cold and flu challenge

well, Thank GOD I took my flu shot because I was able to pass down my immunity from the shot onto Baby GG! That’s what our pediatrician told us as we are challenged to keep her healthy during this nasty cold and flu season.

Boy will she need all the protection she can get. Her oldest brother just got diagnosed with the flu!

Her second eldest brother is a snotty nose kid who always has some sort of infection or cold at any given moment 24 hours/365 days of the year.

the challenge was to keep the flu kid upstairs and AWAY from the baby.

Too late! We just noticed she has a runny nose and has breathing that sounds like her upper chest is a bit congested. I’m putting on the air purifier and plugging in the vick’s vapor plug tonight, then suctioning her nose and all the mucous that seems to be building up with the suction bulb we got from the hospital. so far, this is working a bit and she sounds better.

*sigh* ….thus is the life of a Winter baby. WE are off to the doctors tomorrow, but I think I will combine that trip with a trip to the Apple Store for them to diagnose my Video Ipod which has been on the brink for a couple of months now.

I plan to return to the gym soon and will need my Ipod to get me thru a treadmill run!

Halle Berry is Due in March

I thought she was due earlier. She’s getting that, oh boy, I’m looking forward to having this baby SOON look, no? HAHAHA!


Friday Follies: SHE SMILED!!!

she, (GG aka future Mischiefmaker #3 aka youngest, only girl already spoiled rotten baby…)

she did it today!!!! Friday, January 25th 2008!

first on purpose smile. I smiled TWICE at her just now after she nursed and


both times!


in other Mschiefmakers/Bellyitch news….TODAY, we will take our first venture out to an event with THREE CHILDREN! aaaack!

Pray for me! Especially, since it is COLD like frick out there!

My Exercise DVD/VHS Library

Since I do NOT have a nanny or any one to watch the baby so I can go to the gym, I am relying on my very extensive exercise DVD and VHS collection to get me thru the next few months. Here is my review of each:
First: THE PILATES programs Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss: This is my absolute favorite because it has 3 women showing 3 diff’t levels of the moves and right now I’m on level one 3 week postpartum. I like the pace of the work out and I honestly think I lose weight and get tighter everytime I do this workout
Cardio Pilates: I thought this one would be more high intense, but it essentially repeats the same sequence of moves and doesn’t really makes you break a sweat. There are some basic mat pilates maneuvers too
Balance Ball for Weight Loss: I like this one too again with Suzanne Deason, which is a little more difficult so I have to work up to doing this one. Since I had diastasis with this pregnancy (as with my previous two) my abdominal muscles are still quite weak and need to work up to it.
Balance Ball Fitness, Beginner’s Workout: This introductory DVD came with the balance ball equipment and shows 20 minute intros of the ab, lower and upper body work outs intended to entice you to purchase the entire DVD from each. It’s a good quickie work out. After reviewing this DVD, I wanted to order
Crunch Fitness, Pick your Spot Pilates: This is my absolute FAVORITE pilates for lower body Tape because it offers 10 minutes of but, 10 minutes for the legs and 10 minutes for the abs and I always feel tighter when I’m done. And if you’re pressed for time, you can just do 1 or 2 segments. Giam’s Lower Body Toning Ring: I got this as a Christmas present in 2005 and it came with the ring. It’s a great , easy to follow exercise for the lower body and wonderful to do for breaking up the monotony and switching up a bit.Denise Austin Balance Ball: I really have the balance ball version of this video which I don’t recall ever doing actually, but plan to soon
Second: The YOGA programsYoga Booty Ballet: I don’t recall how many things I ordered while wide awake and nursing my second boy when he was a new born 2 1/2 years ago AND watching infomercials. This was one of them. It came with 3 DVDs, an exercise and diet program. It was a very fun work out b/c there were unique moves that combined ballet with yoga and pilates. I think I lost a few inches doing this work out series.
Baby & Mom Yoga: The best thing about this video 1) the cover; and 2) had maneuvers you could do with the baby. The maneuvers were a bit basic and the instructor , who is dressed like a swami and less like a yogi, was a bit scary. It’s a good opportunity to work out when baby is awake and to involve the baby in it.

