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The best Pool and Beach Vacay Hair for Girls


Some of the blog staff are heading to the beach this week and I am in search of hairstyles that are perfect for repeated heat, sun and salt water exposure.

Ideally, braids, pigtails and ponytails are perfect beach hair for girls and women. Or even if you have a son with long hair, cornrows or a man bun would keep his hair coiffed and away from his face and eyes. They are also pretty low maintenance styles.

While looking for hairstyles on Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube, I came across a few styles. Also, our previously featured pal Jill Ehat has great inspirational styles featured on her Instagram account as well.

For maintenance, in between trips to the pool and beach, the natural hair experts suggest applying a generous amount of moisturizer or leave in conditioner to coat the hair follicle or act as a sealant to protect from harsh Pool chemicals or salt water.

Anyway, because I love to share my finds, I’m posting my fave styles below, courtesy of the sources tagged on my Pinterest account. Enjoy!


To Raise Good Kids, Don’t Let Them Do These 5 Things


These days, parents  are often blamed for the behavior of their children.

Granted it is our jobs as parents to raise children to be good conscientious kids into responsible adults, so we have to make sure we instill certain rules and limitations on them from the beginning.

Here are 5 things we and our partners think you ought think twice about letting your kids do as they grow up:

1. Break the rules. Do you let your 12-year-old order off the kid’s menu even if it says it for children under 10? What about Facebook? Does your preteen have an account with Facebook even though their terms of use say he shouldn’t? When you let your children break these types of rules, you’re sending the message that the rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to them. Children who grow up thinking they are above the rules may grow up with an indifference to authority and perhaps even a blatant disrespect for it.

2. Get away with bad behavior. Find it hard to hold back the giggles when your toddler drops the F-bomb? Too tired to consistently enforce behavioral rules? Will you let your child do almost anything as long as you get five minutes of peace and quiet? When you let your child get away with bad behavior you’re reinforcing that the behavior is acceptable, especially if he knows you notice it. Behavior’s that are cute now won’t necessarily be cute when your little one grows up.

3. Be rude to others. While you may not think it’s a big deal if your child constantly interrupts you while you’re on the phone or refuses to look someone in the eye when they’re speaking, it is. This lack of manners, otherwise called social skills, will impact how your growing child will get along with others as an adolescent and adult. They are absolutely necessary skill to have to do well in school, work and life in general.

4. Think you’re their friend. When it comes to the parent and child relationship, you shouldn’t be your child’s friend, or let her think that you are. Friends are confidants and those who have similar ideas and outlooks on life. Parents shouldn’t confide in their children as children aren’t emotionally able to handle playing the role of confidant. Plus, children and parents often see things differently, like when it’s time to go home from the playground. Setting limits and guiding behavior is an important and functional part of parenting.

5. Develop a sense of entitlement. Children who have a sense of entitlement feel that everyone owes them everything. They tend to be selfish and think whenever something doesn’t go their way it’s not fair. As they grow up, these children expect people to do what they say and get what they want when they say it and when they want it. If this distorted sense isn’t corrected, it can be problematic in the children’s relationships and interactions with others. To deflate this sense of entitlement, parents can teach their children the value of hard work and giving back to others and by setting limits on what they give their kids.

While there are many things you can and should do as parents, these are some of the things you shouldn’t. If you keep your kids from doing these five things, you’re definitely heading down the right parenting path.

Hey Serena Williams, We Found Your Perfect Maternity Photographer

img_7368We are yet to see Serena Williams‘ maternity photo shoot and are not sure if she will have some taken.

But just in case the tennis champ is considering joining the millions of first-time moms-to-be who came before her and who opted to memorialize her pregnancy, we would like to nominate Los Angeles, California transplant to Louisiana-based photographer Sasha Matthews of Green Tangerine Photography.

Self-taught Professional Photographer Sasha Matthews, owner of Green Tangerine Photography

Self-taught Professional Photographer Sasha Matthews, owner of Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews- Green Tangerine Photography

The self-taught photographer started off shooting her son with a DSLR camera that was gifted to her and eventually, people took notice and started asking her to photograph their kids.


Matthews wanted to go into Social work and had no plans to be a professional photographer until she realized that she truly has a gift.

In 2014, she took her side gig and passion full time and hasn’t looked back.


