Product Review: Baby Bond Nursing

I have tried various nursing covers. The over-the-shoulder baby holder was my cover of choice with my three children. That was years ago. Since then, there have been numerous companies and brands come up with different types. I received a sample of The Baby Bond Nursing cover to sample. I carted it along with me when I visited a friend who had just given birth weeks ago. She was nursing and I figured she’d make a good guinea pig model to test out this cover.
I loved the pretty packaging the nursing cover came in. The material was lightweight and the fabric was soft. What makes this nursing cover different from the rest is that the baby is not completely covered and can freely interact with the world. I know my kids used to love to pull off the cover when nursing because they’d be hot or want to be nosy. They used to get distracted by whatever noise in the world was going on beyond the cover. So this cover offers a solution to that problem. You could wear the cover above or below the bustline depending on how baby is nursing.

A novel idea indeed. The only thing though is that two college educated women had a bit of a tough time figuring out how it all worked based on the diagram that came in the box. Once you can figure it out, I think you’d be golden. I guess we should have checked out the video from the company’s website, huh?

My friend also didn’t like the fact that it didn’t appear that your nipples would be completely covered which can be a problem if you are prudish about exposing your goodies in the middle of the mall somewhere. I suppose after practice, a new mom would get the hang of it and be golden. It turns out we got the BabyBond Originalâ„¢ which is to be worn like a sash, “functioning like a nursing top. Nurse from the top of your shirt. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above & below. Belly & back remain covered with your own shirt.”
Doh! We didn’t get that until way later!

It looks like a pretty creative and unique alternative to the traditional nursing cover. At least it is lightweight and fashionable and would do the trick!
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