Product Review: One Hour Parties

Well lookey here, someone has completely figured out a solution for us lazy overextended moms who want desperately to, but have a difficult time finding the time, plan a themed party. I introduce to Bellyitch readers “One Hour Parties”! This company sells online various themed party kits including party accessories, favors, cooler rentals and even staff!! Neat because really if you are pregnant with your second or third baby and have a young child who totally doesn’t get or care that you are going through ligament stretching pains or morning sickness and still expects a well planned party for his/her birthday, you’d be feeling this solution.

Dude, if there ever was a time saving alternative to running around buying party themed stuff from 2-3 different stores while burning gas in this recessionary economy, this is it! When you have 101 stuff on your weekly to do list, it’s always a treat when you get to delegate something to someone else. With packages starting at $3.95 per serving/guest for an ice cream party (minimum order for 24) it can end up being cheaper than purchasing an hour or two slots at the roller rink, bowling alley or Chuck E. Cheese’s

So this new company, based in Seattle, will totally hook you up with all the stuff you need. If you need more than just the stuff mailed over and are looking for a more hands on solution, you can get a consultation. Like my immigrant parents always say, “America is such a great country. They think of everything here” Like they, I am always impressed when some quick witted person’s hair-brained idea comes into fruition and actually works. It’s not just kids parties either, they offer consultation for all sorts of parties from Weddings to Bar mitvahs to Corporate Parties to Teen parties. They cater real food too, but I just need them to show me how they plan to ship over the “Fresh Cooked Prawns” and keep a straight face because a day in a UPS truck negates the “fresh” part in my book.

Now as I skim the company WEB SITE, I am also woefully bummed that I can’t seem to find the add-on option to send over my address/invite list to someone to send out invitations and write up thank you cards afterwards. Pooh! Yup, at that point I think the company would TRULY be able to call it a “one hour” party, because I am seriously developing a reputation as an ungrateful mom. If you don’t believe me, check out my drawer full of un filled thank you cards for several past parties.

Another thing is unless you don’t mind schlepping over to the neighborhood park or renting a spot or have a nice friend who will loan you her house to have your party, it looks like you’re going to have to host the party in your own house and you’re stuck with the clean up, before and after. Ugh! No rest for the mom. Lord knows we don’t have people over that much because doing that would require an overhaul of the Toy explosion we call our basement.

Once you factor in prep,clean up, invitation and thank you notes, writing that 1 hour turns into 3 or 4. Yikes!

But this is a decent start! I’m hopeful the idea will take off! I for one, would definitely take advantage of this economical option in the future.

And I don’t know about you, but I have PLENTY, yes with all caps, of overworked friends who’ve been promising their kids parties for years. Seriously, I know this one couple who is still planning the 4th birthday for their son who’s about to turn 5 in a couple months. I’m thinking they should just give it up. But instead, I’m going to turn them on to this company. And if I didn’t already have 10,000 things on my plate, I could even purchase a franchise.

Yeah, what good is a young enterprising upstart company if it didn’t sell replicating opportunities? Yeah, you too, bright eyed cash strapped mom eager to find some cash on the side to fund your Fendi purse habit. Go to the company site and check out its franchising opportunities. The company has just been named Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot New Franchise” and the founders were just named the “Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs” by Seattle Business Magazine.

Check them out online at or link directly to their franchise page at

But BUYER BEWARE, if you live in any one of the following states, you’re out of luck, they don’t offer FRANCHISING OPPS in your state: Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.

Well SHOOT! I’M OUT OF LUCK TOO! Guess I’m going have to find another way to purchase that new Ballenciaga tote! ha!

ps. I am a day behind on my weekly posts. Tomorrow will be Celebrity update combined with Bump day, unless some earth shattering news or birth happens today. hmm…I should check in on past pregnancy blog spotlighters and celebs to see who’s given birth…
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