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography

Today, Matthews focuses on family photography and the motherhood and parenthood journey from maternity, starting around 30 weeks to infant photography and beyond.


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography

In a recent interview about her work in an outlet called Cassius, Matthews says she focuses on families of all races and color because growing up, she rarely saw black, brown and other families that look like her featured in magazines or in the media, generally.


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography

“It’s so much deeper than just taking portraits for me,” says Matthews, who  says she was shamed and not supported when she was first expecting her son. “It’s changing the narrative of what Black motherhood looks like and what reproductive justice looks like. We need to feel valued and we need to feel important and that’s part of what I like to do here.”

The Baton Rouge area photographer manages to capture her subjects quite regally and authentically, judging from the images on her website.

Her prices are reasonable starting at $495. She even rents out some of the clothing that women can wear on the shoots to help take some of the cost out of investing in a garment or garments for one shoot.

And it’s not just maternity but senior portraits, wedding, family and siblings photos as well with her work. She also offers PhotoTherapy Mentoring and professional consultation.

Take a look at the amazing work:


Sasha Matthews- Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography



Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography


Sasha Matthews – Green Tangerine Photography

 To book a session or buy a gift card for someone you know, start HERE and tell her Bellyitch sent you!


Accessing Your Free, Insurance-Covered Breast Pump Has Never Been Easier

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As a new mom, who was surprised at how expensive breast bumps are?

And how do you know which one is the best for you and your little one? When you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to worry about is filling out confusing paperwork to get your insurance to cover the cost of your breast pump.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click a button and have your free, insurance-covered breast pump delivered right to your door? Bump Benefits does just that; they’re focused on helping new and expecting mother’s access free breast pumps. Bump Benefits offers many different kinds of breast pump options along with all the necessary information to help mothers make a decision. As a bonus, shipping is free!


Any new or expectant mother that is covered by insurance in the US is qualified. And if you’ve already purchased a breast pump, you can still qualify for a second, free pump through your insurance.

How does it work? It’s an easy 3-step process. Visit Bump Benefits, and do the following:

  1. Fill out our form to see if your insurance will cover the cost of a breast pump for you.
  2. Decide which pump you’d like. There are several 100% free options, and some higher-end options for which you have to pay a small fee because insurance won’t cover the entire cost.
  3. Click “submit” and wait for your breast pump to arrive at your door!

Bump Benefits will work with your insurance company on your behalf, doing all the miserable paperwork for you. Once you submit the necessary paperwork

Potomac, MD’s Big Annual Fun Family Socialite Golf Event is Coming (WIN 4 VIP Tix)


I love living near the Nation’s capital because every weekend there is a smorgasbord of fun, family-friendly, engaging things to do! Because this town is all about the philanthropy too, a lot of times your weekend fun also benefits those more in need.

For example, coming up, we can look forward to another fab TPC Potomac event, the Quicken Loans Nationals this June 26 to July 2, 2017!

This annual must-attend sporting event is a staple to the Washington, DC scene. And speaking of “seen”, the week is a great place to be seen and to hob nob with some of the town’s political and social elite, if you’re down with that sort of thing.


At this premier PGA Tour tournament, expect to see 120 of the top professionals from around the globe competing. It really is a perfect offices Launch of Summer event to attend.

No really.

Imagine the excitement of being up close and personal at a live professional sport event while you get the flexibility to come and go as you please all week.

Like, you can schedule out your day depending on your own personal preference. If you know your fave golfer will be hanging out at one of the open to the public viewing destinations, you can make it a point to put that in your “to-do” item.  For example, Rickie Fowler is committed to play in the tournament along with defending champion and Navy graduate Billy Hurley III.

BETHESDA, MD - JUNE 25: Rickie Fowler tees off on the second hole as fans watch during the third round of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club (Blue) on June 25, 2016 in Bethesda, Maryland. (Photo by Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR)

BETHESDA, MD – JUNE 25: Rickie Fowler tees off on the second hole as fans watch during the third round of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club (Blue) on June 25, 2016 in Bethesda, Maryland. (Photo by Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR)

You really can have it your way! Get your tickets here!

