Open Letter to Snooki: After two tumbles in sky high heels, time to hang them up

Open letter to Snooki: 
I see you fell recently, June 21, while wearing some super high thick wedge sandals. This was not the first time papps have caught you. It happened before in early June:
You may have seen Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Rachel Zoe pull it off and manage to stay true to their sky high heels most pregnancy, but be mindful that as your belly grows, your equilibrium gets out of wack and you may have challenge balancing your new weight distribution.  As the baby grows and occupies most of your belly, your stride will change and you may develop a waddle. Walking may become tough and especially while walking in super high heels.  Usually, wedges are better and more comfortable because the heels provide more support than stilleto heels, but those normal rules of fashion and walking in heels do not necessarily apply while pregnant.
Just looking out for you girl, you may want to go the route of Kourtney Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari who have been keeping it cute all while remaining in flat shoes or sandals for the most part all pregnancy. I know it’s tough being so tiny and all to want to increase your might via heels. You may not know life without heels, but as a member of the under 5 foot 5 inches club,  I  know you can show your power and might from a lower vantage point…at least for the next few months anyway!  

For the safety of baby boy Snooki, hang up the heels.



your blogger pal, JJ

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