Fred Savage left hospital with a baby with no name

New dad Fred Savage was trending big yesterday, not just over news that the former child star had welcomed his third child, but that he and his wife Jennifer had  not picked out a name. 

“We started this really tough thing for ourselves where we just left the hospital [Monday]with no names and wanted to live with the baby for a little while,” the former Wonder Years star told People magazine.
But they had until until Friday to come up with something. “We had some names in mind so . . . we’re narrowing it down.”
The new baby joined 6-year old Oliver and 4-year old Lily. 
I could relate. We had a name picked out for our second child and even sent out an announcement and everything when he was born of that name but upon further inspection, we realized that the boy did not look like that name.
We too maximized the time to come up with something more fitting of the kid, albeit we had it down before we left the hospital.

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