Top 10 SEXIEST Baby Making Videos

To replace my post with the Baby Making Music playlist which got yanked off when Imeem was acquired by MySpace music, I’ve created a very erotic list of sexy videos to get you in the mood to procreate! Oh and in response to my younger readers, I tried to keep them recent. Enjoy!

warning– OVER 18 ONLY—–NSFW —-seriously folks!

First up, Video phone by Beyonce featuring Lady GaGa.

Next up is Madonna’s “Human Nature” – an S&M smorgasborg

Human Nature – Madonna

Matty RJ | MySpace Video

Then the very very sexy Trey Songz “I invented sex” – You’ll need a cold shower after this one

Next up is the very sexy Freedom, by George Michael – Nothing like Hot models lip syncing to get you in the mood, eh?

Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game is untouchable – The absolute HOTTEST!

One of my favorite’s of all time is Ciara’s “Promise” b/c I think the baggy sweats look is so sexy.

No Doubt Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” is a hot one! – reminds us of how slack we were in College no?

D’Angelo’s Untitled is guaranteed to make you go over the top!

You know my baby Prince had to make the list with “Little Red Corvette”

prince little red corvette

olman_rock | MySpace Video

Finally, Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson heat it up in “What Goes Around…Comes Around” – a mini movie Michael Jackson style, but the chemistry in this video is whoa!

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