weightloss wednesday

i’m at my sister’s house this week while the painters paint my home and alas, her skinny, high metabolism having good thin genes self does NOT have a scale.

i’m a pleasantly bummed that I can’t get on a scale today.

GG in the Garden

taken Saturday, May 2, 2008

Guess Who’s Four Months old Today??

eh hem and still has a healthy head of curls. Thank God as I think at this stage her big brothers’ hair had dwindled down to a mini fro with a tiny mullet

weightloss wednesday

well, weightloss wednesday has turned into weight gain wednesday and I somehow managed to pack on 5 lbs in one week! yikes!

last week: 151lbs
this week: 156lbs

me thinks the extra strength training has gotten me building more muscle and eating more carbs to make up for the more strenuous exercise regimen??? who knows.

After my hydrocolontherapist appointment today, i’ve decided to do the 21 day cleanse and 5 day detox fast starting two Wednesdays from today. That should definitely kick start my loss because I can only eat vegan while on that fast and Vegan means virtually no fat! aye!


My Baby loooooves Rice Cereal!

yum yum fist licking good!

GG’s first play date

Unfortunately, GG, in the blue snap and go stroller, slept right thru it…Well, in all fairness, it was really a date for me and the other baby’s mom to catch up and to get her out of the house. Maternity leave can be lonely.

What I did discover that day was that GG is quite tiny. This baby is half her age, yet looked twice as large. eek!

Jennifer Lopez Reality Show

CelebrityBabies.com is reporting that Singer/Actress Jennifer Lopez 38, is in the process of filming her new reality show, due to air on TLC (The Learning Channel). The gist of the show? To give her fans a peek into her life as she tries to juggle the two sides to her life: her profession, including the launching of a new fragrance line, and the more personal side, as a mother of her new twin babies. According to Jennifer, she will co-executive produce, co-create, and star in her new show and is excited on sharing this unique experience with the public.

I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together.THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD! I’LL BE WATCHING!!

photoshop gone bad

um maybe, it’s me, but does this overly photo-shopped image of Wesley Snipes, who will be sentenced today for tax invasion, look a bit cartoon-ish. I swear Spike Lee looks like a character out of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit!”

Diaper cake

i just peeped this on my CelebrityBaby.com feeder. Cute. For $170 you AB Cakes will create this for you that includes:

1 Carter’s Keep Me Close Pacifier
5 Carter’s Silky-soft Cotton Bodysuits – 6 mos.
6 Gerber Soft-Bite Spoons for Infants
2 pair Carter’s No-scratch Mittens
3 pair Carter’s Wiggleproof Socks – 3-12 mos.
6 Carter’s Splashyclean Washcloths
1 Carter’s Toy
1 Carter’s Snoozysnug Blankie
1 Carter’s Who’s Inside Hoody Towel
2 Carter’s Roomy-comfy Pants – 6 months
2 Carter’s Dribblehappy Bibs
70 Pampers Swaddlers – Size 2

weightloss wednesday

last week: 153
this week: 151

i’m on a roll ladies and gentlemen. only a matter of time before i break into the 140s!! woo hoo!!!
here’s to running a 5 K this past Saturday, getting a colonic and for switching to a liquid breakfast and lunch regimen with a healthy dinner.

Yup, i tore a page out of the slimfast book. But if you read the ingredients of Slimfast, I doubt you’d be able to pronounce half of the ingredients. It’s all chemicals and most of which makes me constipated. No thanks!

My hydrocolontherapist has suggested that I drink a concoction of pure unpressed natural and organic coconut oil, hempseeds and fruits blended with soy milk for a natural appetite suppressant and meal replacement.

In between, for a snack, I munch on fruits in the afternoon and yogurt in the mid morning.

I’m also back with my trainer for once a week, doing Stroller Striders once a week, and run on the other days. I’m looking to find a kickboxing, ballet and African dance class to do also.

So far so good!