Here is a list of other public spectator experience destinations available during the event. The following come FREE with your price of admission:

  • Quicken Loans Shot for Heroes – located at the driving range, fans take their best swing to raise money for military charities and win cash and other prizes for themselves.
  • The Yard – the National’s central location for fun in the sun featuring lawn games, amazing BBQ, cocktails, beer and more. Visit the Rocket Mortgage Madness Vault for your chance to win prizes from Quicken Loans. Don’t want to miss any of the golf action? Keep up with everything on course at The Yard with live action on the giant video board or find a spot on the public viewing platforms overlooking 18 fairway and green.
  • The Michelob ULTRA Grove – near 3 tee features an array of beer options and a full menu perfect for picnic style dining.
  • Public viewing areas – public bleachers on 17 green and the natural grass amphitheater setting around 9, 16, 17 & 18 greens gives spectators the perfect perch to catch all the action live and in-person.
  •  No other sport allows fans to get so close to the action. With the golfers only a rope away. Watch the pro’s warm up on the range and the practice green or walk side-by-side with your favorites seeing their every move.
  • The Michelob ULTRA Grove – All guests are able to enjoy this VIP lounge on the 17th hole featuring signature cocktails and luxury amenities.


No matter what, the Quicken Loans National provides a perfect opportunity for you to spend a day with friends and family on the gorgeous grounds of TPC Potomac.

With your general admission grounds ticket, you can pick the day you want to come. Of course, you ballers out there get the option to upgrade to one of the Premium packages such as the Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage MadHouse and Deltek Capital Club.

With those, you get a posh upgraded hospitality experience.

Round 3 of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD on Saturday June 25, 2016.

Round 3 of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD on Saturday June 25, 2016.

About the social good part of your fun: all proceeds from the Quicken Loans National benefit the college access programs of the Tiger Woods Foundation, supporting youth education through the TGR Learning Lab and Earl Woods Scholar Program. In addition, TGR Live and the Quicken Loans National have been leaders in the community in military appreciation, offering numerous programs and activities which support military members and their families.

This post was sponsored by Quicken Loans National but irrespective of this fact,I really am aware of this fabu event, have friends who have attended in the past and have seen how much fun it is through their social media posts so if you opt to go, you’re really almost guaranteed to have a most amazing and glorious time!


If you do, please tag us in pics so we can feature you and hey, might see you out there one of the days!

And here’s one more perk: The Quicken Loans National is giving away one four pack of tickets to the Rocket Mortgage MadHouse to one lucky winner.

The MadHouse gives guests great views of the 17th tee and premier, indoor lounge style amenities. Just follow the directions on the entry form below to enter. Giveaway ends on 06/26/2017 at 11:59pm EDT. It is open for U.S. residents only.

Good Luck!

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Study finds Flu in Pregnancy Link to Autism


Flu during pregnancy could increase the risk of the unborn child being autistic, warns a new study.

Researchers found mixed evidence of a possible link between influenza during pregnancy and risk that the baby will develop autism.

They found no evidence that laboratory-diagnosis alone of maternal influenza during pregnancy is associated with risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the offspring.

But they did find a trend toward risk in mothers with a laboratory diagnosis of influenza and self-reported symptoms of severe illness.

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Report: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West To Hire Surrogate for Third Pregnancy


According to sources to PEOPLE magazine, Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are in the market for a surrogate.

The reality TV shows medical roadblock to a third child has been documented on her popular E! reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

She has suffered through preeclampsia and other conditions on her road to give birth to her 4-year-old daughter North and 18-month-old son Saint.

“I’d just love nothing more than to expand my family and just know that I have this world at home that’s safe,” she once said on the reality show.

Kardashian and West married in 2014.

This would be the third foray into parenthood for both of them. Neither had children before becoming a couple.

Try This Great Way to Display Your Family Photos At Home!

Sponsored Guest Post8x8tileprints_2

When you’re thinking about decorating your nursery for your baby, redecorating and updating an older kid’s room or putting up some personal touches in your home, you might not automatically think of using something like Foam board or Gatorboard to mount your photos.

Those types of materials conjure up images of advertising and marketing businesses that use board prints to promote. But in fact, Gatorboard and Foam board printing is a new innovative and inventive way to present images.  This material is also superb for creating unique and quality homemade arts and crafts for your home.  True!


Here’s the deal. Gatorboard is one of the toughest Foam boards. It is resistant to bending, denting, and crushing. Nice, eh?

Gatorboard printing holds a dense core that gives it more strength and durability than a standard poster or Foam board. It’s also stable and lightweight.

