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Is this Kendrick Lamar’s Subliminal Confirmation of His Fatherhood?

I blogged about Kendrick Lamar’s wife and high school sweetheart Whitney Alford possibly being pregnant, recently, because this is a celebrity”bump watch” blog after all. I gave the hat tip to another high profile blog that mentioned. That news has never been confirmed by the very private rap star.

In fact, it is very difficult to find a photo of him and on the net.I found some though, cause I’m a snoop like that! ha!

They do an excellent job of staying low key and off the radar. I think it rivals that of one of my other fave rappers, Childish Gambino.

He too managed to keep two whole pregnancies and births virtually under wraps.  The artist who is also the Emmy-winning actor and director of the F/X show Atlanta chose to share his news the way he wanted to: in a cryptic thank you message to his unborn second son and the mother of his first child.


I was watching the video for Kendrick’s newest video, “Love” and I couldn’t help but notice that a pregnant woman, who slightly resembles his wife was sitting behind him to the right in one of the final scenes of the video.

The song itself, many have hypothesized, is a love note to his wife, and it shows a tender and sensitive side often not shown among rappers…not named Drake.

But any event, I really dug the visuals of the video which was flagged by YouTube for sensitive content – meh. Artistic portrayals of the female human form will do that to a filter, I guess! ha!


Inside Lauren Conrad’s Baby Shower


Beyonce wasn’t the only pregnant celebrity who had a baby shower this weekend.

Lauren Conrad celebrated the impending arrival of her first child at a baby shower this past weekend. She and husband William Tell are expecting.

The former Laguna Beach reality TV star and lifestyle brand thanked her hosts.

“So lucky to have these wonderful ladies in my life! They spoiled me with a beautiful shower today,” The Hills alum captioned an image of herself and a group of girlfriends posing in front of a pool.

The designer and blogger rocked a cute pinstriped maternity trick and also shared a photo of the cake topped with flowers and blackberries.

“Thank you to all my girls for my beautiful baby shower yesterday,” she wrote in the caption to that photo on Instagram.

Her co-stars on those MTV shows Whitney Port and Heidi Montag are also expecting.

Here area few pics in social media from guests and her fan sites/accounts.

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‘Power’s Naturi Naughton Gets a Surprise Baby Shower


Power actress Naturi Naughton was caught off guard by a surprise baby shower a few friends threw for her recently. The petite star took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the gesture by her friends.

“OMG!A Surprise baby shower!! ???Thank u @yasmine_pearl & @breshawebb 4 doing this 4 me! #truefriendship#LALove #Grateful#ItsReallyhardTosurpriseMe#IAskTooManyQuestions ? #SoBlessed#Mommy2Be” the former member of the trio 3LW captioned a photo of herself being embraced by her two friends.

Naugton and her beau Ben are expecting their first child together. She told PEOPLE that the pregnancy was a surprise but that she had been getting loads of support from the cast and crew of her his STARZ! Network show which is in its 4th season and has already been renewed for a 5th season.

Power returns on June 25th. I am almost caught up and have one more season to go to catch up! She’s been on a promotional tour and looking fab too:

#LA #PressDay #Day1 Fab Glam by @takishahair @syd4makeup & @mrenriquemelendez ❤️#PowerTV

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#PressDay #Day2 #PowerTV #LALife Thx 2 my glam @syd4makeup & @xavierlwestbrook 4 hookin me up! ??

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‘Power’s Naturi Naughton is Expecting Her First Child


Singer and Actress Naturi Naughton was in middle of shooting the fourth season of her hit STARZ show Power when she discovered that she and boyfriend Ben were expecting their first child.

The original member of the now-disbanded girl group 3LW exclusively told PEOPLE that  as soon as she shared the news with the cast and crew, they went into protection mode.

“They’ve been really good at keeping it on the low, but they’re also super excited,” she says. “Omari [Hardwick], who plays my husband, we have kids on the show and he’s like, ‘Now you get to be experiencing motherhood in real life!’ Everyone’s been really supportive.”

Naughton, who is also known  for her standout role as “Lil Kim” in the Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious, said she’s been having a good pregnancy so far.

“It’s been a little surreal, but I feel really good, healthy and strong,” she told the magazine.“I feel like being pregnant and entering this new stage has made me stronger and more excited about life in general. Everything seems so much more purposeful.”


The production crew had to be creative about concealing her bump since a pregnancy wasn’t in the script.

“I had maternity jeans they ordered for me, and I do a lot of tops that are peplum-style,” says the New Jersey native who got her start singing in the same church Whitney Houston sang at in her youth. “I was amazed at how un-pregnant I could look.”

She also talked about being a healthy eater but giving into pregnancy cravings.

