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Inside Jessica Simpson’s ‘Birdie’s Nest’ Themed Baby Shower

Jessica Simpson and her husband ex NFL quarterback Eric Johnson celebrated the impending arrival of their third child together, a daughter the couple have chosen to name “Birdie.”

During the outdoor day-to-nighttime event, called “Birde’s Nest”, guests participated in a family dining affair draped in lots of beautiful floral arrangements dripping from an awning above.

In attendance was her sister “Pieces of Me” singer Ashlee Simpson and Jessica’s bestie Cacee Cobb,

In photos the singer and actress turned fashion entrepreneur posted on her Instagram, she can be seen in a flowy white lace dress under a emerald green robe posing alongside her 6-year old daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew

In another photo, she, mom Tina, Ashlee and Ashlee’s daughter Jagger Snow with husband Evan Ross posed.

She Instagrammed storied a lot of the events while giving credit to the event designer, rental company and other vendors who helped make the gorgeous affair possible and look so heavenly!

While she is catching some heat for the name, she is not the first celebrity to go with that name.

E! Talk show host and actress Busy Phillips named her daughter Birdie after being inspired by the movie about Lady Bird Johnson.

WWE wrestlers Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan also named their daughter born last year that as well!

Total Number of Babies Named Birdie In 2016: 80 girls

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? Birdie’s Nest ?

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Baby Love ????

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US Olympic Track Star Allyson Felix Is Married and Just Had a Baby

Allyson Felix, the most decorated U.S. Olympics woman track and field star with nine Olympic medals, secretly married and had a baby last month.

She revealed the news in a feature published Thursday at ESPNW, where she also explained, like the scrutiny and judgment Serena Williams felt, she felt pressured to put off starting a family so not to jeopardize her athletic career.

She married long time boyfriend and fellow Olympic sprinter husband Kenneth Ferguson, got pregnant  and at just nine weeks along, competed in a race and again at 4 months but both times, she ran noticeably slower. 

She said in the piece:

“When I ran back-to-back slow times this June, people started to wonder why.

My coach talked to me about shutting it down for the season. My brother wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt.

It was time to tell them what was really going on.

I was pregnant.”

The baby, a little girl she and hubby named Camryn Grace Ferguson, came early at 32 weeks  via emergency Caesarean section and is still in the NICU.


Felix shared some of her birth story and anxiety over motherhood in her Twitter account  including her reaction to being told by doctors at her 32-week check up that they didn’t like the baby’s heart rate and to go to the hospital.


She was just about to go do a photo shoot that would result in the pictures she would use for making her big public announcement about the pregnancy and thought it could wait. She explained:

I’m an athlete. I know how to take care of myself. I know how to eat right and get enough rest. And I’d been doing everything right throughout the whole pregnancy.

When I got to the hospital, I knew pretty quickly that something was very wrong.

Per Yahoo!

Felix had high blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate decelerated, forcing an emergency C-section on Nov. 28. Camryn was born 3 pounds, 7 ounces and 16 inches. She was immediately taken to the NICU, where she still is being cared for three weeks later.

Felix said her daughter is doing well and will be OK.

She is telling her story now to be open and transparent over the fact that famous people, including athletes have the same struggles as most women. 

“Pregnancy in sports shouldn’t feel risky,” she tweeted. “[B ]ut the reality is that it is. It’s scary to tell an employer you are starting a family & not know if you will be supported.

[I] know a lot of women can relate no matter what field you are in. i want better for my own daughter.”

In the ESPNW article, she said: “I hoped my experiences could help other women who were worried of what starting a family would mean to their careers. To let them know that I too have those anxious feelings.”

About Rick Ross New Baby Boy, ‘Billion’ and Other Celeb Wealth Loving Ways

What’s more crazy interesting than celebrities who are so passionate about wealth that they show it off in their music videos are those that carry it over to their child-raising.

Case in point: Rick Ross and his girlfriend fitness model Briana Camille recently welcomed their a baby boy to the world and perhaps as a nod to their monetary goal in life, they named the little one: Billion

The “Green Gucci Suit” rapper, who’s expected to appear on the Creed II soundtrack, used his Twitter account to make the announcement:

“Let’s all welcome my son ‘Billion Leonard Roberts’ to the world ?… ??,” he tweeted without revealing the baby’s mom. The newest arrival joins the world a little over a year after they welcomed daughter, Berkeley Hermes. Granted it is the name of a Roman God but I think he was thinking of the luxury brand. (ha!) Ross now has four children including his eldest daughter, and his first born son with ex Tia Kemp.

