The Most Expensive Baby Clothes

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Seeing as how popular my “Most Expensive Strollers” post is and has become, I think people have an appetite for knowing what the celebrities and the rich and famous purchase for their kids and how they outfit them. I know I’d like to know. Luxury for me is Gymboree. Gap is a treat. Old Navy and Target are standard. I go to consignment and thrift stores in the wealthy areas for some vintage finds for myself and I will peruse the children’s aisles to see if I can get lucky. But someday….
So…without further ado, my researched list of the most expensive baby and children’s clothes makers. Feel free to drop a comment and let me know of a retailer or couture shop to add.
In no particular order…. (Click on a designer to be taken to the official company website)
This dutch company apparently is known for its high quality fabrics, its meticulously crafted clothes and for suspender dresses with full skirts for girls who
love to twirl. The designer sells this cute three piece dress for $280.00. I perused this site and found the clothes a bit quirky, yet fun. I am certain the quality is such that these clothes are probably lasting investments.
The exclusive designer makes gorgeous clothes for infants and children. I believe most of the stuff it sells are for fancier events like formal dinners, christenings, and other events where your kids have to show up looking like a Bradgelina twin or a Suri Cruise.
pride itself on producing excellent quality clothes for all occasions, with an eye for fine detail. Again, the child models on the company’s websites are cute and wearing clothes that look like princes and princess wear. No, like the real royalty ones, not just the term of endearment you use to refer to your own children. You can find some of this designer’s clothes being sold on Ebay and third party retailers sites for much less than retail prices. They are not out of the ballpark, but still quite pricey for the average Joe and Josephine six pack!
This Swedish designer’s clothes are not really expensive, per se, but the clothes are on the pricier end of the scale. I have several items I purchased for my first child and they last and the colors are vibrant and stay true wash after wash. The clothes are playful and do in fact look quite Swedish.
is a Spanish fashion designer, whose original bright-colored designs are very popular. She uses motifs of moons, stars, suns or hearts in them. She designs furniture, carpets, crockery, lamps, pens, pencils, lip balms, scents, sleeves, towels or bed linen as well as clothes for children, men and women. Her stuff seems colorful and quirky and probably priced for the high end consumer’s child(ren). She reminds me of designer Betsy Johnson who also has a line of children’s clothes, though she doesn’t make baby stuff and thus is not included in this round up.
Oilily is a famous Dutch brand that has designed clothes for babies, toddlers, boys and girls. This designer has a good range of colorful, quality crafted clothes. The retail stores are scattered about the states and can be found for cut rate prices on Ebay and other auction sites. This pretty blue tops sells for over $65.00 at some outlets.
is a contemporary collection of cashmere clothing for babies and toddlers. It combines a refreshingly modern approach to color, with an uncomplicated style and luxurious soft touch. I just love the colorful hats with attached scarves this line creates. I’m sure you can find these products at high end department stores like Neiman’s and Bloomies.
The high end designer has an exquisite line of baby clothes made of soft supple and superior materials. The design house, known for clean lines, parrots the same style in its baby line as well. Check this very cute jogging set which retails for a modest $65.00. Compared to some other couture designers, Ralph Lauren is pretty good about selling his clothes to discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, and Burlington Coat factory stores in the U.S. You can get good quality RL items if you take the time and look.
a fine quality French collection with a unique style easily recognized. Using both vibrant and neutral colors, with a collection from sportswear knits to luxurious linens and silks, this brand covers their bases for clothing with originality and creativity. I went to this company’s website and discovered it had a mix of classic, quirky, conventional and unique. My eye stopped at this cute little number that I am certain my little GG would look oh so cute in. It retails for $76.00!
High End Escada Baby sells very beautiful and pristine line of clothes that mirrors the Escada adult line.
Baby Dior sells exquisite refined clothes and shoes like these faux fur snow shoes that retails for $130.00!!!! Yup, they are fly, but baby will be wearing those boots for like a half a season. Like its adult com padre, the Baby Dior line seems quite extravagant, and not the type of clothes baby can play and frolic in unless she’s the baby of some celebrity. What I need to do is move to Beverly Hills and rummage through the Good Will stores in the 90210 zip code!
Berlingot is a classic and detail-oriented brand from France. The designer offers wonderful quality clothing for boys and girls in sizes for babies, toddlers and children up to age 10 years. This cute little orange dress and pants retails for $104.00. I’m thinking it’s probably looks and feel rich in person. Love it!
Jacadi is a chidrenswear retail company whose collections include clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and nursery items in newborn thru size 12 years for both boys and girls. The merchandise is a European style which adapts the latest trends to classic designs.
Armani Baby is a couture designer that makes fabulous and phenomenal clothes for babies

Burberry Where else do they sell a onesie for $75.00?!! This cute boy’s vest can be found at Bloomingdale’s for $120.00. Okay. Moving along..
For 30 years, Aletta Baby has designed unique precious garments. This Italian designer manufactures superbly with very special fabrics too. Aletta fabrics are exclusively made in Tuscany where every single item is the result of expert hands of those who have manufactured them with care and love, with experience.
Minimiu s clean, simple lines create understated elegance for little girls and boys from 1 to 10 years. Practical yet smart, simple yet chic. Clothes designed to look good on important occasions and withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life. Today, these comfortable, sturdy, stylish clothes also have the fragrance of childhood. Minimù puts passion and dedication at the service of special creations. Like the children who wear them.
was found in 1980 by a mother of 3 children under the age of 5 who amused herself by creating her own bibs and clothing. From season to season sales
grew and today Il Gufo has stores throughout Italy and has distributors worldwide. I haven’t personally seen this designer’s stuff, but I do know for a fact it is featured in many magazine spreads and is favored by celebrities.
Dolce and Gabanna Junior follows the ethos of D&G and embodies youth and fun with the styles of its clothes. Each season follows a set-named trend and is named separately for boys and girls.Certainly if I had $92.00 to spare I would jump on the opportunity to purchase this hat and bib set.
Founded in 1968 in Castelfidardo (Ancona) Italy, Baby Graziella has always dedicated its collections to children with a lot of tendress and capacity. There are plenty of Baby Graziella originals floating on wholesale sites and auction sites for much much cheaper than the originals. The stuff looks too cute for words!
According to company website, this designer ame to life in 1980 with the aim to make children’s clothes more attractive, more amusing, and to free children from any kind of restrictions. Indeed, this style page exemplifies style and comfort. I loved the neat style pages and the eclectic mix of styles.

The Monnalisa brand name was established in 1968 and has grown into The Monnalisa group that today distributes its brands to over 50 countries worldwide through a large network of prestigious Boutiques and Department Stores, with corners and shop-in-shop, and in Monnalisa Flagship Shops.

Founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978, Diesel is an Italian based designer clothing company with over 200 retail outlets worldwide. I just love Diesel the brand for jeans and so far the kids variety seem just as rugged and long lasing

Cantimi boasts that it creates upscale garments for kids in exclusive fabrics and trendy refined colors. This is one of the very expensive lines out there. The clothes are bright and look comfortable, but for the price, unless money is not an object, I’m only having my kids wear this to photo shoots and for visits with the Obamas! (smile)