The 2009 Most Expensive Strollers

The stroller is a status symbol akin to a guy checking out another guy’s ride. There is a hierarchy in quality and moms do check out what stroller another mom’s kid is being pushed in. Personally, my family has gone through a total of 6 stroller, which is pretty low number considering many in my social circles have gone through more, I think. We started with a Peg Perego Venezia which converts from a carriage to a stroller (the BEST). Then, when first born turned into a toddler, we ordered the Inglesina Swift umbrella stroller which had a great run! To pair with the Inglesina, a sturdy Italian brand, we got a Combi umbrella stroller for travel, a stroller we could beat up and at a lower cost so that we wouldn’t mind if it got lost by the airline or damaged during tavel. Then, we got as a shower gift from my co-workers a Peg Prerego Aria double stroller to prepare for Baby #2 and having to push around two small children. By the time baby number 3 rolled around, the Inglesina had hit the dirt, we left the Combi on some island we visited for vacation once and we had loaned out the Peg Perego Buggy to relatives who didn’t take good care of it. The wheels on the double gave out and we opted to give to Goodwill rather than try to fix it or get the company to repair it. We opted for a Graco Snug Ride for Baby #3 and a B.OB. jogging stroller when I was ready to get back in shape and certainly. Noww, while we didn’t get any of them to make a statement, I have had many moms and dads comment on the pricier high end ones while walking in the parks, malls etc. Perhaps, that is why there are so many people conducting that Google searches each day looking for the most expensive stroller. Folks are searching for a status symbol and there is a preconception that most expensive means the best!

It’s no wonder, you can see celebrities strolling their children in many of those on this list. And you wouldn’t be a mommy blogger if you didn’t do the obligatory celebrity stroller post every now and again. Check out the posts from Classy Mommy. Or Cheaty Mommy OR or Pregnancy Fashion or iVillage featuring celebrities pushing around high end, brand named strolelrs.

People flock to buy whatever celebrities purchase and that stroller companies know that endoresement mean lots for their bottom line. The celebrities know that too. That is why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sued Silver Cross from publishing on their website an unauthorized endorsement which featured a People magazine photo of them pushing their twins in two Silver Cross prams.

Anyhoo, on to the list. Of course, as a disclaimer, this list is not exhaustive. As usual, it is based on my own personal research and I urge readers to point out other vehicles that should grace this list. Certainly, I would amend the post to reflect corrections. In the meantime, check it out…


The Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

$2,900 US

DESCRIPTION: For over 128 years, Silver Cross has been handcrafting traditional prams in Northern England. This model boasts three coats of high shine lacquer, English leather and is painted by hand and individually numbered.

BELLYITCH SAYS: Wow! Princely! Quite Royal indeed. For the second year on the row this pram tops this list, though the next stroller, a trike techie toy, could easily surpass this price tag with all the add ons. Say what?

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The Kid Kustoms -The Roddler

starting at $2,500 US

DESCRIPTION: A trike stroller with fifties-style fenders and embellishments.

The Roddler is a completely customizable stroller Targeted to affluent and tasteful parental units, your kids will boast the coolest wheels on the boardwalk. Born and bred in California, each model based on “the Roddler” model platform and can either be ordered as stock, or with a short lead time is tailored to be as individual as the owner. See our host of lavish features, build one out and contact your local dealer today. Visit our website at

Production Model Options

· Aircraft-inspired, Lightweight monocoque chassis construction

· Custom Pearl Paint Jobs with Pinstripes

· Custom Seat and Tops (supple ostrich, stingray, alligator, cow hide or alcantra surfaces available in a host of colors and stitch combinations)

· Retro Inspired Kustom Fenders w/Lights (50’s Buicks, Cadi’s, Merc’s, Old’s, Vicky’s and more) Now you can have the vintage tins and fins for your tots)

· DVD Screen, i-Pod Dock (wHOA!!! REALLY?!)

· Kustom Leaf spring design with Hot Rod Hairpins

BELLYITCH SAYS: When taking the kid out for a nature walk isn’t enough, you can install a DVD player to entertain him while you tune out with your ipod and built in deck! yeah! Techie overload, but what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, no?



Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller

$1, 199 US

DESCRIPTION: How’s this for a product statement? The Stokke™ Xplory® Complete baby stroller is the only stroller you’ll ever need to buy! As winner of the prestigious Baby Wereld Best Baby and Infant Product Award 2006, Stokke designed the Xplory Complete to meet the needs of both parent and child from the moment he’s born. The Stokke Xplory Complete is an innovative urban stroller that adapts to your changing needs. You’ll enjoy city life on the move with the stroller’s adjustable handle, both for height and angle. It’s light and easy to maneuver, with large rear wheels and dual front wheels for navigating narrow spaces, going up and down stairs or strolling at the beach. A shock absorber placed between the wheels and frame means an extra smooth and comfortable ride. Because the stroller lifts your child high off the ground to give him a full view of his surroundings, he’ll enjoy the opportunity to see everything that’s going on around him. The Xplory’s basic accessories include everything you’ll need for a fun day out with your child: A padded baby insert that lets you adjust the seat’s depth to fit the size of your baby, a five-point harness with padded shoulder straps, a protective rain canopy, and a trendy shopping bag positioned in front of the child’s feet for stability. With the Stokke Xplory Complete stroller, you also can buy extras that go with the baby bag bassinet — a fashionable changing bag with handy changing mat, a cozy foot muff, a practical travel bag, and an adjustable parasol for sun protection. This mod model comes in five cool colors, and all fabrics are removable and washable. Stokke—it’s the stylish way to get around!

BELLYITCH SAYS: This is an “it” stroller indeed. And is slowly replacing the Bugaboo as the favorite or wannabes, posers and the nouveau riche. The babies inside these strollers are decked out in mini-adult Designer clothes. The diamonds on the hands of the moms pushing these things can put your eye out, I mean the shine is that bright. And they are being folded and thrown in the back of Land Rovers. Pretentious? Naaaah! Their owners just appreciate a gorgeous quality crafted stroller, that’s all (wink).



The Orbit Infant Travel System
$900 US

Get ready for the big leagues. The Orbit Infant Travel System is like no other stroller you’ve seen. Since we first laid eyes on its distinctive design, we knew it was something special. Little did we realize, however, just how revolutionary the Orbit design would be for modern parents who are constantly on the go and need a stroller that can keep up. It also happens to look super-stylish with its sleek design and sophisticated neutral color palate. You will certainly turn some heads when you use this Travel System. Luckily, you’ll have a spare minute to brag about your new favorite piece of gear because the Orbit saves you a ton of time and trouble.

Infant Seat features: Common plug-in for Orbit’s 3-in-1 starter kit; Provides maximum security for your baby; Fits infants up to 22 pounds / 29 inches; Complies with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Only car seat that ergonomically rotates for simple docking and undocking; No other US infant car seat has a full EPP foam liner for maximum energy absorption; Micro-fiber upholstery’s patent-pending design easily removes for cleaning; Unique ballistic nylon skin protects your seat and is padded for your carrying comfort; Patent-pending soft carrier handles enable exceptionally comfortable carrying; Sunshade extension provides extra coverage for your baby; Easily docks onto the Stroller and Base with the patent-pending SmartHub; Stroller features Makes it easy for parents to keep up their active lifestyles; Allows your child to see the world in 360 degrees; Full rotation allows your baby to be rear, forward, or even sideways facing; Exclusive twist-and-lift mechanism allows easy one-handed folding; Advanced 3-D folding design results in a compact car-trunk when folded;Orbit’s custom aerospace grade aluminum tubing and frame optimizes strength, drink holder and more.

BELLYITCH SAYS: This is a beautiful instrument. I love it!



Phil & Teds VIBE

$699.00 (with doubles kit $899.99) US

Description: inline travel; black/charcoal, black/red; ergo seat; smart handle with one touch brake; smart fold – folds with doubles kit attached (See YouTube video on how to fold and lock easily); solid foot wall; Weight:   10kg/22lbs; Frame: Aluminum; Fabric: Tough, washable, waterproof; Recommended Ages: newborn to 4 years; Dimensions: Width = 25 inches; Folded: 29.9 x 22 x 8.6 without wheels; Max Load: 55 lbs for single seat, 33 lbs in doubles kit; 88 lbs total with two kids in tow

BELLYITCH SAYS: This looks like a tough pretty piece of craftsmanship!

