Review: Brolly Sheets offer higher quality crib & bedding protection

During those potty training years, children’s linen can take a beating. A good night’s rest could also mean a nice soaked mattress by daybreak. To solve this problem, parents often rely on mattress covers and sheet protectors. The thing with most commercial sheet protectors on the market is that they are often not made of the best absorbent materials and sometimes the vinyl material underneath the sheet move around and create an annoying squishing noise that can disturb baby’s sleep.
The makers of Brolly Sheets have managed to solve all of those problems and more. These waterproof top sheets are made of 100% quilted cotton and has a very absorbent middle layer.  I noticed that they do not move about when slept on and stayed put through the night for the most part. 
Unlike other sheet protectors that are placed under the linen, Brolly sheets are place over top and tucked under the mattress. They also come in a variety of fun and funky colors that can match a child’s room decor and bedding. 
They would make a great option for dealing with the potty training years as well when accidents sometimes happen. It’s a wonderful way of protecting the sheets and having to spend less time washing and re-washing the kids’ linen.
They come in twin and queen sizes, for $39.95 and $44.95, respectively. It’s a bit pricey, but the cost and time of washing sheets over and over again would make the price worth it. 
Good buy, if you ask me! Nice invention by New Zealand mom of two, Diane Hurford, who created the sheets for her own kids and has expanded it to become a pretty successful business.

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