Bellyitch Reviews 28 Stretch Mark Removal Products

Listen up, First time pregnant women of the WORLD!

Forget whatever or whoever told you that rubbing cocoa butter on your belly daily would PREVENT stretch marks from appearing! He/She/It/They Lied! Well, if it is any consolation, I was duped too. We all were. Sold a bag of horse bull! While it is true that a moisturized tummy may reduce the stress on the skin and help the skin more supple and perhaps less prone to getting as many stretchmarks. The creams may even delay by a couple months when the marks appear. BUT! and that is a big BUT inevitably, unless you are genetically blessed to be one of those women (like my mother) to have wonderful superelastic skin, YOU WILL GET STRETCH MARKS!

That is a fact. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone has got to give it to you straight.
There have been loads of products released that do help the “Belly itch” (pun intended) and also help to keep your growing belly moist, soft and supple as it stretches and as the baby grows. What about after delivery and the stretched out skin goes back to normal? Eventually, you’ll go back to exercising, and maybe do some tummy exercises that will work to put some “stuff” back where it was before. It may work for some and not for others. For those extremely vain (*cough *) like me, you may consider a tummy tuck or alternatives like Thermage treatment. But despite all of those efforts, the raised, or flat, blue, pink, dark or light striations on the tummy, thigh, arms, buttocks and other stretched out areas most likely will remain. Our bab(ies) are worth it though no?

Nonetheless, thank goodness about a decade ago, product and beauty manufacturers and labs started creating creams, salves, balms and oils to try to reduce drastically or erase the marks. The big marketing push which catapulted many copy cats was Stivectin-D which was an anti-wrinkle cream that was discovered to reduces stretch marks. Thank Goodness for free market economy and capitalism because competition meant diverse products and cheaper prices. Today, the market is flooded with various makers of products making claims to reduce, lighten and in some cases “erase” your stretch marks!!

I start this review with a piggy back of a commercial site’s review of what that site claims are the top three products. I found that many of the sites claiming to “review” the stretch mark cream come off a bit phony and fabricated. So even this “so called” Top Three is “suspect” in my book.

*Shrug* What to do?

I then go on to review 25 other products I discovered via an online research effort. I culled a lot of products from conducting a simple search on which offers comparisons of online stores that sell various products. I looked for user reviews to guide my comments but rarely found any, which is very not a good thing because of the reviews I did find, they too read too much like they were written by the manufacturers themselves.

They read too scripted to be real product endorsement from real women! *sigh*

So…what that means is you’re on your own as I’ve tested absolutely NONE of these products, but one. Sorry. All you’ve got is my personal cynical perspective based on the info that is out there in the Universe! HA!! Good luck!!

*note to product manufacturers if you wish to have your product tested by Bellyitch, I welcome the opportunity to check it out and will give an honest opinion. Right now, I plan to purchase one product in particular to check out and review later.


1.Cosmetyn stretch mark removal cream contains a unique blend of peptides and a patented Dermaplex-12 formula which consists of natural extracts and vitamins that work to fade and repair stretch marks. The makers say the product is very high in moisturizers and antioxidants which work to improve your skin’s complexion by fading away skin discolorations, age spots, and scars. Instead of just treating the surface of the skin like most creams, Cosmetyn works at the epidermis layer, where the most of the skin damage occurred, the makers state.

This is supposed to be THE BEST CREAM!

2. Striation, is number 2, and it contains a patented SNaP complex which contains super antioxidants and anti-aging peptides such as Acai Extract and Elastonyl. The makers say that one of the key ingredients (Elastone) has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, increase collagen production, and decrease the enzymes that actually cause stretch marks. The makers also claim that this stretch mark product is designed to help heal your skin and prevent future stretch marks from occuring by protecting your skin against diet, pregnancy, trauma, and hormonal influences.

According to reviewers on of products on the web, the negatives of this product is that (1) it doesn’t have t a Long Track Record Yet (It’s A Relatively New Stretch Mark Product. (2) It takes A Little Longer To Work When Compared To Cosmety and (3) It is Not Available In Stores but can be accessed on the company website here!

My take: The creators have done a stand up job marketing this product. Online, it’s everywhere, but I don’t buy the independent product testers and reviewers one bit! An unfortunate consequence of Hard sell promotions is one is quicker to think the product is a scam! Not that it is…

3. Revitol. According to the review site I looked at, Revitol is its #3 rated cream out of the 14 products examined the site says it examined. Revitol is slightly different than Cosmetyn and Striation because Revitol is more designed for “preventing” stretch marks. Revitol’s ingredients are still capable of treating existing stretch marks, but just not as effective when compared to the two products above.

The Revitol stretch mark product works to strengthen and deeply condition your skin to increase your skin’s elasticity. Revitol is a great option for women looking for a product to prevent stretch marks from occurring during pregnancy. According to Revitol’s web site, this product is best for treating existing stretch marks when the new scars are still red and elevated. On older stretch marks and scars, you’d probably be better off with Striation or Cosmetyn.
At $40.00 a bottle, THIS PRODUCT is dirt cheap compared to the previous two. You get NO FREE Trial and the product Works Best For Repairing Existing Stretch Marks Only If They Are Still New.