Third: THE CALISTHENICS and CARDIO programs Crunch Fitness: TAE BOXING: When the Tae Bo trend was all the rage 10 years ago or so,I think Crunch wanted in on the action and they paid the creator of Tae Bo, Billy Blanks, money to teach a class. And then they videotaped it and sold it. It seemed unorganized and haphazard. Not really good, but it’s a decent work out and quasi intense. It runs 30 minutes so it’s a okay-ish quick cardio work out.

Tae Bo Instructional: This is the real thing which I think I picked up in a yard sale and have yet to use, but I’m looking forward to it.
Billy Blanks, Billy’s Bootcamp: This DVD series included Abs, Basic Training, Ultimate Bootcamp, Cardio Bootcamp. This is VERY high intensity workout that comes with bands and I think I picked this up while watching some late night infomercial on television. It was WONDERFULLY helpful in helping me shedding my baby weight.
Crunch: 10 Minute Abs: This is a great quick ab work out.
The original Buns of Steel: I got the abs of steel version video in law school when my metabolism started slowing down and I started getting heavier as is usual with most people. After doing this tape 3x a week, I got my rock hard 4-pack (2pack short of a 6 pack) back. This version is very 80s complete with Tami Lee Webb in an 80s style leotard, leg warmers and tights. However, it’s a great BASIC work out and really consists of doing squats and lunges. There is a mat work out portion that is essentially leg lifts. It is great for getting strong legs and a great butt.
Buns of Steel Target Toning Workout: This is an updated version from after 2000 I think, which is great because it features very fun moves. It is intense, but high intensity and a great cardio work out.

Weightloss Wednesday: Week 2

I can’t find the photo i took when i started this weightloss challenge last week and I think I might have accidentally deleted it from my camera. Oh well. I think I’ll start with this photo from this week. I have yet to do my measurements, but …

Pre-pregnancy weight: 140lbs
Weight on delivery day: 189lbs
Total weight gain: 49lbs

Weight Loss Challenge
Week 1 weight: 170lbs
Week 2 Weight: 165 lbs

1 week Total loss: 5lbs — YAY ME!!

Total pregnancy loss: 24lbs

short term goal: 140lbs
long term goal: 125lbs

gender variations

i’m guilty.

of handling my baby girl, more gently and handling her with kid gloves. my hubby pointed it out to me. i am in denial. but i think i must face the music. *sigh*

i actually am thinking of getting a wipe warmer so i don’t have to assualt her with a cold wipe everytime i have to change her diaper. the boys could toughen it out. they were boys after all. rough and tumble.

i vow and promise to be rougher later, so she grows with the same fearless abandon that her brothers have. i want her to be delicate and pretty and dainty….

but at the same time, I don’t want her to be a push over or to be overly sensitive

is it too early to think of these things? maybe, but plenty doctors and pediatricians and theorists who study children say that we start socializing them for traditional gender roles from birth!

i am living proof that this is true. *sigh* i still am thinking of the wipe warmers. i can’t help myself.

Baby GG’s 3rd Week: A pictorial

I had a very restful week, family…check out my week in pictures…

chilling in my baby swing on Sunday…

…3 minutes later…okay now…. woman take me out of this THING!!!

