Join Bellyitch’s LIVE Hangout on Kate, VIPs in Hospitals, Morning Sickness & Twins!

Thanks for tuning in to Bellyitch’s First Hangout on Air using the Google Plus Platform.
With the sad news of the death of the Kate Middleton Hoax nurse, we
have a mom, blogger who once worked in a prestigious hospital used by
royales, dignitaries & celebs who will share what steps are usually
put in place to protect high profile patients’ privacy.

Kate is
suffering from a case of extreme morning sickness, we’ll talk to a mom
who had the condition hypermesis gravidurum for all 9 months of her
pregnancy and after.

Finally, extreme morning sickness is a sigh
of twins and tongues are flapping that Kate is pregnant with them. We
talk to a mom of twins who had a single birth before & hear her
compare and contrast the two experiences to see if she had more morning
sickness with the twin pregnancy.

It will be a quick 15 minute hangout but you’ll come away with a little more information than you had going in! 🙂

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