ball shape

Prestige Decanters Personalized Golf Liquor/ Wine Decanter


If you’re buying a gift for a F.A.M. (Fancy-Ass Man), they’re going to dig this engraved decanter. Many golfers tend to love craftsmanship and this gift just screams “CRAFTSMANSHIP!!!”
Customized Gold Balls

Personalized Golf Ball Mini Crate


Unless you’re a scratch golfer, chances are you can never have enough golf balls. The personalized touch elevates it as a gift above run-of-the mill boxes or sleeves.

The 50 Best Fitness Gifts for Her Active Lifestyle

Women can be hard to please. Even if they say they don’t want anything for the holidays or her birthday, you know that means they do. They expect you to be mind readers, especially when it comes to gift-giving—and we’re here to help you do that. The easiest way to shop for a woman? Consider her hobbies.

If she loves to break a sweat, you’ve come to the right place. Women that love to workout almost certainly have a wish list full of fitness gear that will make her routines more productive, fun, and yes, Insta-worthy. Whether she’s an avid yogi, a weightlifter in training, a marathon runner or an all-around outdoorsy gal, these fitness gifts for her tick all the boxes that fit an active lifestyle.

And we get it, good fitness gear isn’t cheap, either, so unless she’s a big splurger, she might not be willing to go all in on the stuff she wants the most. But that’s where you come in—the guy who can give her exactly what she’s been hoping to have at the perfect moment.

Click through for tons workout gifts for her along with more fitness adjacent items that she’s probably dying to own—and maybe a few she didn’t know she needed yet. And hey, think of these as a gift that gives back to you, because chances are, you’re her workout buddy, so these items might bring you two even closer.

Check out the 50 fitness gifts for her to stay healthy and level up her workouts HERE

BodyBoss Home Gym


Okay we’d be lying if we said this gift was only for her. We know you’ll want to give this baby a try. This collapsible contraction mimics the squat rack and free weights at the gym. You can take it on the road or outside for a full body workout.

Kari Traa Fantastisk Baselayer Set


Kari Traa is a winter Olympic gold medalist and a sportswear pioneer, so she knows a thing or two about what women need in cold weather sportswear. Equally technical and stylish, a set of the Kari Traa base layers belong in every female athlete’s closet.

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress


Workout dresses are trending right now and chances are she wants to hop on board.  If she’s sick of the same leggings-tank top combo to hit the gym, give her a new option. Plus, it’s the perfect workout to hangout activity outfit. 

Pool Floats You’ll Want to Lounge on All Summer Long

Pool Float Industry really ups the ante every Summer, it seems

If you want a pool float that’s pure fun in the sun, say no more. Below you’ll find the coolest floats out there, from light-up swans and giant pretzels to bagels and retro convertibles. There’s a little something for everyone here, and all of these floats are guaranteed to make your sunshine-filled pool days more memorable.

It makes sense: There’s no better place to cool off on a hot day—or make an Instagram-worthy statement. Now, food and animal-themed pool floats rule all, and it’s more of a challenge to find one that doesn’t fit your personality than it is to find a unique one you love. You name it, it’s probably already a pool float.

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Golf Cart Pool Float


For the ultimate floating experience, relax in this golf cart inflatable. It has a removable tasseled mesh sunshade, two cupholders, and a double-lined cooler compartment.

Oyster Shell Pool Float


Aspiring mermaids, allow us to introduce you to your dream float.

Yacht Pool Float


If you’ve ever wished you could hang out on a yacht with a bottle of champagne, now’s your chance—well, sort of.

Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate Your Baby-to-Be

Gender-reveal ideas range from smoke bombs to bath bombs, Check out these21 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate Your Baby-to-Be

Sure, gender reveals don’t really reveal a baby’s gender — it’s actually the sex, which is different — and gender isn’t a pink-or-blue binary anyway. Even the person who invented the idea of gender reveals say they’re getting a little out of hand (and her daughter, the subject of the first gender-reveal party, is “a girl who wears suits,” she says in a Facebook post). But hey, pregnancy is long, hard, and full of gross things, so we won’t begrudge anyone for trying to eke out every bit of joy.

If you’re looking for a moment in your pregnancy when you can replicate that Christmas-morning anticipation of opening up a box and being super-excited about what’s inside, these gender reveal ideas might be just the thing. But how to announce the sex of your baby to the world?

If there’s one huge trend in the genderreveal world, it’s Holi powder, or vibrantly colored powder that was once mostly used in Hindu celebrations (but you can now find at your local Color Run). You can shoot it out of a cannon, pack it in a baseball and hit a grand slam, or even stick it under your tires and watch the plume when your car spins out. If colored powder isn’t your thing, there are also sweet treats, balloon crafts, and silly string fights among these unique genderreveal ideas.

