Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Rock Pink Ribbon nails in support (VIDEO)

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and among the various ways to show your support for the cause is by rocking the signature pink ribbon on your nails. 
Check out the video-how-to on how to pull this neat creative trick on your nails. And your support for the cause doesn’t have to stop at the end of the month. You can show your pink ribbon support all year round, and hopefully would combine this small gesture along with another one to raise funds and awareness.
And for more information about Breast Cancer Awareness, go to

O.P.I in among many companies that supports Breast Cancer Research products that supports during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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Trend Alert: The Nude Lip – Bellyitch Bumpwatch Babe style

Heidi Klum

The nude lip is back in vogue for this winter season. Check out these variations of the soft muted shade as worn by some of our past Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums and tell us which one you prefer.

Jennifer Lopez



Nia Long


Padma Lakshmi

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Moms: How to create candy corn polished nails


Orange nail polish

White nails polish

Yellow nail polish

Clear top coat




1. Paint your nails with 2 coats of orange nail polish.  It’s really important that you give these coats enough time to dry.  I would suggest allowing a few hours to be sure.  If you would like to play it safe, trying painting them the day before and rocking orange nails for a day. (That’s what I did)
2. Cut tape into strips of tape that are about 1/3 the width of the length of your nails.
3. Place a strip of tape horizontally on the center of each nail.  Press down on the tape securing it to your nail to guarantee clean edges between the colors.
4. Paint the exposed nail below the tape with 2 coats of white nail polish.
5. Paint the exposed nail above the tape with 2 coats of yellow nail polish.
6. Wait 5 minutes before carefully peeling the strip of tape off each nail. Like I mentioned is step number 1, it is important that the orange coat is completely dry so that the polish doesn’t come off with the tape.  Finish with a clear top coat and your done!

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Review: Mia Mariu beauty line for women of all shades

Move over MaryKay and Avon. Make room for Mia Mariu! Founder and CEO Jeannie Price heads the make up and skin products line that also allows women, including stay-at-home moms and others looking for side money, to sell the line of natural health and beauty products via an online boutique. 
Off the top, I was immediately intrigued by the product manual I received with my review products, Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser ($19) and sample sizes of various moisturizers and microdermabrasian treatments. The make up products and foundations, in particular, include colors and bases that would accommodate a variety of shades for women of all colors, including the women with olive undertones of Asian descent, and those with darker skin complexions of African and Hispanic decent. The line includes products for fairer skin women as well. Lovely. There is even an online function that enables users to select what color products is best for their complexion.
The gel cleanser pumps out smooth and you only need a very small amount because as you spread it on your face a very healthy lather of foam is produced. It left my skin feeling very clean. The moisturizer went on evenly and wasn’t too thick or sticky. I  have sensitive skin so I couldn’t handle the more abrasive microdermabrasian samples, but Mia Mariu promises the product does not contain too much harsh chemicals. 
I love skin care and spa treatments and believe all women (and men) should get themselves pampered once in a while. Moms and pregnant women, especially can easily lose track of themselves while caring for their families and not treat themselves well enough. The products in this line range in price from $20 to $44 and an entire treatment collection cost $186. That would be the equivalent of products used during several facials. Depending on where you live a facial can cost $35 and up per treatment. It also includes several anti-aging products.
I love the concept and was so glad to learn of the company. 

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