Monday this week, all bundled up and ready to go to the pediatrician’s office

Tuesday…check out my pouty lips…Shante Sashay……haha!…i crack me up…
…hey yall…check out my cute new hairbow clipss thing-a-ma-bobs….Mom got these on Wednesday
under the boobie…my favorite place to be…we wore the blue bows on Thursday

taking my bath…okay…do we have to be half way nekked on the blog, mom???
doing what i do best…sleep…(smile)…TGIFriday

activities for winter infants

having a winter baby means that in the 17 days this little child has been on earth, she has only smelled the outdoors 3 times (1 when leaving the hospital and 2x for outings to the pediatrician’s office)

i recall that my spring and summer babies were out and about, being strolled about the neighborhood, accompanying me on on errands, going to library story time from a few days old (okay maybe older, but you get the point).

so far, baby GG’s awake hours are spent

  • in the swing (for 3 minute intervals as she can’t take the over stimulation of being rocked and having to stare at scary toys going around the mobile AND listen to the music at the same time. Simulation Overload. She’s crying less than 5 minutes after being put in that thing)
  • walking around the house looking at photos of her brothers and the family hanging on the walls
  • chilling in the baby sling while i do chores like the dishes or respond to email or read blogs
  • hanging over my shoulders, just chilling

Weightloss Wednesday: Before and After

This is me at my shower topping the charts this past December 2007 and this is where I’d like to get back to…I think I’m between 130 and 135lbs here…this was taken in January 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

Now that I have been given the official green light by my doctor to start exercising again, I figure I better get cracking at whittling my way back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and beyond.

And what a great time of the year to be doing this as the entire country is on the back in shape kick especially with it being a new year. All the morning shows and marketing in stores like Target are tailored to Getting into shape so there are awesome deals, promotions and information floating around.

AND what better way to motivate myself than to chronicle my success and failures. I’m thinking rather than start an entirely new blog, I’ll just do it here on Wednesdays and share this space with other neo-natal posts about my life with a baby girl and her milestones.

So here is what we’re looking at….THE PLAN

Weight this morning: 170lbs YIKES! (i’ve lost 18 lbs since giving birth, but that is baby related loss like the baby herself, blood, amniotic fluid, placenta, fluids from IV etc.)

Pre-pregnancy weight: 140 lbs (would love to get there by June)

Weight loss goal: 125 lbs (would love to get there by Baby’s birthday 12/31)

For a 5 foot 3 inch woman, 170lb is darn near obese, but I have very dense bones (*snicker*) and I have thick muscle tone (this is true) so thankfully, I don’t look like a big roly poly mass walking around on swollen ankles. Hey as a matter of fact, I should post a before picture. Let me go take one. I think I’ll post all my progress pics wearing the same thing to properly track the loss. Sometimes when the scale shows a minor loss, a photo and loose clothing can help keep a person on track and not get discouraged…

The Diet Plan

Breakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit and cup of Cream of wheat or oatmeal…OR
cup of whole grain cold cereal and yogurt…OR
breakfast shake

Lunch: small salad and low fat/low sodium soup like Lentils, pea, minestrone …OR
tuna salad sandwhich on wheat bread (with low fat mayo)…OR
Lunch meal replacement shake …OR

Dinner: broiled fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia) and steamed veggies…OR
large salad and soup….OR
baked brown rice with broiled fish

Desserts/Snacks: 100 calorie snack packs, fruit cocktail, apples, bears, grapes, low cal popsicles

Appetite suppressants: grapefruit chunks. cinnamon gum. brushing teeth after meals. drink glass of ice water before and after each meal to create illusion of being full in my belly.

Total calories for day: 1500-1700. Must account for the fact that breastfeeding saps 500 calories a day, so I may add a few snacks. Yesterday, I felt so light headed


The Exercise Plan

Weeks 1-2: Walk on treadmill for one hour. Do Pilates or Post Natal DVD for one hour
Weeks 2-4: Walk/Jog on treadmill of one hour. Pilates and Calisthentics work out DVD for an hour
Weeks 4-6: Jogging for one hour. Advanced Pilates and Calisthentics work out DVDs
Weeks 6 + : Run for one hour. Weight training in Gym for one hour.
Begin Ballet, Boxing, Hip Hop and other classes on alternate days to mix it up and avoid plateau. If can afford it, hire a personal trainer for once a week sessions.