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Celebrities Who’ve Donated To Help the Coronavirus Outbreak

Celebrity couples Ciara and Russell Wilson, Blake Lively and Ryan eynolds; and Ayesha and Steph Curry have pledged to donate towards coronavirus outbreak.

Singer, Dancer and model Ciara and her Seattle Seahawks quarterback husband Wilson announced on their social media pages  Tuesday, March 17 that they would be lending a helping hand by supporting their Seattle community by donating 1 million meals to Food Life Line.

“The world needs us ALL,” Ciara captioned a video of the couple announcing the donation. “These are unprecedented times. We are supporting out community in Seattle by donating 1 million meals with Seattle @FoodLifeLine.”

They then asked everyone to support their local foodbank.

Another celeb couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pledged $1 million to food banks in the U.S. and Canada that are currently overwhelmed with demand.

Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha, who donated to the Alameda County Community Food Bank and Feeding America.

Also, New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation Zion Williamson committed to covering the salaries at the Smoothie King Center where his team plays, for 30 days.

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The people of New Orleans have been incredibly welcoming and supportive since I was Drafted by the Pels last June, and some of the most special people I have met are those who work at smoothie King Center. These are the folks who make our games possible, creating the perfect environment for our fans and everyone involved in the organization. Unfortunately, many of them are still recovering from long term challenges created by Katrina, and now face the economic impact of the postponement of games because of the virus. My mother has always set an example for me about being respectful for others and being grateful for what we have, and so today I am pledging to cover the salaries for all of those Smoothie King Center workers for the next 30 days. This is a small way for me to express my support and appreciation for these wonderful people who have been so great to me and my teammates and hopefully we can all join together to relieve some of the stress and hardship caused by this national health crisis. This is an incredibly resilient city full of some of the most resilient people, but sometimes providing a little extra assistance can make things a little easier for the community.

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Milwaukee Bucks‘ Giannis Antetokounmpo donated $100,000 to the staff at Fiserv Forum, where his team holds their games.


The Celeb Baby News We Scooped ‘PEOPLE’ and ‘US Weekly’ On

Photo of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with infant daughter

Photo of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with infant daughter

Even though Bellyitch has been in the celeb bumpwatch biz for over a decade, it’s not often that this site scoops major gossip press like PEOPLE and US Weekly but alas it did on this recent celeb baby news.

This week, Ryan Reynolds confirmed what we’ve shared on this blog since September: that he and his beautiful actress wife Blake Lively are proud parents of another baby girl, their third.

The Deadpool star posted on his Twitter account a sweet photo of himself, his wife Blake Lively and their 2 month old infant being toted in a baby carrier to promote the upcoming Canadian elections and climate change on his account and confirmed he has three girls.

“I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in,” he said in the tweet revealing the sex of his baby. “On Oct. 21, the candidate you vote for will SHAPE CLIMATE POLICY. I’m proud of the climate progress made the last 4 years. Click http://Elections.ca for voting info. #Capilano

PEOPLE and US Weekly magazines published their “exclusive” confirmation about the baby’s birth a whole three months after the baby news was the subject of a blind item  you can check here!

And apparently, according to Yahoo!, Reynolds is getting his wish to have a home full of girls.

Back in 2016, he told Entertainment Weekly Radio in 2016 “if I could have nine daughters, I would be thrilled. Really, like I genuinely would be.”

It’s all because he grew up in a house with four boys, including himself, who tore up his parents home and he just was not interested in the rough and tumble life.

“My brothers and I, there’s four of us, we would destroy the house,” he recalled to EW Radio. “I was eight and I could patch and drywall at eight. We could actually repair an entire hole in the wall in our house within 15 minutes.”

He added: “That’s part of the reason I don’t want boys, because I don’t want a wiffle house. I just want the house to be normal.”

  • There you go! Dreams do come true!

Blake Lively is Expecting Baby #3

One of our Bellyitch faves Blake Lively is expecting Baby #3!

The actress surprised fans during the New York City premiere of her husband Ryan Reynold‘s new movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

She made it official by placing her hands on her growing bump while posing on the Red Carpet during the event arrivals.