It’s not just names either.  Some celebrate impending arrivals with wealth-brand themes. For example, last weekend Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars  Lyrica Anderson and husband A1 celebrated the impending arrival of their baby boy with a Tiffany & Co– themed baby shower.

Actually, the Tiffany theme is quite common. All  you have to do is run a search for it in Pinterest where I got this photo below:

Celebs have even gone as far as name their babies after money itself.

Recall, a while ago, Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV wives Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak-Biermann feuded over what to name their future child. Each wanted to use the name Kash. Zolciak even went as far as get the name Kash Kade trademarked before the baby was even born.

Of course Cash is an authentic real name that is not connected to money. See director and producer and spouse of Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, for example. Also, Hawaii 5-O star Will Yun Lee and his wife Jennifer Lee named their son Cash.

I’m a firm believer in naming a baby whatever you please and makes you happy! Given most celeb babies will never have to worry about a name getting in the way of getting a job, why not name em “Billion”?

Happy baby naming!

8 Things to Do When Your Newborn Rejects The Bottle

After several months of breastfeeding, many babies are understandably reluctant to change. Breastfeeding is warm and comforting, it brings mother and baby close together, and it comes easily and naturally. So when it comes time to introduce the bottle and your baby does not take to it right away, do not be frustrated. The plastic nipple takes some getting used to, and the temperature of the milk in the bottle can be difficult to regulate. Plus, if you are introducing formula at the same time, this adds another element of difficulty.

If you are considering introducing your baby to the bottle or have already started but cannot seem to make it work, here are some tips to try.

1 Introduce the bottle early. It may be too late for this, depending on your situation. But it is a good idea to introduce the bottle long before the baby will have to get used to using it all or most of the time. Have dad (or someone else) feed the baby with the bottle so there is no confusion, and introduce it for one feeding per day at first. Soon the baby will have the hang of the bottle, but the breast will still be available should problems arise.

2. Get mother out of the room. As already mentioned, it is a good idea to have someone other than the mother be the principal bottle-feeder at first. But going even further than that, it is often best if the mother is not in the room at all. Seeing mom may just make the baby think of the breast, which might make the bottle seem extra unsatisfying.

3. Wait for the baby to be hungry. The baby will be less discriminating about what she drinks when she is more hungry. So when introducing the bottle, wait until a time when the baby is likely to have an empty stomach-for example, after a long nap.

4. Try it when the baby is not so hungry. Of course, every baby is different. Some take the bottle best when they are very hungry, and some will feel betrayed when they are desperate for the breast and receive a bottle instead. So try introducing the bottle halfway through a feeding or when your baby is not fully hungry but still potentially ready to be fed.

5. Do not force it. Instead of sitting the baby on your lap and immediately trying to make him drink, act casual about it. Think of it as just you and the baby hanging out together with the bottle. If he seems curious about the bottle, put it to his lips and see if he tries to take a sip. And if he rejects the bottle, do not force it, as this might just make him extra mad.

6. Try different temperatures. Use a bottle warmer to try to approximate the temperature of mother’s milk. Of course, be careful not to make it too hot. And if that does not work, trying feeding room-temperature milk. Some babies, especially when in the teething stage, actually enjoy cool milk.

7. Start with expressed milk. If you plan to switch to formula, you might want to wait until after making the transition to the bottle. At first, feed the baby only expressed milk. If you do not have enough, mix expressed milk with formula. And remember that mother’s milk changes over the months to accommodate the baby’s needs throughout her development, so fresh milk often tastes best to the baby. There is nothing wrong with older milk that has been frozen, but you might want to save it till after your baby is comfortable with the bottle.

8. Feed when the baby is sleeping. If your baby is waking up from a nap and you know she will be hungry, try slipping a bottle of warmed milk into her mouth as she wakes. This way, she will not have a chance to realize that there is something unusual going on, and once she starts drinking, she may find she likes it quite well.

First Time Moms-To-Be: This is Why You Sterilize Your Newborn’s Bottles and Clothes


I was shocked when I saw my then 3-month old nephews skin covered in an unexplainable rash until I discovered his mom had put him in a brand new romper that had not been previously washed.

Folks who are having their first baby are bombarded with advice and tips.

They read and everyone tells them that they should wash the baby’s clothes before wearing it on him. Few may wonder if it is just a right of passage or if there is reason behind the advice.

For several reasons it is a good idea, including (1) the fact that many hands touch children’s clothes in stores before they are bought and (2) there are many allergens, agents and other chemicals that are used at manufacturing, shipping and packaging plants that transport clothes.

It is so easy and very common for a baby to develop a rash on account of having their sensitive skin exposed to un-pre-washed clothes.

