National Spank Out Day is Coming: 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t spank your kids

Approximately 65-70% of parents spank their children.
Did you know that National Spank Out Day is next Tuesday, April 30th? That is a day, created by the Center for Effective Discipline to recognize the benefits of alternative methods of discipline and the dangers and negative impacts of spanking children. 
Bellyitch will share 10 suggestions from author Crystal Lutton, whose brand new book “Grace Based Living”, addresses among other topics, reasons to avoid spanking. Among them she suggests: 

1. Children who feel bad, act bad. When you help them feel better their actions improve.
2. Children do age appropriate things – it’s important to stop them when that thing is inappropriate, but there is no reason to punish them for doing something normal for their age.
3. Children who are hit aren’t allowed to express feelings, and stuffed feelings leak out in other places.
4. Children are born social and want to fit in. When they don’t/can’t it’s important to show them how to be successful. Identify and remove the roadblock.
5. Intense behavior problems often indicate food sensitivities, special needs, trauma or childhood fears and you can’t spank these out of children.
Consider her arguments and come back to read more about her suggestions on National Spank Out Day and look for a review and giveaway of her new book in coming weeks. 

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