The couple are already parents to daughters 4-year old James who they welcomed in 2014 and 2-year old daughter Inez.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl alum wore a shimmery yellow bump hugging dress with a nice split to the event held at the Military Island in Times Square on May 2, 2019.

I love that instead of a purse, she accessorized with a bejeweled Poke ball.

The very private couple do a great job of shielding their little ones from the public eye and in fact, we’ve only seen them when Reynolds got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


Kylie Jenner joins Long List of Celebs Who Don’t Show Their Babies Faces Online; Here’s Why

I saw a few reports about how makeup mogul and reality TV star Kylie Jenner has selected to stop showing her daughter Stormi’s face on social media after a few mean trolls left nasty comments about the infant.

As Celebrity Baby Scoop reported, “fans noticed that Stormi’s face was hidden and one follower, in particular, noted that she had ‘cut her baby out’, Jenner replied, ‘Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.'”

Reportedly, she was excited to share her baby with the world but has had to retreat amidst the mean trolls, and her beau and Stormi’s dad Travis Scott is doing the same, only showing her tiny Nikes in a recent Snap Story.

I cannot say I blame her. One of this blog’s most viewed post is about Aoki Lee, the brilliant daughter of Russell Simmons and our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Kimora Lee Simmons, who avoids posting photos of her face on her own Instagram page, and how I believe it stems from nasty comments from the public about her looks.

The harsh critique from the public probably explains why Beyonce famously shielded her daughter Blue Ivy‘s face when she shared photos of her during her infancy to toddler years, and Kelly Rowland for the first year of her son’s life as well.

If you follow actress Zoe Saldana‘s social media, you will see that she was telling t to share a photo of her twin boys, Cy and Bowie and their baby brother either but has recently.

Over the pond, singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes features many snaps of her daughters on Instagram but none of her face.

Another one of this blog’s bumpwatch alums Keisha Knight-Pulliam also refuses to show her daughter Ella Grace’s face on social media.

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My sunshine ☀️ #MomLife #Love #Grateful

A post shared by Keshia Knight Pulliam (@keshiaknightpulliam) on

Then there are the other extremes who don’t show their children’s faces at all, like Kerry Washington, Eva Mendes, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively until recently.

The fans demand it, and many fuss about being denied the chance to gawk at their babies, as if it their right like these who commented under one of Knight-Pulliam’s pics.

And those who do share like Tia Mowry and Solange Knowles have found themselves having to snap back and put mean trolls in their place who called both their sons ugly, as recently as a few years ago.

These reactions prove why it is not a bad idea to keep something private.

h/t Celebrity Baby Scoop

Daddy Makeover Trend: All You Need to Know

Daddy Makeover photo1

By now, a lot of people have heard of the term “mommy makeover” which refers to the plastic surgery that some women get after completing their family to get their pre-pregnancy body back, but did you know that Daddy Makeovers are a trending now too?

They are the surgical procedures that more and more men around 40-55 years old (usually already married and fathers) get to restyle and correct small imperfections of their body and face .

Why Are More Men Getting Daddy Makeovers?

It is commonly known that most women gain weight while pregnant, usually from increased calorie intake and a growing fetus. It is very common for dads to join in the extra snacking and to thus pack on excess pounds during their partner’s pregnancy. It is called “sympathy” weight gain.

Also, those men who are middle age and are experiencing empty nests, have more times to refocus on themselves, take  exotic vacations, entertain more, get out more regularly, and with that, they want to regain their youthful body.

Daddy Makeover photo 2

Male Plastic Surgery Is More Common Than You’d Think

Nationally, men account for 18 percent of cosmetic surgery procedures. A lot of professionals between the age of 45 and 55 who do sedentary desk jobs, spend less time in the gym. They now have kids to come home to and shows to binge watch. They’re not taking care of themselves as often and find they’ve accumulated a few extra pounds around the abs, hips and notice their skin sag around the chin.

They look in the mirror and see themselves aged and realize they can afford to get a nip and tuck and the stigma that was once associated with plastic surgery is not there that much anymore.

Common Daddy Makeover Procedures

We talked to Dr. Paul G. Ruff, the Medial Director at West End Plastic Surgery in Washington DC, who said he has seen a significant increase in interest in daddy makoevers during the last five to eight years.

