Bellyitch Celebrity Update: The Top 10 Shirtless Hot Dads

If anything this last week’s product review of Daddy’s Scrubs taught me is that just because this blog is called BELLYITCH and focuses primarily on pregnant women, there’s NO excuse for leaving out the expectant dads, ESPECIALLY the hot expectant dads, such as

or NFLs Tom Brady who is expecting a baby with VS Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

But while we’re on the topic of Hot Dads, what the heck, why not showcase other Hot Celebrity Dads huh? Okay, how about we take it a little further because, after all, there are dozens of Hot Dads posts out there in the Blogsphere. So without further ado, drumroll, please…


…screeeeech! but before we get to the list, I feel obliged and would be remiss if I did not start with my own Hot Dad, My hubby :
The Hot Bellyitch Dad – muah! Love you honey, if you’ve stumbled upon this. You’re the hottest in my book *honest shiny halo above the head glistens* 😀

…now that we’ve gotten that guilt trip over with, here are the other dads who many women wouldn’t mind being adopted by and then promptly “Woody Allen/Soon-Yi’d” with! ha! I jest!

And in no particular order because they’re all NUMBER 1s in their respective categories I made up. No hierarchy in this Top TEN LIST. No sir! ENJOY LADIES!

Brad Pitt – The #1 Hot Dad with the Most Kids

Matthew McConaughey – The Hot #1 “Always Running on the Beach Wet and Shirtless” Dad
Boris Kodjoe – The #1 Hot “You had me at Hello” Dad

Gabriel Aubrey – The #1 “Nene nene boo boo My Girlfriend is Halle Berry” Hot Dad

Barack Obama – The #1 Hot Dad in Chief

Hugh Jackman – The #1 “Go on and X-man me” Hot Dad

Will Smith- The #1 Hot “Fresh Prince” Dad

David Beckham – The #1 Hot “Makes Me want to be a Soccer Mom”Dad

Arjun Rampal – The #1 Hottest Dad in Bollywood

Ricky Martin – The #1 Hot “Living La Vida Loca” Dad

I dont’ know if actor Lee Byung hun is a dad, but just in case, I’m putting this shirtless pic of him in here anyway cause he’s a hottie!! ha!

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