“I love kale, I love strawberries and pineapples, but I’m not proud of this … I’ve been eating Cup Noodles. I really want salty, spicy things, and Cup Noodles has been really awesome. I haven’t had one since college!”

After being a platinum selling artist, touring alongside Destiny’s Child, Dream, Nelly, Eve, and Jessica Simpson, and a solo artist, and having a a stage role on the Tony-award winning play “Hairspray“,  roles on Mad Men and the movie Fame a reoccurring role on The Client List opposing Jennifer Love Hewitt, Naughton is prepping for a whole new challenge when her baby arrives in July.

“It’ll just be a great summer to enjoy motherhood and this journey to motherhood,” said Naughton, who is steep in picking out nursery colors and nesting. “It’s a really amazing responsibility, but it’s such a blessing and that to me is worth more than anything I can imagine.”

Godspeed, mama!

photo: People/Getty

5 Performers who Appeared Very Pregnant in Their Music Videos


Updated this post because it is trending again after US Magazine did a spread with a roundup similar to the one I did three years ago and since it looks like they cribbed mine, I’m borrowing their graphic above! lol

A long time ago, women were hidden away when pregnant and certainly, they weren’t flaunted in the media or music videos.

In modern times, beautiful pregnant women are featured prominently as with a very 9-month pregnant Natalie Portman, days before giving birth in the music video for James Blake’s  song “My Willing Heart,” released on Monday.

But she isn’t the first one. Beyonce, P!nk, Deborah Cox, and Whitney Houston have also appeared very pregnant in music videos for their songs



In 2011, Beyonce was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy in her Countdown Video. That year, P!nk was also visibly pregnant with her daughter Willow in her girls empowerment song “F*&>Perfect”.

Before then, Canadian -born artist Deborah Cox showed off her 3rd trimester belly in the later frames of her “Beautiful U R” video” which is also about female empowerment and self esteem.

Finally, Whitney Houston, was also uplifting women in her remake of Chaka Khan‘s “I’m Every Woman” and was pregnant with her daughter Bobbi Kristina. (RIP to both of them)





Almost All the ‘Laguna Beach’ Female Cast Are Married with Children


Cast photo from MTV’s 2004-2006 Reality TV show Laguna Beach, Today, Audrina Patridge, Kristin Cavallari,Alex Murrell Christina Schuller and Morgan Smith are married w/kids.

I was in my late 20s when MTVs Laguna Beach was on the air and back then the teens who the show followed who were well-to-do inhabitants of Orange Count, California  seemed like babies to me.  The show was supposed to present the real life version of the then-popular scripted The CW TV show, The OC. 

They all seemed so young to me back then and I remember never ever really knowing what Kristin was saying because she talked so fast, and I am a very fast talker myself. Even though I’m pretty much a goody-two shoes myself, I rooted for her against the very perfect Lauren Conrad.

Now that one of the main stars, Lauren Conrad,  is expecting her first child, it is interesting to note that almost all of the girls from Laguna Beach (and spinoff The Hill and The City) are married with kids.

Audrina Patridge welcomed her first child, daughter, Kirra Max, early in 2016 and Kristin Cavallari is well ahead of all of them, having given birth to her third child, daughter Saylor James in 2015.  She gave birth to her first child, son Camden, in August 2012 and second, Jaxon in May 2014;

Laguna Beach alum Alex Murrel gave birth to a son last July with her spouse and a month later another alum of that show about “the Real Orange County”,  named after the hit show The OC ‘s fictionalized portrayal of the posh coastal region, gave birth. Casey Reindhardt and her husband welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Kensington. Christina Schuller (nee Sinclair) welcomed her first child, son Christian Sutton, in 2014. This past September 2016,  Morgan Smith (nee Olson) welcomed her second child with her husband,  daughter, after giving birth to son Theo in 2014. Jessica Evans (nee Smith) is a stay at home mom to three and is expecting her fourth child, a little girl this March.

Lo Bosworth is the only one not yet married and she is busy managing several successful lifestyle brands, lovewellness, a women’s wellness company and her blog The Lo Down Blog.   Taylor Cole married a real estate investor in 2015. No kids yet for the California-based professional photographer, but perhaps this will be the year.  Whitney Port also got married and manages a TV and fashion design career and a successful lifestyle brand.

And there you have it! My version of “Where are they now?! ” lol!


Tribute: My Fave George Michael Songs and Videos and Why I love Them


Today, I, like many around the world, am saddened by the news of the passing of singer/songwriter George Michael on Christmas, December 25th. I was a huge fan of this late 80s/90s pop star especially in my teens and early adulthood. The Greek-Brit, full name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, was extremely attractive, had a seductive dance and a voice that was big, unique and carried every melodic hit that he performed.