Dreft and Ivory Snow make mild detergent that is great for washing clothes of babies, and especially those with allergies or prone to break outs, or with extra sensitive skin.

Similarly, it is so easy to want to cut corners and save time and skip sterilizing the baby’s bottles ever so often after a use or two. Little babies immune systems aren’t developed enough to fight off the friendly bacteria that grows inside moist bottles after time.

Case in point, my nephew (again, my infant example for everything these days) caught an awful cold. Of course, her mom blames me and my kids who came to visit that weekend, but that I am defending the kiddies on this one and pointing the finger at lax bottle sterilizing.

The absolute best and my favorite tool for quick easy sterilizing is Phillips Avent Express Microwave Sterilizer. The product is marketed with the Avent bottles, but the contraption itself can be used with any brand bottles, but especially the shorter smaller bottles. It retails for about $50.00 and is a MUST ADD baby registry item, if you ask me. You load up the washed bottles, add water and pop it in the microwave for several minutes.

Voila! Instant sterilization!

Now, if you are one of those folks concerned over the latent or unknown future effects of microwaves on plastics, you may want to stay away from this product made of sturdy plastics.

I swear by it and used it for all three children and even gifted my last kid’s to my ungrateful baby sister too soon. But I digress. ha!

This is When Your Baby Will Start Remembering

Your baby will start recording things in her mind from birth but will not be aware of what is really happening. During the third trimester of your pregnancy your baby will have begun to recognize your voice and at four days old she will be able to distinguish between your face and a stranger’s. It is at this time she will also recognize Dad if he has been present throughout the pregnancy. She will certainly recognize your smell and be comforted by it from birth.

A researcher recently carried out the following experiment. He looked at babies aged two months whilst they were in their cots and awake. He repetitively poked his tongue out at the babies who watched with fascination. Twenty-four hours later he returned to the same babies in their cots and looked at them but this time he did not stick out his tongue. The babies amazingly started to stick their tongues out at him as if to say ‘I remember you! This is what you did!’ This ability in identifying people and things is known as recognition memory and it gets stronger and better as your baby gets older. A newborn baby will recognize her mother’s voice from birth because she will already be familiar with her voice from her time in the womb. A week after birth a breastfed baby will recognize her mother’s smell. A few months after birth your baby will begin to recognize faces that she often sees and may develop a preference for some, usually her mother and father’s as she spends the most time with them.

Between six months and a year, your infant will develop and enhance her recall memory. This is her ability to recollect a specific experience and some of its details for a short time. Once this type of memory begins to develop in your baby she will begin to become more emphatic about what she wants. The things that she will remember first are those which are repeated often and those which hold more importance to her, for example; meal times, play times, bath time and also specific toys that she has become attached to. You will notice that she might start to make actions she has associated with certain toys and she will learn what activity comes after the other because of repetition of the event. When you notice that your baby knows what is coming next it is showing you she remembers what happened last time.

Once your baby is one to two years old she will have begun to remember some words. She will recognize familiar faces like other family members and you will see this in her excitement in seeing them. It is a joy to watch and be surprised by how much she can remember as she grows older.

Conscious, long lasting memory develops when your little one is fourteen to eighteen months old. This is when she starts to remember specific events. At two years of age your child will have the ability to remember facts and events for example, going to the circus or the park with her grandmother. Observing your child grow and develop her memory you will notice how she will begin to link experiences in her past to her current experiences. By recollecting her experiences she will start to have expectations of what will happen in the future.

Carrie Underwood Joins Roster of Celeb Baby Bumps Featured in Their Music Videos

Carrie Underwood has joined the small legions of celebrity singers who released music videos while visibly pregnant.

In the video for her new song, “Love Wins“, underbelly shots of the country music phenom reveals her baby bump in an empire waist rose gown. In the emotional son, Underwood addresses a lot of hot-button political topics such as gun violence, politics, our very heavily divided world while offering the solution to it all: Love!

“Love is power, love is a smile[,]

Love reaches out, love is the remedy[,]

Love is the answer, love’s an open door[,]

Love is the only thing worth fighting for[.]”

Underwood,  announced last month she was expecting her second child with husband Mike Fisher.  

Earlier this year, Cardi B dropped several videos off of her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” and her baby bump too was very much present.

A long time ago, women were hidden away when pregnant and certainly, they weren’t flaunted in the media or music videos. In modern times, beautiful pregnant women are featured prominently as with a very 9-month pregnant Natalie Portman, days before giving birth in the music video for James Blake’s  song “My Willing Heart,” released on Monday.

