Trend: Women Are Announcing their Pregnancy In Sonogram Nail Art

People cannot stop being creative when it comes to ways of announcing their pregnancies or having unique baby shower ideas. Now, believe it or not, women are getting their baby’s sonogram image painted on their nails.

It’s a very innovative way to share with the world what your future baby looks like in a black and white ultrasound photo. UK-based Nail tech Sarah Clarke addressed the demand on a recent Facebook page post:

Due to an unbelievable amount of demand for the scan nails I have decided to offer them on an express tip.

I hate to disappoint people by not giving them an appointment and Im booked up two weeks in advance minimum now. So if you send me your scan pic with your full name and address I will put the picture on to a tip that you can then get a nail tech to apply for you. Also this offer is available to other nail techs so they can apply them to their own clients.

The nail will be sent in a presentation box so you can keep the tip as a keep sake as many people have already asked for.


h/t iHeart Radio


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