Apparently, the company that makes this product has a very good reputation, and its skin care line has been successful for years.

Now that we’ve discussed the so-called BEST Stretch mark removal Options, here are others I found on the site in no particular order. My there are lots of options out there. I’m thinking the cost may have something to do with effectiveness, but really do not know. I am one of those folks that get suckered into thinking the more expensive, the better.

I should know that is not the case and that many times, the higher price may be the price you pay for the pretty fancy packaging and marketing that brainwashes me and others like me into thinking this way. *sigh*

4. Revitagen Fx Stretch Mark Fading Cream $65.95

Revitagen-FX’s patented peptide combination of Palmitoyl oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 targets major problem areas like wrinkles, sagging skin, skin discoloration, dryness and rough skin; not just stretch marks. The makers promise skin to feel softer in as little as four-six weeks. Revitagen products contain other skin care ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, sesame oil, citric acid, coneflower extract and aloe vera

5. Striae Stretch Mark Creme 8 oz$63 – $69

Striae Stretch Mark cream makers say the product was developed to stimulate collagen and to produce polyprotein to work in the different skin layers. Like so many of these miracle Stretch mark reducer claims, the makers say the product helps regenerate your skin to become thicker in order to return to its former look. It is formulated to lessen all the different kinds of skin pigmentation that is caused by stretch marks. According to one reviewing site, which the cynic in me believes was paid for its review:

Some users of this product have found out that using an exfoliating scrub while taking a bath helps the deep penetration of the cream into their skin. Others found out too that leaving the cream on their skin for five minutes before rubbing it gained quicker results. The results of Striae cream vary from individual to individual. Some says they have seen the result after six weeks and others have seen the result in just a few days of use.

6. Dermarest Stretch Mark Repair Cream 2 Boxes 3 Oz Each $12.99

One of the cheaper products, The maker of this product specializes in skin defects like psoriasis and eczema, so I want to believe this product may indeed reduce stretch marks in little as 6 weeks as it says has been proven. *sigh* there goes the cynic in me, proven by whom the same 4 out of 5 doctors that say chewing Dentyne may reduce cavities. Alas, I couldn’t find a review from this product from an actual user online.

7. Biovergetures Stretch Marks Prevention And Reduction Cream Gel One of the more expensive creams on the market. I’ve seen sparse reviews of the product. The only substantive remark came from a reviewer that said the concentrate took a while for them to start seeing some results. The jury is still out on this one…

8. Avon ANEW CLINICAL Professional Stretch Mark Smoother $12 – $25
I actually have tried this product for at least a month, but I cannot tell if the marks got lighter or faded at all. I suppose I would need more time to tell. I got it from an authorized Avon dealer for $30.00 cause I had to pay shipping and I suppose her commission, but apparently you can get it from online stores for as cheap as $12.00!!

9. Hydropeptide Body Full Body Anti Aging Moisturizer with Stretch Mark Repair Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle 6 oz $103 – $105

Another pricey product that comes from the line of “surprise” side effect additional benefits as Strivectin-D (the original product made for wrinkles but found to help reduce stretch marks) This product has included the new find in its product name. I was only able to find reviews that again, read, too perfect and clinical as if they were totally made up by the manufacturers. Another hung jury.

10. Rodial Stretch Mark Eraser $92 – $95

In 8 short weeks, this product promises to “erase” your stretch marks. Whoa! There’s a strong claim if I ever heard one! Well the 90% of women in its clinical trials, according to the company marketing materials, saw such great results. I’m intrigued. I’d hope they’d offer a money back guarantee since the product is sold in tiny 4.8 ounce dispenser bottles for a $100 US.

11. Dr. Yermianee Stretch Marks $110
Doctors love to hawk products under their name don’t they? I am usually willing to try a product simply because they are backed by a doctor. Heck, the profession is a credible one. What can I say?

12. Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks $70

This product was one that has loads of viewer reviews that was positive. It is worth a second look for that mere fact, I suppose! $70

13. Dermactin-TS Stretch Mark Complex 177ml $149.10

Dermactin-TS Stretch Mark Complex claims to significantly diminishes the length, depth and severity of stretch marks. Okay, this was one of those companies that seemingly packaged their products similar to Stivectin-D, the original clinical forumalted product that was all the rage a decade ago. Again, marketing at its best. Obviously, the marketing department was hoping to capitalize on the millions of consumers that are too dumb to READ and realize the product name is different. But then again, isn’t that what the Generic products at drug stores do? Package themselves much like the Brand?

14. Lierac Phytolastil Solute #L92 1 2.5 oz $50

A special body care product Composed of retexturizing plant extracts (alchemilla, Ivy, Horsetail) Effectively reactivate the synthesis of collagen and strengthen the elasticity of skin The product says it helps to diminish stretch marks on the breasts, stomach, hips and thighs. Love the all over body claim, because boy do some of “us” need all over treatment. The name of this product reads like a science experiement no? ha! Love the mid price range, even though you’re only getting like 4 ounces of a product for that $50 bucks!

