TTC: Have your man ditch the Skinny Jeans if you want to become pregnant (VIDEO)

If you are currently trying to conceive a child with a spouse or male partner who wears skinny jeans, you may want to tell him to hang up his tight Levis until you become prego.

Skinnys have been found to raise the risk of nerve compression, which can lead to numb thighs and suppressing his sperm count, says Dr. Drai, a top Board-Certified OBGYN and President of the National Osteopathic Medical Association. 

In one of his entertaining YouTube instructional video series, the practicing physician and Magee-Womens Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh teaching faculty member advises women to buy their man a larger slim fit pair of jeans to replace the skinny fit that have been suppressing their boys and causing them not to swim.
Check out a quick vid with the Doc addressing the problem with men and skinny jeans:

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