Dad spoofs MTV’s ‘Cribs’ showing off his daughter’s nursery (VIDEO)

mtv cribs bryan

If you haven’t already seen it, parenting blogger Bryan Canatella and his wife filmed a spoof of the popular show MTV Cribs to show off the crib they prepared for their impending arrival of daughter Cecilia (“CiCi”).

The 2 plus minutes parody which was uploaded onto the couple’s pregnancy blog called The Canatellas opens with Canatella welcoming a film crew into the nursery and then proceeds to give a tour of the various “wings” of the room, which is really just a few steps apart. It’s hilarious!

“These are all her onesies,” he says opening the changing table drawer to reveal neatly folded and organized rows. “Girl’s gotta lot of clothes and that’s just for the first three months right here. We don’t mess around.”

It’s so on point right down to the type of music usually played during one of the real episodes and how they end with the host kicking out the camera crew.

Check it out here:


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