I agree with those who say that the overwhelming memory of his legacy will surely be the musical genius that encompassed both his time in UK pop duo Wham! and as one of the great solo artists of all time. With over 100 million records sold worldwide, eight Billboard #1 hits, and a bevy of awards

His look back then was a five o’clock shadow, leather jacket, rugged denims and guitar with one dangling earrings with dark shades. Very sexy!




I played this song to death in college my first year. It’s so jazzy and melodic. Love!

One of my fave albums of his was his second studio album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1” (volume 2 was never released) which was very controversial and almost didn’t get put out by Sony Music.

I love that it was full of ballads and showcased his lyrics and voice moreso than the upbeat dance songs on Faith.  It sold 8M copies but was considered a flop for such a big artist given that “Faith” had sold 25M copies. But it was a hit in the UK where it won Best British Album that year in their version of the Grammy‘s, the BRIT Awards.

 “Praying for Time” was an ode to times we live in where there is copious and overindulgence and greed abound with a message of warning to mankind. It is one of my favorite tunes from this album. Love this song.  Given ongoing battles with his record label at the time, Sony, he refused to appear in the videos for the songs on this album so the video is just lyrics on a black screen which is actually ahead of its time, given that lyrical videos are such a big trend nowadays.

“At some point in your career, the situation between yourself and the camera reverses. For a certain number of years, you court it and you need it, but ultimately, it needs you more and it’s a bit like a relationship. The minute that happens, it turns you off … and it does feel like it is taking something from you.”  he told the Los Angeles Times in 1990 about deciding not to do photo shoots or music videos any longer. “I would like to never step in front of a camera again.”

I think Freedom 90!  is one of the sexiest videos of all times and it featured super models at the time in a video directed by the same person who directed Madonna‘s “Express Yourself” video, David Fincher.  It included Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Tatjana Patitz and was inspired by Peter Lindbergh‘s now-iconic portrait of the five models for the January 1990 cover of the British edition of Vogue. Instead of playing someone’s girlfriend, as is common for models in music videos, they each lip synced the song. Brilliant!

More models werking the catwalk can be seen in the video for “Too Funky“.

This remake of Stevie Wonder‘s song is prolific given Wonder sang it recently in tribute to Michael Jackson and it could aptly apply to George Michael today.

His career started off as part of the two member pop music band, Wham! The preeminent 1980s big band sound was loud and apparent in this song and it peaked in the era of music television when MTV just launched. The video for it surely sold the song even more than the appeal it already had as a really awesome song:

 This song, “I’m Your Man” also takes me back to a carefree and less stressful time of my life, my late teen years.

 Another great hit from Wham!

My son loves “Last Christmas” and it has played almost twice an hour this past month on our local radio station that plays Christmas songs from Thanksgiving to Christmas non-stop. Even my 11-year old was shocked and upset to know one of the guys who sings a fave song has passed.

The biggest song from this album was “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 

As a solo artist, George Michael performed some awesome duos like this one with Aretha Franklin, another fave of mine:

With Elton John, this song just makes me feel good every time I listen to it

And Queen (at a tribute concert for the late great Freddie Mercury)

And finally with the late great Whitney Houston, “If I told you that” 

Thanks for the music, George Michael.  You will be missed but your legacy will live on!

#TeacherBae: Social Media dubs Elementary School Educator ‘Too Sexy’

sexy teacher

A young Atlanta school educator has become the latest viral internet sensation once images of her curve-hugging dresses started circulating widely on the Internet. Social media users are referring to Patrice Brown, an award-winning school professional, as TeacherBae.

It doesn’t help that Brown’s Instagram is also filled with pictures of herself scantily dressed or in clothes some will consider seductive, and well…that’s just too hot for some on the Internet to handle. Well, not all. She quickly amassed a following of 160,000 shortly after she went viral.

Social media was abuzz with many  people proclaiming that Brown dresses too provocatively for a school, and since then, many others have spoken out in her defense.

The pretty educator reacted to all the fuss.

She told the Daily Dot,”I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters—which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them.”

The school system she works for also felt compelled to issue a statement that included a declaration about the school policy.

According to the administrators, Brown isn’t a teacher, but a paraprofessional with the district and has been “given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code.”

A skim of the district’s policy shows language regarding “immodest dress, tight or otherwise revealing” as being considered unacceptable, as well as jeans not worn for special projects and activities.

I guess it doesn’t matter that there are also images of her out there with her school children or that she was once named teacher of the month for her effort.

In a nutshell, Brown, like other women with large breasts, hips or buttocks, are sexualized just because of the size of their physical features. If a woman with smaller body parts wore the same outfit, she wouldn’t be told that she was too sexy.