We’re thinking your kids artwork could have a lot of longevity on a piece of Gatorboard. Transform them on there and place in their room or in the basement wall to create a whimsical and unexpected effect to dazzle visitors.

But how is it made? Would a DIY solution work?

Gatorboard Printing

Maybe, but there are companies that are now printing onto Gatorboard and positioning the finest design resolution on to them as well.  For example, there is Signage print. This type of print is crafted and designed to give your photos the utmost transparency and durable finish. Place a dynamic piece of signage print behind a sofa, and it can be the center of attraction to your living room, or dining room. It can be a fab addition to a nicely decorated bedroom as well.

Also, Gatorboard printing can be built into a professional print. Printers accommodate  distinct inks on high-quality paper, and use custom-built frames and in a thick solid wood or aluminum frame to make mounting on a wall easy. Gatorboard printing converts into fabulous photo mounts that are designed and printed in full and vivid colors that will not fade or damage with a matte finish that will make an impression. Look at these below:


Cool, huh?

Foam Board Printing

Another more economical material for printing is Foam board.  You can inexpensively print your family photos on this material. It can also be used to make various arts and crafts to decorate your home. From wall art, photo frames, holiday and outdoor décor to customized Foam board decorations. Foamboard printing is the best material to make any idea come to life. It is strong, flexible, durable and lightweight and can even be used for picture frames, paintings, and wall mounting.


You can use Foam board printing to decorate your children’s bedroom, print some of your favorite artwork in the living room for your guests to admire or even craft unique collages to display some of your most memorable photos.

You can create natural and beautiful arts and crafts by using Gatorboard printing and Foam board printing. When using Gatorboard and Foam board, the results are amazing board prints that can be easy to mount, hang, and integrated into any area of your home.

So whether you  are a professional photographer or you are just looking to display professional family photos, Foam board and Gatorboard prints are an inspiring and attractive home décor. Both Foam board and Gatorboard are an ideal and excellent material for printing beautiful photographs, family depictions, and inspiring images and passages.

They come in  different sizes and materials but with Foam board printing and Gatorboard printing you can transform your home and give your walls some color and life.

Have it your way!

One of Our Fave Maternity Designers is Having a Big Up to 50% Off Sale


Are you a preginista planning out your wardrobe this Summer?

Heads up! One of our fave long-time maternity brand faves and partners Isabella Oliver is having a sale of up to 50% of its Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

Now is the perfect time then to invest in some of this label’s best-selling pieces including the Nia Ruched Dress in Red, The Caiti Off-The-Shoulder Top and the Dora Maternity Shirt in blue and white stripes.

If you have followed this blog then you know that our editors and staff have raved about it in the past. It is a celebrity fave as well and could be seen worn by the likes of Kourntey Kardashian, Ali Larter, Angelina Jolie, Bethenny Frankel and others.


Isabella Oliver Maternity
We lover Isabella Oliver dresses because they are one of the most accommodating for any woman, regardless of her shape and how she is carrying her pregnancy. The stylish dresses are functionally comfortable and flatter most shapes.


As you can see from the above collage the dresses look great on different body types.


I’ve worn the dresses and have a few that I still wear close to 5 years now even when not pregnant which says something about the quality construction and longevity of the garments.

The runching of fabric on each side snuggles your baby bump and has plenty give to accommodate an expanding waistline as you advance in your pregnancy.

So if you really are in the market for chic, comfy but stylish new maternity clothes, now is a good time to head on over to Isabella Oliver and score yourself a few pieces!

Not Your Grandad’s Ken Doll: Mattel Releases New Diverse Options


Fifty years after Mattel introduced the original Ken doll  and a year after launching a makeover of the Barbie, the toy manufacturer introduced its new line of  “diverse” Ken dolls that come in three new body types and a variety of skin colors and hairstyles.


The new dolls are an expansion of the ‘Fashionistas’ line  and included 15 new Ken dolls, featuring three body types ― “slim,” “broad” and “original” ― as well as seven skin tones, eight hair colors and nine hair styles (like the man bun, cornrows and more).


Mattel revealed the new dolls today.

“By continuing to expand our product line, we are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation,” senior vice president and general manager for Barbie, Lisa McKnight, stated in a press release. “Evolving Ken was a natural evolution for the brand and allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.”

The original Ken doll was introduced in 1961 and over the past half-century has become a staple for Barbie-loving girls and boys

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