8 Questions with BravoTV’s TTC ‘NewlyWeds’ Kirk and Laura Knight

Trying to conceive your first child as a newlywed can be exciting and anxious-filled, but imagine doing that under the ever-present eye of reality TV cameras?
That’s exactly what newly married business owners Kirk and Laura Knight are going through right now as one of the couples in BravoTV‘s reality experiment show, Newyleds: The First Year.  The show follows and chronicles the entire first year of marriage four couples. This is the second time the show has aired and like last time, in 2013, we also have a couple that is preparing to conceive a baby within that first year. 
We sat down with Laura, a stylish and very fit Pilates instructor, business savvy insurance brokerage company owner  and her very witty and snarky hubby, Kirk, a StartUp founder, top investment and commercial real estate owner and a former ultimate bachelor (he collects expensive exotic fish for goodness sake!) –to check in on their trying to conceive (TTC) efforts and the ups and downs of doing it all on TV!
1.       How has it been trying to get pregnant under the watchful eye of reality TV cameras and now audiences watching the show?
LK: It is exciting to share our journey with the audience. Our hope is that other couples will be able to relate to our new TTC (trying to conceive) status.
KK – I really don’t mind the cameras and feel very excited to share this part of our story with the public.  It is a very exciting time.
2.       What has been the response from family? Co-Workers? Clients? Etc.
LK – I don’t know who is more excited – our families or us?! Having a baby would finally make my parents grandparents for the first time. They are already planning Disney vacations with their imaginary grandchildren. Kirk’s family has been very encouraging & supportive – they would like to see Kirk enter fatherhood again. As far as work is concerned, we don’t really talk in great detail about our personal lives with clients – I guess they will have to watch the show if they want to know more.
3.       How have the cameras made the TTC (trying to conceive) road easier or harder, if at all?
LK: It can be a bit stressful when you share your vulnerabilities with the world. We made the decision to have the baby and we want it to all happen right away, seamlessly. We are planners and are forced to let go of that control when TTC. I have to remind myself that this isn’t a race to the finish line. Luckily, our relationship is filled with a lot of love, intimacy & playfulness – this peels away the pressure and allows us to enjoy our time together.
4. Are you prepared for fertility challenges and Kirk, do you realize how the pressures will be different for you, who already have children (he has two teenage sons from a previous relationship), compared to Laura who is looking to have her first?
LK – Most people don’t try to have a baby immediately after marriage, but Kirk and I have been together over 4.5 years and we are not spring chickens. I feel there is no better time than the present. When planning for a baby @ 34 years old (Kirk being 40), I try to be realistic. It may take some time, there may be complications – we are pushing into the “higher risk” category.  Above all, we should enjoy the process – we are making a baby!
KK – I do not anticipate any fertility issues as I have super-sperm (top shelf).

5.       Are you open to other alternative means for getting pregnant if you cannot the natural way? If so, will you consider IVF, surrogate pregnancy or adoption?
LK – I am certainly open to IVF, surrogacy & adoption. Kirk has more of the “we will cross that bridge when we get there” mentality.
KK – I understand there may be problems but I believe things have a strange way of working out.
6.       If not, will you be cool to just be a stepmom, Laura or do you think you will always ache for kids of your own and will continue to strive to have them?
LK – I know that I was meant to be a mother, it is very important to me.
KK – We will do what is necessary to have a child.
7.       How has family planning impacted your career, Laura and/or your startup Kirk?
LK: Family planning hasn’t really impacted our careers. Of course, as business owners, there are no “maternity leave” perks. Scheduling will be paramount.
KK – Planning for a family hasn’t had any impact on my career.  The challenges will come when you have to balance your time between the family, baby, career, start-up, teenage sons… I need a drink.
8.       What advice would you give any couple who is thinking of putting their first year of marriage or their TTC moments on TV?
LK: Think before you speak – JK. You have to be able to go into the realty tv world with open eyes – there are always going to be ups and downs, but what matters most is that you and your partner are there for one another through it all.

KK: You open up your entire life and expose the good, bad, and ugly.  Making the decision to share the first year & TTC moments on TV is not for everyone.  You really need to have a strong relationship and confidence in each other to show it all to the world.
Very fun interview and from watching these two each week, we’re thinking they’ll be married for a very very long time! They did not confirm whether their efforts have been successful or not so for now, we all just have to keep up by watching them each week on Bravo Tuesdays at 10pm ET.
If you’re reading this on the east coast, it’s time to watch! Check your local listings!

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