He gave us some insight into this trend. The common procedures that men seeking a daddy makeover get include:

  • VASER Liposuction: high definition body contouring which involves sculpting the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas of the body
  • Gynecomastia  (Man Boobs): correcting and reducing breasts tissue
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Neck Contouring
  • Pectorial Implants: adding pecs to create the appearance of a more buff chest.

Daddy Makeover stats and trends

There are other nonsurgical and surgical options aside from these more common ones. Each practice has its own and each year, the industry comes out with new and unique options.

And of course, non-surgical procedures like Botox are common and even more popular than ever. A quick review of the latest stats from 2016 put out by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that nonsurgical procedure accounted for 44 percent of expenditures in this area. These include nonsurgical skin tightening, injectables like Botox and chemical peels.

Daddy Makeover stats and facts 2

The Ryan Gosling Effect is Real

Daddy Makeover photo 3

“Mostly men, just like women, want to look like a refreshed, more vital version of themselves,” says Ruff.

And just like with women, men too have a celebrity muse they want to emulate.

“On occasion we have people reference current stars like Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Zach Efron,” Ruff shares.  “I am always leery when someone is requesting to look like a specific star.”

Certainly, we’ve seen controversial media stories of people who go overboard trying hard to change their natural appearance to look like a celebrity.  The Iranian Angelina Jolie fan comes to mind as does actor Nicholas Ryan who got a load of plastic surgery done to look like Ryan Gosling. 

Dr. Ruff explained that among the considerations that are discussed during a consultation is whether the patient can emotionally, financially and physically handle surgery so we imagine that they’d weed out those with unhealthy expectations out during this process.

Among the issues to discuss is whether there will be someone at home to help a patient through recovery. But not all do so they may elect to stay nearby. Ruff says his office, which conducts in-office procedures and surgery, has a relationship with a nearby hotel so that those who come from out of town who do not want to travel far to return home can stay there for a day or two before returning home.


You’ll Never Believe How Short Recovery Can Be

In short, there really is no need for a hospital stay. These procedures are generally outpatient surgeries or treatments and the recovery depends on the amount of work to be done or the combination being performed.

“For simple VASER Liposuction, the recovery to return to work and routine daily activity can be as little as two to three days,” Ruff shares.  Larger and combination procedures may have a recovery that can be up to two weeks.

This information should always be part of thorough consultation.

(Speaking of CONSULTATIONS, mention you saw this post when you call the West End Plastic Surgery center, and get a no cost consultation, a Saving of $150. IMPORTANT NOTE: if you cancel your appointment, you’ll be billed a no-show fee)

Daddy Makeover photo 4

It’s A World Wide Thing

We asked if the male or daddy makeover is a phenomenon just in the United States or are European, Asia, Australia or other parts of the world experiencing it as well.

In this generation of rapid transit of information, Ruff explains, people all over the world are in contact with information. Also, the US is fourth worldwide in plastic surgery, and thus, areas of the world like South East Asia and South America have high rates of male plastic surgery patients as well.

“Statistically men are an increasingly higher percent of the cosmetic practice,” Ruff adds.  “Still nowhere near the percent of women in most plastic surgery practices.”

But more practices are adjusting their office spaces even to make them more accomodating to male clientele.

This shift “is underscored by the modifications of offices to be more inviting to men based on color schemes, seating choices ,art and the availability of men only office hours and events,” sates Dr. Ruff, adding, “the daddy makeover is definitely a more specific interest and one that we see regularly rather than a couple of times a year.”

Daddy Makeover stats and facts 3

We are not surprised to note that in America, the Mid-Atlantic region which includes New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world, and the West coast, home of Hollywood, tie for the region of the country getting the most plastic surgery (17.8%) compared to the rest of the country, according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Average Daddy Make Over Cost and Can You Afford It?

The cost of a Daddy Makeover will depend on region, combination of procedures and surgeon experience. The range can be as low as $2500 to over $20,000, says Ruff.

A chart of data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveals that an average practitioner’s charge for liposuction is about $3300, $2700 for a chin lift, and about $5,000 for male boob reduction and for non surgical procedure, Botox is about $375 per treatment, and sclerotheraphy cost close to $360. Of course, prices are different per region of the country.