A couple of years ago, another teacher, Becky Brinkerhoff who lived in a conservative Christian community wrote about her similar experience in the Thought Catalog in 2014.

“My curvy figure—the one that I could not help myself from having—automatically labelled me as sinful,” Brinkerhoff wrote . “I was being guilted for something that I couldn’t change. I was being held to an impossible standard of modesty—one that my body simply could not comply with.”

And curvy women have even lost their jobs simply for having a figure they were born with.

Back in 2010, a Citibank employee says she was fired because the men in her office thought she dressed inappropriately.

When she pointed out she was wearing the same clothing as other women in the office, “They said their body shapes were different from mine, and I drew too much attention,” Debrahlee Lorenzana  told the Village Voice. Citibank denied her claims, and did not enter a settlement with her.

Daily Dot pointed out how the issue of curvy bodies disproportionately affects women of color who are usually more curvy than White women.

“Women of color are so often sexualized through misplaced exotification,” writer Fariha Róisín noted in a January 2016 opinion piece in Fusion. “Before we’re old enough to gauge how the holes toiling inside of our bodies serve a purpose… We are simultaneously told we are ‘undesirable’ by the glaring lack of representation, and that we are, simultaneously, too sexual.”

I wrote about the “curvy girl problems” a few years ago too when our Bellytch Bumpwatch alum Erica Campbell was told the white curve-hugging yet fully covered turtleneck dress she wore for the cover of her first solo album was too sexy. 

I pointed out how the late Whitney Houston had wore a similar dress and because Houston had a very thin frame, she wouldn’t have faced the same negative feedback even while wearing the same type of dress.


Rio Olympic 2016: DIY Nails for Every Fan and Athlete

swim nails

Tonight is the opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As in past years, we can expect fans and the athletes to decorate their nails in support of their home country or the team they are supporting. For the 2012, Olympics Buzzfeed did a spotlight on all the fab nails that female swimmers wore during the games (like the ones in the header and below)

swim team nails

olympic nails

swim nails team

Also, CNN also did a tribute to the fan arts in this montage that included some of these nails:

Finally, for the 2014 World Cup, we did a round up of fun DIY nails for all the teams that qualified for those games as well, which coincidentally were also in Brazil. Hope these draw some inspiration if you are moved to go brave and paint your nails in honor of your fave team.





















KOREA (South)













Prescription Drug Abuse and Moms: We Still Need to Have a Serious Conversation

prescription drugs

Very recent reports indicating that rock legend Prince who died recently may have succumbed to addition to prescription pain killers. In 2012, I penned an article in The Washington Times discussing the dangers of prescription drug abuse for children, moms and even pregnant women and their fetuses. It was later published in an educational book for 7th to 10th that compiled various articles on drug abuse. Here is an excerpt:

Even before children enter their teens, the modern world insistence on medicating children for attention deficit disorder and other psychological disorders has led to children developing a dependency on sedative type drugs.

Among 12th graders, in 2005, 9.5% reported past-year non-medical use of Vicodin, and 5.5% reported past-year non-medical use of OxyContin, according to the NIH Substance Abuse Study.

Sadly, women in particular are vulnerable.

The then director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at NIH, Nora D. Volkow, M.D., testified in 2006 before The Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources Committee on Government Reform in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Prescription drug abuse must also be carefully tracked among women because of their combined vulnerabilities,” she said. “First, women are more likely than men to suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, and victimization, all of which frequently appear with substance abuse in the form of co-morbidities.”

Volkow added that “girls and women report using drugs to cope with stressful situations in their lives” and that “studies suggest that women are significantly more likely than men to be prescribed an abusable drug, particularly in the form of narcotics and anti-anxiety medications.”

It is an issue even among pregnant women. A study published in theAmerican Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, around half of all moms-to-be now take at least one medication.

Often times, society paints drug abuse as a problem of the poor, but in fact, affluent and middle-income women and college students are among the most prevalent abusers of prescription drugs.

A 2009 news report expressed surprise that well-to-do housewives and college students were the leading abusers of prescription drugs. It quotedFresno County Coroner Dr. David Hadden who noted that “the ‘it’ pills arehyrdrocodone, which include vicodin and norco, morphine, and now the most popular pain pill of choice, OxyContin” and pointed out that many of the 81 people who died that year “had a cocktail of drugs in their system when they died, like mixing painkillers, with cocaine and methamphetamine, or sedatives and alcohol.”

Because of the demand, prescription drugs on the black market are expensive. On the street, one pill can costs as high as $40 to $50.

The issue is certainly not new. A 1973 study in the Journal of Drug Education spoke about how middle-class housewives were physician shopping to get one that would prescribe drugs.

I republished the entire piece on Medium today and you can check it out there!