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Peg Perego Duette SW Stroller

$969.00 US

DESCRIPTION: Duette SW holds two children and drives like a dream, with large wheels, all-wheel suspension, rear brakes, adjustable seats and a steering wheel! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with a steering wheel on your stroller!Even more impressive is its maneuverability. The Duette SW’s large wheels, adjustable steering wheel, all-wheel suspension and rear brakes make this stroller easy and fun to “drive.” You’ll love how the adjustable, two-seat system allows two stroller seats (included) or two Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seats (sold separately) to face the front, rear or each other. Dual five-point “Freedom of Movement” harnesses, two individually-adjustable hoods with zip-open ventilation, and two leg covers are included for each child’s comfort. Made in Italy.

BELLYITCH SAYS: Love the colors and design of this thing. With all these twins these celebrities are spitting out left and right these days, this wonderfully designed and constructed is right on time! The price is not that exorbitant either for all you get either!

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Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller

$1, 289.00 US

Description: Peg Perego’s Triplette SW stroller has the versatility to allow all three seats or car seats to be arranged in several different configurations. The Triplette SW features handlebar steering that adjusts to different heights and angles for maximum control and the parent’s comfort. The all-wheel suspension makes the ride smoother even over rough terrain. It’s Travel System-compatible, so three Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seats can be attached easily. Includes chassis, three stroller seats, three individually adjustable hoods with zip-open ventilation, and three leg covers for warmth in inclement weather. Made in Italy.

Features:Height- and angle-adjustable steering wheel with front wheel lock for excellent control; Travel System compatible—three stroller seats or three Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seats attach directly to the chassis; Includes chassis plus individual stroller seats, hoods and leg covers for each child; Unique five-point “Freedom of Movement” harnesses allow each child a full range of motion; Centrally controlled brakes on the rear wheels; Large storage basket folds up with the chassis; Seats have fully reclining four-position backrests and two-position footrests; Seats may be positioned facing the front, rear or each other; Steering wheel handlebar effortlessly steers the front wheels; Adjustable hoods with zip-open ventilation and fitted covers for each seat; Beautiful Italian upholstery is removable and hand-washable;Front bumper bars can be removed for toddlers

BELLYITCH SAYS: Ditto! With all these twins being born these days, it’s only a matter of time before Triplets become more of a norm, so this fabulous product would be right on time! Ha!

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Summit 360 Double Jogging Stroller
from Baby Jogger

$649.99 US (without Single Kit as with Phil & Ted above)

DESCRIPTION The Summit 360 is the solution for parents looking for a multi-functional stroller that provides exceptional performance in both urban landscapes and off the beaten path. With the flip of a switch, the Summit’s front wheel releases to swivel mode for precise maneuverability in crowded areas or locks in place for a run or power walk. The Summit’s one-of-a-kind all-wheel independent suspension promises a smooth comfortable ride for you and your baby and the incorporation of Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold Technology allows you to take this stroller/jogger hybrid virtually anywhere.

Quick-Fold Technology for easy transport and storage. Universal Accessory Mounting Bracket makes accessorizing your stroller a snap! All-wheel independent suspension. 16″ rear and 12″ front molded polymer quick-release pneumatic wheels. Lightweight aluminum frame. Switch-lock lockable swivel front wheel. Padded reclining seat. Vented seat recline with retractable weather cover. Ergonomic handlebar with wipe-clean grip. Multi-position “no pinch” canopy with clear view windows and side ventilation panels. Seat back storage compartment and large under seat storage basket. Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads. Rear parking brake.

BELLYITCH SAYS: Very  nice! Another A-line beauty!

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Runner Ups
Bugaboo – Cameleon Stroller in Denim

$950.00 US

Quinny -Limited Edition Lela Rose Buzz 3 Wheeler


Uppa Baby- VISTA

Micralite – Toro Stroller

$524.95 US

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