While those who are  professionals and from middle to upper income levels are more likely to get plastic surgery, there are financing and creative funding options available at practices nationwide and world wide.

“If you want to get more than one surgery done, you can also save money by getting them done simultaneously,” suggests Dr. Gregory H. Croll is one of the top plastic surgeons Columbia, Missouri has. “Doing this  not only saves you and the surgeon money, but it can really work better for you as well. That way if you have to ask off work for recuperating time, you are recuperating from both surgeries instead of having to ask off for days for two separate surgeries. It can also save money and time for both you and the surgeon because

you only have to go under the knife once.”

No Longer a Secret

We asked if men are keeping quiet about it or are they open about having work done and were surprised by the response: both.

“Men are usually quiet about the inquiry but more talkative about the experience, especially if the result is excellent,” Ruff shares.  “Talking about expectations and maintenance is part of the satisfaction level and ultimate transparency about having something fixed.

“Men have that hunter mentality engrained either socially and genetically and then the celebration of the kill.  The same goes with these procedures.”

Couples Do It Better Together

Also, more and more, mom and dad and other types of couples are coming in together for consultations.

This is true at Dr. Ruff’s practice as well.

“Having support in the decision making and perioperative phase if tremendous and leads to better outcomes and satisfaction” adds Dr. Ruff.  “This tends to bring couples together because it is another journey in which they can share.  When couples decide to do these makeovers together, we find there is more empathy between them.”

Now that you’ve gotten some comprehensive insight into daddy makeovers, the next step is to talk to a doctor, if you are so inclined. As mentioned above, if  you mention you saw this post when you call the West End Plastic Surgery center, and get a no cost consultation, a Saving of $150.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: if you cancel your appointment, you’ll be billed a no-show fee]

Our Editor in chief, JJ, visited the offices this week and expressed satisfaction and excitement over the quality of professionals, doctors and practioners there, the proximity of the office to area hospitals, George Washington, Georgetown University and Sibley Memorial in DC; the top-notch quality of the office space and friendliness of the staff, overall. And she was gifted a generous $100 gift certificate to use for services but that gift does not impact the opinions shared in this post which are hers and honest.


Daddy Makeover infographic

Blake Lively is Learning to Love Her New Mom Curves

Actor Ryan Reynolds (R) holds his daughter James as his wife Blake Lively holds their unnamed new baby during the Deadpool actors Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in Hollywood, California on December 15, 2016. / AFP / Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Blake Lively is feeling good about herself and her body, just five month after giving birth to her second child with Ryan Reynolds.

The mother-of-two chatted with E! NewsZanna Roberts Rassi at the L’Oréal ParisGalentine’s Day” event Monday night—entirely curated and party-planned by Lively—where she was joined by her sister, Robyn Lively. Blake, 29, got to chatting about how pregnancy has not only changed her body, but taught her to appreciate it so much.

In fact, the actress got candid about getting back into shape after baby No. 2, saying, “It’s all a process. You know after the second kid it’s really different. So this is not my normal body, but I like it.”

She continued, “I’m learning to love my body in every iteration and that’s hard for women, and I learned a lot.”

Blake took that confidence with her to the event, looking stunning in a flirty, navy SemSem dress adorned with hearts and polka dots. She accessorized the look with a pair of Christian Louboutin spike-studded stilettos and a maroon purse.

That radiating confidence is something Blake was hoping to spread at the L’Oreal party with women celebrating women.

“L’Oréal told me this idea they had to have a Valentine’s event with your gals—your best girlfriends,” she told us. “I thought, ‘Right now, more than ever, it’s so great that women are coming together and supporting each other and building each other up.’ I got a little too involved. I said, ‘I don’t really just want to show up. I sort of want to plan it.’ It’s a lot more fun to plan a party when it’s not on your dime. I changed the party a bit.”

But party-planning aside, it was the message behind the event that was most important to the mother of two daughters.

“This is the first time in my lifetime where I have been aware of a women’s worth being questioned. I know it happens all the time everywhere, but I never felt it,” the actress explained. “It’s made me so much more aware and empathetic to the challenges that women face always, because I’ve been really fortunate. I think it’s just so important that we come together and build each other up—and that we remind women of their value. It’s really beautiful to see women come together. It’s something I’ve never seen.”

