sleeping beauty

doing what she does best. she’s got the tossed bed-hair going on too. ha! lookey how her cheeks are filling out!!! cute!!!

i think i’m going to invest in some little hair bows for outings so she isn’t confused for a boy as she was by our waiter at the Thai restaurant we ate at last week Monday after her doctor’s visit.

I mean the head to toe pink dressings didn’t give him a clue she was a girl? funny!

Nicole Ritchie had her baby

Rocker Joel Madden, 28, and reality star Nicole Richie, 26, are first-time parents after welcoming daughter Harlow Winter Kate. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 7 oz and was born this January 11 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

the best baby sling EVER

Back in 2002, a co-worker who had done a lot of research on baby slings gifted me an Over-the-Shoulder-Baby Holder to welcome my first baby.

It is ABSOLUTELY the best!! So far, it’s lasting through three kids and Baby GG LOVES IT!

First, the padding in the shoulders offer extra support for the back. It is super easy to wear, once you figure it out. (it can be a bit complicated to figure out how to wear it in the beginning)

Second, I find it is awfully convenient for trips to the market, the mall or for running in quick errands. No need to haul out a car seat and stroller and set up the baby. NO need to transfer all of the baby items out of your bag and schuck them underneath the stroller basket. Simply, pick up baby from her car seat and nestle her snuggly in the carrier.

Third, the shape of the holder supports the baby’s natural spine, unlike carriers like the Baby Bjorn which can’t be used on newborns who cannot hold their heads up (though I’ve seen many of offending and ignorant parents put their babies in this thing against manufacturer suggestions and it sure doesn’t look healthy or right for their tiny babies)

Fourth, I can multitask with it. I’ve actaully nursed a baby inconspiciously while shopping! While wearing a nursing top, I can have the baby nurse and throw a blanket on top to shield

Fifth, it’s versatile you can have he baby lay in it or sit up in it facing you or outwards towards the world getting stimulated.

Cons: with the padding, the entire apparatus can be hot during the summer months.
if you are a fashionista, you may have a problem with the size of the sling and you may come off looking like a nature loving granola mom, not that there’s anything wrong with the granola mom look. LOL!
from the company’s website
This sling is rated the top baby carrier by hundreds of baby experts: Lactation consultants, childbirth educators and pediatricians recommend it as a means of encouraging the parent-infant bonding that develops a lifelong sense of security. Physical therapists and chiropractors endorse it for its comfort and weight distribution, and for its benefits for your babies posture. Baby authors recommend it for its ease of use; it takes only seconds to put on and put the baby in. The baby can be carried in any natural position: nursing hold, cradle hold, football hold, burping hold, and hip straddle without any re-adjusting. Baby can breastfeed discreetly. Fits both small mom and large dad, and, will fit any baby from newborn to 3 year old. Relaxes baby to sleep, and can be taken off without waking baby.

Nursing Mom’s Wardrobe

i discovered only recently that all of my Nursing tops from when I had the boys are missing! I wonder if i accidentally gave them away during my frantic clean housing. hmmm….

anyway, i’ve managed to put together a small mom Layette (all the stuff on this page) from stuff I picked up from MimiMaternity and ordered online from Mother hood I just have to pick up a cover-all to hide my boobies when in public and I’m good!


  1. 3 Nursing bras (one in black, tan and white)
  2. one Nursing Sleeping bra
  3. a Nursing Cami that can be worn underneath sweaters
  4. a Grey nursing sweatshirt
  5. a polo shirt combo shirt
  6. 6. a nice shirt I can wear to church, or more dressy outings

I hit the jackpot recently and found a storage bin full of zipper sweatshirts, yoga pants and sweatpants!!!

I think I’m good for the nursing season!

I nursed my first son for 13 months and second for 16 months and who knows how long I’ll go this round. *shrug* I may leave it up to baby GG to give me clues,

GG’s first bath

..went off without a hitch.

after her umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday i was so excited to give her her first bath.

first, i cleaned her face with a warm wash cloth, wiped the guck in her eyes with a slightly soaked cotton ball, and then swabbed behind ears and in the folds and crevices in her chubby neck where milk and drool sometimes deposits with a cotton swab dipped in Burt’s bees apricot oil
she was cool for most of this.

next, i wrapped her in her towel and put some apricot oil on her hair and added some Burt’s Bees shampoo and scrubbed the little cradle cap on her hair. she wasn’t feeling this much. she did LOVE the warm water i poured over her head to rinse out the shampoo. i did this over the sink, keeping her in the football hold so the towel didn’ get wet

then, i put her in the spongy bath tub foam on top of the regular tub and scrubbed her down with a wash cloth. she screamed bloody murder at first, but then when I started to rinse her with the warm water underneath her, she calmed down. I think she liked the water.

finally, i wrapped her in her cute pink little terry cloth kimono robe and gave her an infant massage which she ABSOLUTELY LOVED so much that she purred like a cat! cute!

she slept like a baby (oh she is a baby) for i think 4 hours after that! Sweet Sweet Water, eh? Oh to be clean

Post partum Layette for Winter Babies

From experience, here is whatwe are dressing baby GG in to get us through this period of her lounging at home, being changed often, enertaining visitors and not really fitting in most of her 0 to 3month clothes and those other cutesy clothes for going out.

