Black couples that adopt white babies & 10 White Celebs with Black Children

Back in 2008, NFL player DeMarcus Ware and his wife Taniqua caught a lot of criticism over their decision to adopt a white baby. Some argued that White babies are easily adopted as there are long waiting lines for them, but that black babies in America have a shortage of adoptive parents. But to the Wares, they say they fell in love with a little baby and paid no attention to its color.  After struggling to conceive and dealing with many miscarriages and a still born, the couple delivered a baby boy last year, November 2010, named DeMarcus Ware, Jr.
In the reverse, celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, HBO’s Weeds actress Mary Louise Parker, Hugh Jackman,  Stephen Spielberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, all have adopted black or bi-racial children without much fuss.
What are your thoughts? Is it wrong or a bigger deal for black couples to adopt white babies versus the reverse? If so, why?

Here are ten non-Black celebrities who have adopted Black children from the United States, Haiti and Africa.

Steven Spielberg and teenage daughter Mikaela George


Dated photo of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise with son Connor and daughter Isabella

Sandra Bullock and son Louis, born in New Orleans

Madonna and son David, born in Malawi

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Hugh Jackman and bi-racial adoptive son Oscar.

Michelle Pfeiffer and family, including adoptive daughter Claudia Rose

Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt and daughter Zahara

Stephen Spielberg and son Theo

Desperate Housewives Actress Joely Fisher (sister to Carrie Fisher) and daughter Olivia
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Law & Order’s Mariska Hargitay and daughter Amaya Josephine


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