But she isn’t the first one. Beyonce, P!nk, Deborah Cox, and Whitney Houston have also appeared very pregnant in music videos for their songs

In 2011, Beyonce was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy in her Countdown Video. That year, P!nk was also visibly pregnant with her daughter Willow in her girls empowerment song “F*&>Perfect”.

Before then, Canadian -born artist Deborah Cox showed off her 3rd trimester belly in the later frames of her “Beautiful U R” video” which is also about female empowerment and self esteem.  Finally, Whitney Houston, was also uplifting women in her remake of Chaka Khan‘s “I’m Every Woman” and was pregnant with her daughter Bobbi Kristina. (RIP to both of them).

Watch Underwood’s video:

Chrissy Teigen Holds Newborn While Addressing ‘Families Belong Together’ Rally

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend made the Families Belong Together march a family affair.

The 32-year-old Lip Sync Battle co-host took the stage at the Los Angeles rally on Saturday with her newborn son, Miles, in her arms to introduce her husband, who performed his new song, “Preach.”

“Let go of fear and see each other’s humanity,” the mother of two told the crowd at the event. Following Teigen’s speech, Legend also encouraged people to take action and spread the word about putting a stop to immigrant parents being separated from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border

“You can’t just talk about it or tweet about it. You’ve got to do something,” Legend passionately expressed. “We wrote this song that feels right for this moment… I know a lot of us have a strong temptation to just disengage, but we can’t. We can’t do that. I can’t do that. I have to do something.”

Following the performance, Teigen took to Instagram to share a touching snap of herself and her son onstage. “Baby’s first rally. #keepfamiliestogether,” she captioned the photo.

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baby’s first rally. #keepfamiliestogether

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Last week, Legend performed “Preach” for the first time at an event in Los Angeles, where ET was in attendance.

“We’ve been watching what’s happening on the border and the turmoil the world is in right now. Every time we get outraged…it feels all you can do is tweet or vent about it,” he said prior to debuting the song. “But, sometimes you have to do something. You can’t just preach.”

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Inside Chrissy Teigen’s 2nd Surprise Baby Shower

We are sensing a pattern.

Chrissy Teigen has said she doesn’t like baby showers so her friends throw her surprise ones each time she is pregnant.

She gets two: a surprise baby shower in New York City for her east coast friends and family and one in Los Angeles, usually thrown by her Kardashian pals.

This time was no different.

After celebrating her and husband John Legend’s impending arrival in Manhattan at a surprise baby shower in November, this past Friday, Kim Kardashian-West hosted another low key baby shower.

Last round, the make up module treated her friend to a McDonald’s feast to celebrate now two-year old baby Luna before she was born.

This time, Kardashian chose Shake Shack to cater the event for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

The all-star guest list included Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Legend, Kris Jenner, and more.

A buffet of five elegant cakes followed, each  featured puns and phrases with the word “Legend” in it like, “A Legend in the Making” and “Legendary.”



Teigen, who conceived her daughter through in vitro fertilization, decided to try IVF again for the couple’s second child. “You do the whole process again to try to get as many embryos and eggs as possible,” the mother-to-be told People back in February. “Everyone is freezing everything, and then you make the embryos out of what you freeze and try to make viable perfect embryos.”

h/t Celebrity Baby Scoop

3 Tips for Making Memorable Baby Shower Gifting A Breeze

Once you hit that certain age, it seems like every one of your friends is having a baby. Every other weekend you have a baby shower and the birth announcements are inundating your mail. Buying baby shower and newborn gifts can be stressful.

Things Remembered, Pottery Barn, BabyBox.com, Stork Baby and a few other companies offer personalized gift boxes to help make the process seamless, but Rock a Box Babyclaims to be the first customizable baby gift box company.

Kylie Kaufman, its founder,  offers on how to get through all your baby shower and newborn shopping:

Keep it simple: You more than likely have numerous baby gifts to buy, so don’t spend too much time stressing about what to buy. “Our boxes are so simple and easy, they take less than a few minutes to make, yet look super sophisticated. People will think you spent a ton of time, but in reality, you didn’t,” Kaufman explained. Moral of story, find one gift that you can give to everyone, yet looks custom.

Give something that will last forever: Babies grow so quickly, so why spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that they will use for weeks or months. “Our boxes are meant to last forever. They’re lacquer keepsake boxes with names and monograms that look adorable in nurseries as well as nightstands in master bedrooms. They grow with the baby.”

Don’t break the bank: Baby shower and newborn gifts don’t come cheap when you have one every other weekend. Before you know it, half of your paycheck is going to baby showers. “Our boxes start at $25 and can go north of $250. Because they’re completely custom, you can pick exactly how much you spend.”

Good luck shopping!

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