15. Prevention Dr Irena Eris Pharmaceris Foliacti Stretch Mark Cream $30

Yet another doctor is endorsing her stretch mark serum. I’m sold. Sign me up. The price of this product for the amount of emolient you get, puts this one on the top of the list in my book.

16. Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream $28
This Stretch Mark Cream is supposed to incorporate the healing aspects of erbaviva, whatever that is…someone look it up, will ya? This lotion version is the answer to the oil version of this product. I really like all the essential oils in the ingredients and the other very natural ingredients include Fever Few, Shea Butter, and Sea buckthorn OOOh! Neat stuff!

17. Phytomer Seatonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream 5 fl oz $40 – $57

I’m drawn in by products that have the terms “phyto” and “sea” in their name. Don’t ask me why, I think, subconsciously, I probably like that chemistry and nature got together and created something good. Again, very little to no customer reviews can be found about this product which is in the mid-price range and comes from a quality well known brand line.

18. Galenic Elancyl Stretch Mark Preventive & Reducing Cream $34 – $35

This product is formulated of concentrated safflower oil & marine extracts. Ooh I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of bringing home some of the beach even if it has to come in the form of “marine extracts” in my stretch mark cream!

19. Isomers Stretch Mark Cream $20

From the makers, they say, “As part of the Isomers problem solvers philosophy, we introduce a new formulation to leave your skin feeling like silk and help address the appearance of skin stretch marks.” See, right there they have their priorities all wrong. I’m not interested in feeling like silk, I want the topographical map on my tummy gone! This tells me that removing stretch marks is and was not a prime consideration…at least when the marketing or PR department got its mitts on the copy for the promos. It gives credence to my theory that cheaper isn’t good!

20. Phytomer Sea Tonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream $45 – $57

This is a body gel for stretch marks. This highly active gel is suppose to “help” reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers. “Help?” Exsqueeze me? Did you say “help”? I want it to actually Do the job, not “help” do the job! NEXT!!

21. Strivectin Sd Wrinkle and Stretch Mark Cream 6 oz $100 – $135

Well this is the product that started it all I believe. It was originally tested and created for reducing wrinkles, but eventually (so it is said) was discovered to diminsh and eliminate stretch marks. I haven’t personally come across anyone who swears by this product, but I do recall after it was released about a decade ago, it spawned a series of copy cat products down to the packaging. I am yet to fork over the $100+ bucks this thing costs, but plan to soon!

22. Trilastin Sr Stretch Mark Removal Cream $80

This company claims to have a groundbreaking formula and was featured on the Tyra Banks show. I was annoyed that when I went to its manufacturer’s site, I kept getting this bizarre pop upthat refused to go away, so I can’t add any more.

23. Dead Sea Premier Premier Stretch Mark Removal Cream $69 – $90

This product has got to win the contest for “most unique angle” for selling a product. Man, if I don’t dig a “dead sea” product any day! It’s from Italy too. Aren’t all Italian beauty products created superior and sealed with a Mona Lisa kiss!? Ha

24. Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Fading Cream $14 – $25

I admit, I included this item because I love “Burt’s Bees” Products and I was childishly attracted to the bee in the packaging. However, upon search for customer reviews, I discovered that this is one of the more liked belly salves for relieving the itch and moisturzing the Pregnant Belly. I’m thinking, it’s not going to do much to remove existing stretch marks, but it may make a dent in preventing some. Who knows?

25. Clinique Cx Stretch Mark Cream, 6.7 oz/200 ml $189

CX Stretch Mark Cream contains what the package says is a unique formula that stimulates skin own collagen production. While the Brand is well known, again, we find a very expensive product and hardly any user reviews online to back it up. I like the fact it says its for all skin types. Perhaps the company needs to spend money on giving away its products to encouarge user feedback. It may drive sales. Who knows.

26. Belli Cosmetics Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream $52

Belli Stretch mark Minimizing Cream is a multi-enriched treatment specially formulated for stretch marks. The cream features Darutoside, a healing plant molecule shown in research to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. I’m all about botanical healing products. I’m going to look this one up later. “Darutoside, you say?” Hmmm….

27. Rilastil Intensive Stretch Mark Cream $98Um, okay, so nearly $100 for a 2.5 ounce tube? EEK! I know the makers of this cream are well known for their anti-aging remedies and products, but I couldn’t find anyone to vouch to the madness! I’d have to ration this puppy out by using as much as I could pull out with a safety pin to make it stretch! LOL! Someone send me a sample please! I have to check this one out!

28. Decleor Perfect Sculpt Stretch Mark Restructuring Gel Cream Salon Size $70 – $82

This cream is non-greasy and supposedly contains 8 Essential Oils & Phyto-Firm Complex which fights the effects of skin sagging and provides restructuring action. Alas, yet another product promising to restructure the skin. I must admit, I am attracted to the prefix “phyto” and have a bizarre pull to products with that prefix in their name. Again, Don’t ask me why. Just one of those things.

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