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pink blue and white cake pops

Gender Reveal Cake Pops *12*


Those delicious-looking cake pops have both pink and blue on the outside, but once you take a bite you’ll be able to see the pink or blue cake inside.
Gender Reveal Confetti Popper

Confetti Popper


Because everything in life is more fun with confetti! With these poppers, the confetti shoots up to 15 feet in the air. 
Gender Reveal Confetti Popper

Onesie Pinata


Not only will the color inside reveal the baby’s sex, you’ll get to take out one last bit of aggression before the baby arrives and you’re expected to be a calm mama all the time. 

Maternity Jeans to Rock Throughout Pregnancy

pucture od a flower as a belt on a denim trouser

Whether you’re a distressed denim kind of gal or prefer classic skinnies, these are the maternity jeans you’ll practically live in throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity jeans can be the bane of a pregnant woman’s existence. The hunt seems never-ending, the trying-on can be defeating and the entire process of buying and returning is exhausting. It’s a lot of effort, sometimes for very little reward—but that’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you, finding the best maternity jeans, no matter your body type, style preference or stage of pregnancy. These are maternity jeans you won’t just tolerate for the next nine months but truly love. You might even be sad to pack them away once baby arrives. Here, we’ve gathered up the best maternity jeans by style, cut and color.

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Plus size Woman in white tshirt and blue jeans

Best Plus-Size Maternity Jeans


PinkBlush has a killer plus-size maternity jeans selection. We love these dark-wash skinnies with fashion-forward frayed hems, but there are tons of other options where these came from. Whether you’re into any of the other latest styles, like distressed jeans and boyfriend-fit pants, or tend to stick to the basics, there’s something in their plus-size maternity jeans collection for you.
Red Checked shirt and blue denim jeans

Best Maternity Boyfriend Jeans


It can be tempting to reach for your partner’s roomier jeans as your pregnancy progresses, but skip the closet theft and invest in your own pair. Opt for a comfy yet flattering look with these slim maternity boyfriend jeans, which manage to be roomy and slimming. We’re wild about the low-slung waistband that has a subtle elastic wedge for your comfort. Pair them with your favorite shirt and some sneakers for a casual but put-together look.
Woman in White T-shirt, blue skinny jeans and A grey sweater

Best Maternity Skinny Jeans


If wearing a pair of skinny jeans while pregnant sounds unappealing, you probably haven’t found the right pair. Enter the MAMA Skinny Jeans by H&M, which are so well-made and comfortable, you can rock them right up until the day you deliver. The right amount of stretch makes these maternity skinny jeans comfy without sagging, the ribbed, full-panel waist actually stays up and real back pockets and belt loops make it even easier to keep the waistband in place. Two added bonuses: They come in seven colors and won’t break the bank. And FYI, H&M’s maternity jeans collection doesn’t stop here. Check out the brand’s super-skinny and skinny ankle jeans too.

The Best Maternity Leggings to Complete Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

Whether you’re headed to the gym, the couch or an errand run, these cute, comfy maternity leggings will take you where you need to go.

When the athleisure trend took the fashion world by storm, pregnant women everywhere rejoiced. The ongoing fad has made comfy, stretchy maternity leggings (that are still super-chic) more accessible than ever. Leggings are a must-have item for moms-to-be who like to work up a sweat. But they’re not just for the gym: Leggings are also a great alternative to maternity jeans on days when you need a little extra stretch.

Before you invest in a pair of maternity leggings, think about your comfort needs and preferences. There are two main types of pregnancy leggings on the market:

• Under-the-bump maternity leggings: These maternity leggings are low-waisted and rest just under your baby bump. Under-the-bump leggings have a super stretchy waistband that offers moms-to-be gentle support. These are often great for earlier on in pregnancy when your belly isn’t big enough to fill out an over-the-bump style.

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Grey Maternity Leggings

Beyond Yoga Maternity Empire Waisted Spacedye Midi Leggings


If you’re looking for your next go-to pair of maternity leggings, check out this must-have from Beyond Yoga. The leggings are made from buttery-soft performance fabric that’s cozy enough to lounge in and durable enough to work out in. It wicks moisture away to keep you cool and offers a four-way stretch to keep you comfy. The midi length hits just above the ankles and the empire waist covers your belly for maximum support.

Best Cheap Maternity Leggings


Since you’re only going to wear your maternity clothes for a finite amount of time, you may not want to blow your budget on basic pieces that cost a pretty penny. Check out the maternity leggings at H&M. The stores sell everything from “ Treggings,” (denim-look leggings) and faux-leather pairs to seamless sports maternity leggings. But our go-tos are these eco-conscious pants. They may be made from organic cotton jersey, but they’re so affordable, you can stock up on several pairs at once. The best part? These maternity leggings have a soft and stretchy foldover waistband.

Best Maternity Jeggings


Love the look of skinny jeans but need more than a little give? Opt for SPANX’s super-stretchy maternity jeggings. The smoothing fabric and over-the-bump band are designed to make you feel fully supported but definitely not squeezed. That makes these denim-look maternity leggings comfy but still more refined than a regular cotton pair.

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