Because she’s a winter baby, we don’ anticipate taking her out of the house too much to expose her to all those germs and the harsh winter weather. She’s still building her immunity.

POST PARTUM BABY LAYETTE (for the winter baby):

6-8 sleep and play sleepers (the ones with covered feet so you don’t need socks which can restrict the baby’s circulation at the ankles)

3-4 receiving blanket for swaddling baby or 1 or 2 recently invented swaddling fleeces made to take the guess work out of the art of properly swaddling a baby (lucky for us, after merely a week, GG no longer needs to be swaddled to be comfortable. i recall when her eldest brother was an infant, he would go ballistic unless he was wrapped in a swaddled blankie, nice and tight for 2 months!!)

4-5 baby kimonos to be worn under the sleepers (we got 2-3 from the hospital. these tiny undergarments are the absolute best for keeping tiny newbies warm. you only need a kimono and a diaper under the swaddle bc anything more would maybe too much and overheat the baby.)

1-2 pairs of anti scratch mittens (to stop the baby from accidentally scratching her face, as GG has already done once. the kimonos come with a fold out that allows you to cover up babie’s hands and thus no need to put on a separate mitt)

My Post partum Belly Picture

1 week and a half after delivering….

One of the BEST BEST things about post partum recovery is it is the only time I would lose 17 lbs in ONE WEEK! Well…of those pounds, nearly 7lbs was baby and the rest is amniotic fluid, other fluids I’ve been retaining, placenta, etc. And I’m still losing water weight as I’m quite still bloated from the procedure.

Next Monday, I hope to start the baby belly meltdown. In the meantime, check out TMI (too much informaion) picture #2 of the week! This one isn’t as bad as the swollen feet shocker! Ha!

the best colic and gas remedy

this stuff works wonders. it stops GG’s hiccups as soon as they start. i dare say this old natural medicine, gripe water, which my mom gave me and her mom gave her is way better than the more chemical based Mylicon drops sold for the same purpose. The version of gripe water I got from the organic market is sold by Baby’s Bliss and doesn’t have alcohol as the one my mom used to give me.

i am pretty sure the alcohol in that old remedy had a lil something to do with the power that remedy had to soothe the tiny tummy or at least knock out baby for an hour or too! LOL.

GG’ been having rather painful gas pangs lately and i fear she may be a bit constipated. i’m hoping it will get better.

my plans are to massage her belly tonight when she wakes for her 3 AM liming session.

our twilight hang out sessions usually involves me holding her, sitting Indian-style on the bed…. the two of us looking at each other blankly oh and me praying i don’t allow her to roll off my lap.

last night, while she lay happy and wide awake on my lap, i watched 80s r&b videos playing on VH1 Soul while combing through a small bin of old infant toys looking for ones that may be suitable for an almost 2 week old infant.

i won’t disgust the blog…

by posting a photo of my swollen feet and hands….just yet, but as soon as this camera battery recharges…ha! after surgery the water pools to the extremeties and when i walk, I can hear the water swishing around.

you’re not gonna believe this!

UPDATED WITH PICS: scroll down or close your eyes… i don’ want to blind anyone with the upcoming super gross image now…

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

so not sexy. 🙁 i look like i have a minor case of elephantiasis. yuk!

so…. i will be spending my entire day tomorrow doing what my doctor ordered: laying down with my feet elevated above my heart. And drinking plenty plenty water!

post-natal medicine detox

it’s been less than a week and i’m ready to start weaning myself from high potent pain medicine that was prescribed to me to help me deal with recovery from the c-section surgery from Monday. i think it is affecting the baby b/c she is sleeping like 22-23 hours out of the day. She is like the baby Koala who i learned rarely have those same sleeping patterns.

and me too. i cannot keep my eyes open to save my life. unfortunately, i have to do some work tonight for some clients but can’t seem to focus, let alone keep alert for longer than 10 seconds. it doesn’t help that i do NOT want to do this work AT ALL!

i should be bonding with baby, catching up on sleep, and wrapping up my projects from pre-labor.

something about computer screens (including my Palm Treo screen) also hypnotize me and like a narcoleptic, I doze off easy, but then maybe, that is again the effect of the medicine taking its toll on my body.

i am stubborn and i want to stay awake and alert, but i should be resting, but i resist.

it doesn’t help that the 10-12 times a day I nurse the baby is draining 500 energy calories out of me that I don’t really have. I am STARVING all the time, but cannot eat more than a small portion of food before getting full.

i have been avoiding weighing myself b/c the doctor told me to not even think about exercising or changing my diet to begin the process of getting back to my pre-preggers size for TWO WEEKS. i know that stepping on a scale will be a triggering point for me to start getting crazy.

i forget how difficult c-section recovery can be, though i’m not sure this one is more difficult than the last two.

THANK GOD I HAVE THAT LITTLE ANGEL to keep me company. We love to curl up together and doze off in bed together.