Reprinted with permission

Bumpwatch: Chyna, Joseline, Katherine and More (Links)

bump watch clothes

What’s up with our Bellyitch Bumpwatch babes and alums? We stalk check in on them so you don’t have to. So, here is a round up of links from around the interwebs.

Katherine Heigl posted a half-way there pregnancy progression photo on her Instagram account along with photos of her other kids practicing for their new sibling who is due to arrive early next year. (Instagram)

Blake Lively attended her assistant Jessica Snyder‘s wedding days after giving birth to her second child (whose gender I know but cannot reveal out of anonymity and in consideration of the privacy of Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds, but I couldn’t help but squeal that I know what she has. snicker.) (US Weekly)

Blac Chyna donned a pink dress and pink trench coat and a blonde bobbed wig while supporting her friend and our Bellytich Bumpwatch alum Amber Rose‘s 2nd annual “Slut Walk” to bring awareness to body shaming. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Joseline Hernandez shared new pregnancy progression photos on her social media accounts in advance of the premiere of the new season of her reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: LA on VH1 (Inquisitor)


Private Couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Welcome 2nd Child You Won’t Ever See


Congrats to actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on the birth of their second child, PEOPLE reports.

The very private couple have not announced the name or gender of this baby. Recall, noone knew their daughter James’ name or gender for a while after she was welcomed into the family. The Reynolds’ are among a select fraternity of celebrities who have managed to successfully keep their children completely out of the public eye altogether, like Eva Mendes and Ryan GoslingKelis, Kerry Washington, Evangeline LilyDido, UK stars Rochelle Humes  and Lily Allen and Neve Campbell. 

Doe anyone blame them given that every other month, some celeb has to defend against mean trolls who have negative and hurtful things to say about their child’s looks?

Lively gave birth in New York.  The new addition joins big sister 22-month old James for in 2015.

Why You Won’t See an ‘Inside Blake Lively’s Baby Shower’ Post Soon

blake lively baby shower

Blake Lively celebrated the impending arrival of her second child this weekend in New York at an intimate private baby shower held at the Bedford Post Inn on Saturday in the heart of Westchester County.

Sources close to E! News confirm that the celebration started around 11 am and guests included one of her BFF’s Taylor Swift. After the event, a few guests retreated back to Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds‘ home to hang out and catch up.

The extremely private affair managed to go off without a hitch and without any of the guests sharing images of it on social media. Before this report, Vanity Fair sleuths suggested that the usually active actress may have already given birth given her relatively low key and quite presence on social media sites.

They had good reason to believe so. Lively and Reynolds have never revealed photos of their wedding and, like Kerry Washington, she has managed to keep their daughter James out of the public eye altogether. We’ve seen zero photos of her…ever.

We’re sure it was a lovely event, so there’s no more news to report here. And certainly, no ‘Inside Blake Lively’s Baby Shower’ post to be seen either.


Blake Lively Bumps it Up with Taylor Swift’s Squad on July 4th


Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds attended her good friend Taylor Swift‘s annual 4th of July party at her Rhode Island home. During the party, guests enjoyed frolicking in the beach, sliding down a giant water slide, chilling on the porch and sitting by the fire and watching TV decked in stars and stripes outfits.

Oh to be young, rich and famous!

There was a bump watch sighting when the Gossip Girl alum donned a bikini on the beach.

There was a lot of buzz on the net over a big kiss she planted on Reynolds while surrounded by the A-List squad which included models Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and models turned actresses Cara Delevingne and  Ruby Rose(voted the Lesbian who most straight girls say ‘can get it’).

Emmy Winner Orange is the New Black‘s Uzo Aduba was there with her daughter Chioma so it was a family affair as well. Judging by the photo of the fun on social media which you can view by going here, a great time was had by all.

Lively is expecting her second child this fall. She and Reynolds are parents to son, 1-year old Otis.


Taylor Swift cuddles up on Tom Hiddleston’s lap with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Ben & Britany LaManna at Taylor Swift’s 4th Of July Party at her house in Westerly, Rhode Island on July 4, 201


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