so we were thinking of painting my belly like a pumpkin and taking a picture.

I’m loving the idea since I’m vowing this to be my last kid, despite silly husband’s alterior plans and motives. hmrph!

someone needs to hurry up and invent a way for men to carry babies. HA! Or I could be a basketball or soccer ball! too cute.

Celeb Preggers Style Spotlight: Halle Berry

Yup. I’m going to start a celeb stalker series, spotlighting my fabulous fashion sheros of pregnancy. Obviously, other than the models in the maternity magazines and clothing websites, who else but the latest crop of pregnant celebrities to fill the role? Hahaha!

First up…the Fabulously Stylish…MS. HALLE BERRY!

Halle on Oprah this month…

At a recent event….

That’s it! I’m investing in A-line empire waiste dresses for the rest of the season!

if only I lived on the beach, I would be sporting these light carefree frocks!

okay… maybe i’m slightly “consumed” …I wouldn’t call it obsessed! HA!

Updated Pregnancy Blog Roll

I updated my preganancy blog roll because (1) some of the current links are no longer good; (2) some of them gave birth and thus no longer have “pregnancy” blogs; (3) some are just not updating their blogs regularly and thus don’t really deserve the honor of being on my blog roll! hahaha. Look at me pretending to have some sort of clout! HA!

So I added some replacement blogs starting with those due the month after me. This will eliminate the pesky problem of people having their babies and I’m not planning on keepin’ this pregnancy blog going after January. Who’s gonna have the time? Not I!

My three simple criteria for blessing my preggers blog roll:

1. must be 65% devoted to talk about the pregnancy. Can’t be a band/photography/hobby blog that mentions the pregnancy oh…e every 5th post mention the pregnancy and have no other obvious sign (like a baby countown ticker) on the blog for visitors. inquiring blog voyeurs want ot know what’s up with the pregnancy.

2. has to have an easy to read lay out and design. pale white space hurts my eyes. i stay away from black backgrounds cause i find pregnancy blogs should be light, airy, happy, bright and dark backgrounds are too somber and depress me. I did make one exception

3. must be updated regularly. either you’re gonna have a pregnancy blog or you’re not. can’t be a blog “tease” and have me wasting my time returning visits to see nothing new.

I prefer blogs that have short quick posts and not lengthy diatrabs each day, cause 9 times out of 1o I only have a few moments to scroll through my blog roll for updates and unless it is a very compelling and hilarious post, I’m not getting past the title and 1st few lines.

Yes. I am a Virgo. A first born. Am sometimes anal. Love to point out other’s mistakes, not that I am perfect by all means. It’s a sickness. A disease. A bizarre and i suppose annoying aspect of my personality. Sue me. :p

Pretty proud of the final pics. There are a lot of first time moms, so they have lots to say, question a lot, complain a lot, typical. I was just like that with my first.

There’s a good bit of folks who are pregnant after years of trying and infertility.

Finally, there’s a gay c0uple having their first child through a surrogate young mom.


Thanks to Amy for pointing this out!!!

Tomorrow, we skate into the double digits.

I’m getting EXCITED!!!!

My Belly at 25 Weeks

My couch potato husband couldn’t remove his 6 foot 3, 200lbs+ from the basement couch long enough to take a belly pic for me, but I figured out if I turn off the flash, I could do it myself from a mirror!!

See!!! Pregnancy hasn’t depleted all of my brain cells. 😀
Oh my, I was wondering how I could have stretched out this ultra cute Ecko shirt back when I first bought it. I bet that puppy’s good and stretched out now, huh???hahhaha!

Celebs Love to Pose Nude while Preggers

Monica Belluci
Cindy Crawford
Demi Moore— the momma who started it ALL!!!

i love this feeling

i absolutely love love the feeling of the lil bean rolling around, which usually occurs:

After I’ve eaten Ice (which is often)
Ater I’ve eaten something spicy (caliente!)
When I’m hungry (which is often)
When I’m asleep and not walking around rocking her to sleep

I love putting my hands on my belly and feeling her roll around. It’s cool that the boys and the hubby can experience this now too.

I think it’s the BEST thing about Pregnancy for me and the one thing I miss after giving birth!

i can’t stand bras

it happens every pregnancy.

the strap around my breastbone just makes me feel too constrained. I can’t breathe. And I am quick to unhook the strap at a moment’s notice and walk around with an obviously unhooked bra.

Even when I purchase the bra extenders, I really do not like the tightness. I think it’s b/c my digestive system is all out of whack with my stomach being smaller, as the uterus and baby grows, I have no room for my respiratory organs.

I feel like a 60s hippie or a French woman with my anti-bra sentiments over here! LOL!

Busta’s kids’ names

Ripped from the Celeb Baby Blog…

Busta Rhymes wants his kids to make a difference

BustaMusician/actor Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Smith, is doing his best to make a difference and that was evident as he volunteered to help clean up DeWitt Clinton Park in Manhattan, New York. The 35-year-old hopes that his sons T’ziah, T’khi and Trillian will learn from his actions as they accompanied their father to the park.The boys’ mom is Joanne Wood.
The one commenter to this post wrote:
*goes back and reads the post again* sorry, i couldn’t get past his kid’s names….i was like t-zyah?t-zeee-a? tuh-hee-kee? trillian i got but the others huh????? schoolteachers/kids gonna have fun with them. good for busta/trev for setting good example tho.

Me= I was thinking to each his own with kids’ names, but I really do not understand the random “apostrophe” and other accent marks in kids names that do not actually necessarily have to be there. But I understand it is a culture thing.

Lord knows the most unique name I’ve ever heard was this little girl my baby sister went to school with whose name was ITRYESHA — really…I try esha. SmileyCentral.com

getting anxious

I went to a birthday party today where I met some fellow bloggers. It was so great to finally see the expressions on the faces of people who didn’t know I was pregnant.

One friend exclaimed how she is looking forward to meeting little JJ!

Me too! I wonder who she would look like. What her temperament will be. Will she be a tomboy like I was or a girly girl. I think I’d like a lil princess girly girl that I could live vicariously thru, even though I’ve heard the horror stories from current mom of girls how stressful it could be.

I’ll take it!!

I’ll even take the boy crazy days and the days wondering how many years in prison me or my hubby would get if we would actually hurt one of her future boyfriends! 🙂