How to Make a Cereal Box Eclipse Viewer

If you are like most people, you may be scrambling to find a way to view the first total eclipse of the sun in 39 years tomorrow at August 21.

If you can get your hands on a cereal box, some foil and paper, you’re in luck!

You can make your own following these instructions below and a video too!

good luck!


An empty cereal box,


tin foil,


a piece of white paper,

a nail (or something sharp to make a pinhole.

Here are the steps:

  1. Empty a cereal box
  2. Get a piece of white paper
  3. Stand the box on it, and trace the bottom
  4. Cut out that shape
  5. Tape it to the inside of the box on the bottom
  6. Close the top of the box
  7. Cut out two square holes on the left and right sides
  8. Place the tin foil over one of the holes
  9. Tape it down
  10. Put a pinhole in it
  11. You’ll want to stand so the sun is behind you and you can see the shadow you are casting.
  12. You’ll hold the box up, like a flute, so that the so that the eclipse can reflect onto the tin foil.

When you look into the other opening on the box, the sun should incrementally disappear on the white paper.


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