REVIEW: Celeb favorite SoftBaby is Organic softness for baby

About 5 years ago, we featured organic onesies in our weekly Eco Friday posts for the edification of our Eco-conscious parents who are interested in earth-friendly products. The benefit of organic clothing for babies is that they are gentler to the sensitive skin of newborns and infants that are prone to allergic reactions from clothing.  Outfitting them in clothes made of organic material such as organic cotton may lessen the chances of their skin becoming irritated from harmful pesticides and other irritants found in non-organic materials. 
We got a chance to check out a relatively new organic baby clothing company called SoftBaby, which, according to the designer line, is loved by celeb moms Hayden Panettiere, Drew Barrymore and Ciara.

Here is a review from Bellyitch Reader Reviewer Chelsea who sampled a romper on her gorgeous 8-month old son Michael. Here is her review:
  • Fit – The first question when buying baby

    clothes is does it fit? Great fit is key. Depending on the manufacturer, new

    parents often finding themselves upsizing or downsizing based on the clothing’s

    label to find the right fit for their baby. SoftBaby’s romper was a great fit

    with no age guessing game. My 8 month old fit the 6-9 romper perfectly. There

    was even some room for him to continue to grow.
  • Design and Texture – I loved SoftBaby’s design.

    The unbleached organic cotton with yellow orange deer prints was adorable. The

    romper would be a great baby shower unisex gift to give. Additionally, the

    organic cotton was truly as soft as if it was picked directly from the field.

    The thickness was a summer cotton and it made me wonder if SoftBaby was

    considering having a winter cotton line of clothing as well.
  • Function – 

    Call it the “Great Soft Baby Crawling Suit.”  The cotton moved freely with the baby as he speed

    crawled around the house. Definitely no creasing, stretching or cotton

    stiffness. The down side came when it was time to change Michael’s diaper. The

    romper only had front snaps and no diaper snaps. The front snaps were a bit

    stiff which made me worry that I may tear the fabric. And with no diaper snaps,

    changing Michael required aerobatics on his part and for me to take the romper

    almost off of him.
  • Overall: I would buy

    the romper for myself or as a baby shower gift.

Good thing! Check out Softbaby which sells blankets, bloomers, rompers and bodysuits, starting at $40.

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