Pregnancy Test Kit

HILARIOUS 50 second clip

Names we will NOT be going with…

Flipping through the baby book recently and we’re thinking we will DEFINITELY NOT be going with any of those fashionable cute names of late.

Apparently, these are the “it” names among middle to upper income black women in my part of the world b/c I’m hearing these names at showers, on the playground, in the supermarket, tho a few are still sticking with the traditional names, doing the name combination thing or going with historic or family names. MY no no list of really cute girl names:


no offense to anyone who’s kid has those names, they all sound very cute and posh. Just a personal preference but I think I’m going to go for a biblical old school name (like we did with the boys)

The challenge now is to find a girl name in the bible that is not as ugly as Baal-Berizh, Bashemeh or Uphaz. HAHAHAHA!

21 weeks bump

after taking this picture this weekend, I realize that I’m not as big as I feel. That’s my youngest in the photo. We didn’t even plan those coordinated colors or anything.

the pregnancy byatch is back
…i’ve been fighting the Inner bitchiness that comes with being preggers, but apparently without success (Ask the hubby).

I’ve curesed out three clients (in a friendly, “where is my money” type of way).

I’m excommunicating myself from my parents and brother cause they will drive me crazy and induce me into pre-term labor if I mess around with them. I am officially convinced as my sister has always insisted that THEY ARE ALL CRAZY!

Yesterday, I was talking to my sister, complaining about something and ranting and she goes,

“oh Lord, the Pregnancy Bitchiness IS BACK!” hahahaha!

I think I need to pray some more, I’ve fallen off the wagon and I think I may need to talk to God more or make my way to church at least 3 times a week.

AND I think , find a friend who is practicing to be a masseuse and offer my services as a test dummy! I’m so tense these days with all the unknowns in my life and now the bitchy-symptoms are kicking into overdrive!


thnx for the header gift Yo

what a wonderful birthday surprise. I love it!

baby girls are making a comeback
there’s that old wive’s tale that in time of war more baby boys are born.

boy was this theory tested over the last 5 years as I dare say close to 75% of my friends, colleagues, family and acquantances who’ve had babies have had BOYS!!

If you had a boy already, chances were, your second would be one also. If you already had a girl, good for you, a baby boy was on its way!

HOWEVER, TO DATE, I AM NOW AWARE OF NEARLY 15 FRIENDS and family, acquaintances and friends of friends ALL HAVING BABY GIRLS!!



On this birthday of mine, I’m hoping my allergies not act up. After dropping off the boys, making a filing for a client this morning, I’m off to my mani/pedi appointment at Mei Ling’s followed by a Signature Facial, then lunch with the hubby, and shopping for fall maternity stuff before picking up boy number 1!

Hope all is smooth sailing!

klutz I am…


so it’s bad enough I’m already clumsy and a bit on the less than graceful side…throw in a bout of pregnancy-induced klutziness and look out world!

sometimes I feel there is a practical joke- busting ghost or spirit walking around just knocking stuff out of my hands for fun.

why else would I drop the entire bowl of cookie dough Caleb and I were going to bake on Monday or spill a half a cup of coffee on my lap while dropping off Jarrod yesterday for no apparent reason…really, I keep dropping stuff left and right. Is my equilibrium off or something? Do I need glasses?

geez! I’m feeling quite Steve Urkel these days that’s for sure.

nonetheless, I’m cool. Baby girl is rolling and oblivious.

wait wait…i have one month left…
…until the end of my energetic second trimester, but I can’t seem to keep my eyes open in the afternoon.

maybe i’m just not getting enough sleep at night. trying to catch up on reading, tv and blogs, but i’m exhausted ALL THE TIME!!!

it’s supposed to be the first trimester is exhausting, the second trimester is your BURST OF ENERGY…and then you balloon so big and waddle that you can’t help but be sluggish and slower in your last trimester

i’m feeling cheated out of an entire month here! maybe, I better pop some more vitamins…
*yawn* right after this nap!

the big boy and I have to go to the library for an hour before having to pick up the little one. I think I can squeeze in a good 15 minute cat nap!

woo hoo!! only one pound!!!!

I gained only one pound this past month!!! wooo hooo!!!!

just got back from the doctor’s with that phenomenal news!!

edited to add: I’m hoping to just gain 10 more total including baby, placenta and extra water…so help me GOD.

Go JJ, it’s your birthday! Go JJ, It’s your birthday!!!

typical after all

As self-proclaimed veteran preggers mom, I find this pregnancy is smooth sailing (especially b/c of the absence of vomiting and nausea as with the first two)…

nonetheless, everyday I am realizing that it is still quite typical

case in point #1: today, after experiencing heart burn FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME a couple of hours after eating another salad, i realize that salads are OFFICIALLY now off the menu for these last 20 weeks!!

case in point #2: i eat and crave ICE ALL THE TIME probably cause I may have a slight case of preggers-induced anemia

*crunch* *crunch* i’m munching on my third cup today yum!

the itchy belly…pimples…gas…stretch marks…heart burn…crazy excessive weight gain…duh! I’m so slow….it’s looking pretty typical now…I’m probably just used to it all by now and appreciate that they come with the territory